Sunday, December 21, 2008

All about Teddy !

Yo guys
went to mel's 21st bday party last friday on 19th dec ... and her theme is ... Teddy bear .. ! well at first i really wanna bring my precious doggy one ... but then my bag doesn't have any space after the pres... so i brought my teddy dressed up in monkey suit insteaD!
( see ... monkey is happy to be in the party ! :) )

At the party i saw my dear's student and friend.. feels weird actually to see him there ... Eek ! singapore is too small ! Nevertheless we had fun ! trying to make .. karin's mag mag fly!! haha funny ! here's the kidnap picture ! Poor Mag Mag kenna victimise ! haha Cos he's the smallest of all the soft toy out gang brought ma ... but i swear we made Mag Mag's dream come true !

Tada !!! bhb ... fiance's Mag Mag ... fiance will nv slp w/o it ! ( humph ! i'm your fiance leh why can't u slp without me ?? haha )

With so many stuff to play with it's really hard to get bored.. but poor mel have to co ordinate everything ... well having a party isn't enjoyable for the host... really so i can't imagine weddings ! eek ! we play with the party hats !

The Flower ... which i pick up from dunno where ... haha

The Mask !
Even Cheng hui thinks the Bag strap is fun hahaha opps !

The Bears are happy gatherin ... ( at least i think they are ... haha )

But the birthday girl is tired...

Duh ! ~ anyone will be tired preparing for a good party ... Look! they even hand made the souveniers for us .. ! very thoughtful really ! even i am not so hardworkin during my 21st ... what they take back is only memory !
but overall we gals enjoy it :) thanks Mel ! for all the effort and i wish u all the best in adulthood ain't no difference actually just can't say ... " never mind i'm still young .." on a second thought after that sentence it'll be like wait a minute no i'm not ..! cos i am no longer a teenager but adult ..! EEk! occurs to me often but .... now .. haha forget about it .. at least i can still sy i'm too young to marry ! wahaha ...

End of the party post!

*Sniff Sniff *

While all the bears are enjoying ... i donated my largest bear ... to the charity ... the white bear that my ex gave me ... seriously not a fan of that bear ... cos the fur is coarse and it's huge .. so huge that i dun have space to slp and makes my skin itchy and made me sneeze.. so guys .. the last thing i need from anyone as a gift is a soft toy... unless i mention it of course haha ....

Since i'm not very appreciative of my big soft toy and a bit of the rest of my soft toys in the cupboard i guess i need to spread the joy to some one else... after all xmas is not about giving pres... it's about spreading happiness ...
Hopefully the kids like big soft toys and cute little ones :)
Sign off Leila

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Blessed and Cursed at the same time ...

Yo guys !
Yesterday finally went to visit scorpio east ! haha woo hoo ! but before that i had a long walk in the middle of nowhere in singapore all thanks to my parents man ~ all because my mother saw a mrt station and ask me to go down the car then i told her that's not serangoon mrt ... and she says just see sign k le ... when i got down there weren't any signs... Zzzz not even the "station" sign cos it's still constructing ! all i have is road signs ! so i walk down the road pass Cte exit ... up along upper serangoon and whatever place tat has alot of bungalow ! so don't ask me where was i cos i have no clue either .. think i walk about 30 mins finally reach serangoon central ! woo hoo! board the bus and reach scorpio east hung around there ... :) with all the familiar faces :) hees help A & P a while... finally left when i saw the big boss ! Eek

Went to suntec and ya guys are seeing my future pet ! Eek !

no name yet... will only be home month :)

then later ... ate long john for breakfast and guess wat ? my fork curve ! wat am i eating ? 2 pcs fish and fries ! disappointed la ... alamak the ends are chao ta black ! and there's only less than handful of fries ... like tat i'll rather have swenson fish and fries sia ! :P

ok gotta go lunch b4 gym

Sign off! LEila

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yo !

