Saturday, May 31, 2008

Missing already

Hey yo ~!

Sometimes i don't know how many girls out there feels the same as me... Boyfriend gg to Ns is just like an obstacle for us to go through as well ... Well mentally perhaps.. Cos i sorta miss my dear before he even goes to Ns ... It frustrates me why i feel so ... Anyway ... Doesn't matter it's just another challenge in life i have to go through the adult couple life .. hahaha

So here is how it feels... it feels incomplete even after a night of dinner ... Some how you miss bonding with him ... So where has the feeling gone noe ? hahaha... Leila Leila ... How are you gonna survive knowing that your partner loves freedom as much as you do ? Gotta do things that you wanted to do yourself already... Here is stuff i wanna do ...

  1. Trips around the world ~!! ( not practical childish i know but i just dun wanna be a mountain tortoise i wanna know the sickly world better )

  2. Then ... Fishing without my dear ... A big big Fish to tell myself hey i can be independant and fish w/o my teacher's guidance

  3. Going concert and recital myself ... To appreciate music just the way i like it ... no complicated theory unless you explain to me

  4. Cycle around singapore Breath in the fresh air and feel my freedom

  5. lying on the beach looking up at the clouds ( my mum always tells me every cloud tells it story )

  6. Reading classical novels ( I Love THEM !!)

  7. perhaps shopping by myself ( I haven't done that in a long time )

  8. Know more about myself ( sometimes w/o anybody ... you get in touch with yourself which is a good thing it's not loneliness cos i believe there are always you to accompany yourself)

I know this sounds like ranting of loneliness... But it's just to state the long time that i haven't been bonding with myself.. How can i bond with people when i haven't bond with myself yet ?? Right ?

By the Way .... Gonna plan for redang trip soon ~!!! Totally looking forward to snorkel ... I love looking at the sea fishes :D hees

PS!!! I Have My EYES on YOU ~!!
kidding ~!

Weird dog

Hey Guys~!
Basically how i spent my friday was to go down to Qx house to relax ... Wanted to ask raf along but he needs to go work.. Kinda miss him already now that the enlistment date is coming soon about 9 days away ... But it kinda occur to us that no matter what..we still need to do what is need than to whimper how much we miss each other ... Anyway.. Yups ~! went to Qx house ordered mac and tried their feast of fury ~! Hee ~ The nuggets, unbearable ~! !!! Super hot ~!! OMG ! their onion rings not bad actually ~ and their green tea ICe Cream... Nice ... !! Then we watched the pre- sequel of my Sassy girlfriend forgotten the name of the show ... Usually ... when there is a Very touching show i wouldn't cry unless it touched me ... I watch that korean movie third time already but some how i feel for the girl when the guy died and she really missed him ... hahaha ~ Maybe i felt the same too at that moment ?? NVM ... then Qy and Qx send me back home ... On our way ... there is this strange dog crossing the road... I thought it will be roaming around the grass or something since it just cross the road .. . but when the traffic lights turn green and Qy starts the car... The dog suddenly wanna cross the road in front of us... we were all shock la .. then there were several times when Qy wanna start the car and the dog wanna cross the road ... Zzzz ~ Scare the wits out of us... After the whole thing i just told the gals that hey i dun feel that slpy anymore .. Hahah ~ but seriously ... the dog is weird what was it trying to do ? Was our car attractive or something ? I fear for the dogs safety ... ~ AHYO !
Signing off
Leila ~
Ps: Doggy pls do becareful i half hoped you'll be caught by the spca so you may find a good home instead :)
But you may choose freedom... Your choice but do becareful.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Secret to happiness

Yo ~!

Hey all~! Last night i notice that many listless ppl were doing something blur ~ Twice sia ~ Anyway ... there is this woman that kept trying to top up her card at the closed machine... hmm then i started thinking why are people doing what can't be done or something obvious that theres a sign says the machine is close... These are the reason i have:

  1. Perhaps they are bothered by something

  2. They have 1001 things in their mind ...

  3. Unhappy ?

I don't wanna put stupid inside u see .. because i bound to be one of them.. Cos sometimes when we are utterly stressed .. we will do something sub consciously ...Any Suggestions why ... Tag ME ~!!

ANyway came across to secrets of Hapiness Today ... Not that is unknown to many,.. It just that people tend to forget what happiness is really all about.

Secrets to Happiness








Hey ~! alot of ppl will come to me and say I do Know that ~!! But it's just that we are always lost in this chaotic world ... What has become of us ? Soaking in depression and ligering around all the bad and negative stuff instead ? To all peeps reading my blog Never forget the rules to become happy alright ? I'll also keep tryin .. bcos those who knows me i'm damn passimistic and crazy ~! :D

Hey HEy ~!! :D smiley cubics to cheer you all up ok ??

movie deal

Went to mediaCorp yesterday to View the 1028 movie ( currently call... 12 lotus )

I shan't reveal much here bcos i want you guys to watch it too~!! when it comes out in August.

Basically this is a musical tragedy. Thou it may be a tragedy there are some jokes in there... However .., I dun wanna give you all spoiler la.. After the whole thing we were suppose to give comments. and i didn't give much la just general pointers... the whole experience was refreshing i must say but pretty scary too cos they are all proffessional adults. Will learn more about filming this way.. :)

Anyway GUYS !! EVERYONE ~!!!

there will be a Screening of 10 promises to my dog at imm this 1st June ... Do drop by to watch. it will be screen at 8 plus ~ but Pls come to the roof top garden early to book you places... It will be a spectacular movie for all dog lovers and all Quill lovers ...Come join me alright ?? Free movie lay ~!! IMM some more ~! Near Jurong ~!! Woo Hooo ~!!!

See So cute hees ~ ! So must come watch alright ?? See i can be lobang ... person for free movies le hahaha ~ Ps Ps don't always come and find me for freebies ... must also support the movie ... ok ??

For more info needed for the event ... tag me . For more info bout 12 lotus... don't find me ... haaha ;)

Signing off


Monday, May 26, 2008

C n P T shirt

Hi Guys ~!
Yesterday received an sms from my fiance's proposal to ... Make a Chicken and poo T shirt.. I know this has been a kind of sudden but then since it's been drag for so long ~ ( and i mean for many years ) lets just get it over and done with la :D Anyway the proposal is ... sort of like puting a chicken and poo word in front ... And i was thinking in the bus yesterday if i create a logo ~ anyway ... I made this

Yep this is the Rough sketch of the logo ... Which is a C , and a supposingly poo la ... it all joins in one line signifying unity as friends come together hand in hand... So Chicken and poo ~ or Even Anyone buys this idea, Pls put it at my tag board ~!! All Ideas are welcome ~