Yo !
End of the Year is nearing and i've been a busy busy gal man !! Lot's of parties, full months and gatherin and i'm lucky to have my schedule book in hand wahaha ~ ! bought it with jaclyn in Juring point ... wow i must say now jurong point is really huge !! i don't have to go orchard to shop for stuff anymore but i must say .. wat's with the replica of shops ? like there are 2 guardians, two long john silver, 2 popular book store one call popular one call harris ... ?? What are they gonna do about that ? close it end of this month ? hmm anyway back to topic ! Yep so i was shoppin around with raf on friday .. :) And finally i can play with silent hill soon! hahaha raf went to camp first while i collect his stuff and head on over to suntec to meet my sis ... cos she says she wanna buy me levis jeans ! She says cos i need it more ... Zzz but nvm levis jeans leh ! my first levis ! Before i met my sister went to pet village to visit the rabbits ... then this cute lop ear caught my eye ! cutie ! let me carry for very long sia ... and it's a albino ! Okay it's really surprising to me cause personally i think albino is ghostly so i least expected for me to get a albino rabbit but here's the picture !

this is the cute bunny i had my eye on ! haha white paws and slping ~ didn't realise tat it's a albino until the pet shop assistant took it out ! Eek! and it was after i carry it that i ask about gender and breed some more .. haha pure breed and male

but fate has it that i can't have this bunny ! Too ex la ! haha

These bunnys are from yishun ... the shop assistant explain to me ... and he carries the rabbit by pulling the skin at their back ! oh boy talkin about mistreat .... ( Zzz.... )

Anyway enough of bunny talk ! Sat was Xq bday party ! Happy bday gal ! honestly i nv take pic .. cos i was pretty lethargic that day .. down with flu and feel flustered .. Yh ask me to take green bean soup .. fabulous ! Very tasty ! i love it !

then it was stoning in Xq room ... dun feel like gg crazy cos i'm feeling rather poorly haha lame a bit but it lasted only a while haha sad huh ?

Anyway can see tat Xq really enjoys herself with so many cameras taking pic i really don't think i need to take them haha ~some how it's really like wedding ( Eek ! )

Te CnP gals haha sweet huh ?

Sign off ~ Leila !

Monday, December 8, 2008

Floppy in Da House !

Yo guys !

have been going MIA recently cos ... been rabbit sitting my friend's rabbit , Floppy !

The first day,jac came with her huge cage, carrier and necessity... Let him roam around our living while my mum is gone and also balcony and that moment i realise my house is definitely not bunny proof.. ~ potential hide out every where .. the fascinating thing about it is that he changes when jac is not around ... let me tell ya why !
the curry i cook :)
Day 2
I let Floppy out and he was the monster jac spoke about ~ hahaha omg ... he ate the bamboo and orchid ... and he'll hide at the plant stand eating the orchid roots ! Eek ! after this experience i block the other side of the balcony ... poor bunny ... he only have half a balcony to play in ... But he still wats my bamboo ~ the fallen leaves franctically i check for my rabbit book to see if he can really eat them ~ .. Not listed ! and so were the orchid.! My mum ask me to let him be cos human can eat bamboo so can rabbit ... diao ... some stuff are poisonous to rabbits ! of course
i cannot risk it ~ Then i discovered that floppy love to eat hay when he's out so i put hays at the corner and he's way more manageble not like monster le ... But ... he pee every where in his cage maybe he no aiming .. haha so i use body shop perfume :)
Then met raf b4 he goes back to camp my big size rabbit hees on my way back to bl ... it was gonna rain ! so i panicked cos floppy is gonna get drench i cab home at lakeside only to find him alright ... phew ...
Day 3
found a trick with him ... whenever i can't get him back into his cage all i have to do is to open up the biscuit box and he'll come dashing... haha just turn him to his cage and he'll go in and expect his reward -_-" greedy fella ! but he and i are getting along fine now ... cos i'll pat him now ... and he will not avoid me as much but still runs away.. and when i clean his litter box he'll come investigate ! haha diao
Day 4 ..
Mid night at 4.30 woke up ... ( i have no idea why ) Saw that it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was huge ! !brought floppy in and sooth him after all it was cold outside gave him his treats and sayang him :) he's v guai .. then let him out a bit later and he knows how to go the balcony automatically ( pretty amazed ! ) ... and he's pretty active haha that he snatch my yogurt pack and bring it up and down too bad i didn't video... then went over to Qx house for cook out ! haha theme: roast and bake ! Then Mj a little and send raf to camp
Day 5 '
all hell broke lose he's super naughty .. wanna try letting him roam around the house ... he ran around non stop ( maybe cos it's been coop in the balcony for v long ) then when to eat my orchids and ran away from me.. haha diao ~ wanna change his litter pan also cannot ... So Buay tahan .. brought him back in and change his litter pan .. he peed everywhere again and this time he pee the other corner ... after i clean the whole cage some more ... so clean twice tat day ... super naughty haha

hey's wat i found out about him :
He eats alot of hay when he's out roamin ..
Biscuit is his life ...
He's schedule for outings in my balcony.
12 am
Total about at least 2 hours a day ...
But he's still fat haha diao ...
ok sign off !
this is for the benefit for my friend to know how floppy is doing..
and tml floppy is gg back already ..
Guess i pass the rabbit test ? but it's really like taking care of baby man ...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lai kuan's Bday ~

Yo guys!
it's time to post aboit lk bday party !! ahaha of course lots of laughter and pictures got all the pictures already but karin's part is in the laptop including the video ~ Which everyone stops laughin even i have second thoughts on letting raf watch it ... which he did ... ( that sneaky fella ~ ) haha anyway back to the party ~ !!

Everyone ( except mel who's cycling there ) met at Jp where i bought my ipamena slippers actually i'm having the post purchase regret now ... cos it's quite sliperry against my feet ! Urgh ! then we headed down to the party crowded with relatives and her friends ... of course we stuck to our group cos i guess that's e closest ppl we can get to crapping ! then we talk about upcoming party ... Xq and Mel .... Cakes and Mel's venue and date for her party which is really not confirm yet ! omg ~ !! MEl !!! u need to make it fast man ! then after the food it was cutting cake session everyone took turn to take pics ! and Lk's got the hot pink plates and fork !! high quality !

Lk (Bday gal ) and her Lycee Martinee Cake

Hey MEL ! Nice picture taken ! :)

Lk and Bf . :)

While we were waiting ~

C n P Gals picture ~

The High Quality Hot Pink Plates and fork i'm talking about haha

Nice Picture of Yan hui and Xiao Qian ~

Bday gal and the group ~!

The Sec group pic in cheer leading stance. ( Directed bt Mel )
Then ... We ask the Bday gal to turn at the back haha to give her...

The C n P Ang Pao !!!! Nv afraid to be poor again !! :)

when the bday gal haven't come ... we were busy entertaining ourselves

The Three Sisters ~

Once i had my long beautiful black hair ... ~~~ BUT But Tyrany Mel pull my hair !! AH!!! ( ok that's how our entertainment is haha playing with watever we have ) Ps: I guess they don't call repunzel for nothing!

Have i Introduce to you Mel our potential photographer. Mel Suggest great creative pose for wedding and group photo ! you can get contact from me if u're interested !

Bday gal and her presents ! I guess she's one happy happy gal ! the next big day comparable to this might be her wedding day !

Ps : I guess who in C n P marries first > ! we all grown up so fast huh ? from sec sch til now ... WOW can i say 8 yrs of friendship ? Pls say u guys have something plan for our 10th year anniversary ? afterall it's a decade ~

Sign Off! Leila

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My outin with siblings

Yo guys !
On weekend .... my Sis, Bro and i finally visit twelve+1 at rochester park ~ love the building man ! the colonial white buildings are beautiful ans i can't help taking pictures and so are the cakes ! let me show you !

Look at the white outdoor seating area with blue rattan furniture is simply relaxin.. makes you feel like seating down and chat with ur close buddies !
The bread and muffins are on display here with a very classy pink and white wall paper ... makes me wanna get wall paper for my room as well hahaha
Seats are comfy ... especially this ! propose to me here if u want i might say yes bcos of all the sweets of tasted there haha
Even the kitchen is sweet !

The environment is full of whites and pink ! super sweet ! love the wall paper love the design of the whole place ! and best of all they are french bakers ~ french owners !

The Cakes !!
The rasberry with champange cake ... appetisin!

Rasberry with Dark choc cake ... totally ... sinful ! haha let me tell you why ...
Below are choc sponge cake.. middle rasberry jam ... and top rasberry moouse ...
Opera ! Nutty and light just the right thing you wanna have after your lunch !

But what is chilling without any coffee or tea with the cake ?? haha

The only thing with attitute are the choc ! haha Cute huh ? there's even one with mo-hog
Ps: How can u not adore them when tasting them are like art :)

We are all enjoying ourselves !

Then off to Fusionopolis ! we go to shop at this high tech super mart... unfortunately while taking pictures of the structural... the police approach me and took my Ic and contact... ! Eek ! thanks to my bro he suan me like no tml in front of the police ,.. actually to me it sounds like mockery ! oh well that's my bro for u !
But i want ya guys to divert ur attention here ! this is emergency and true !
There's a T Rex in Singapore !! Last spotted and Fusionopolis and destroyed their barricate for their car park !! Don't believe >? here's the evidence ! haha

Singapore citizens beware !! Of course Malaysians too beware along with banglahs and China ppl ! you dun wan yourself to get eaten !!

Haha !
Okay Sign Off ! Leila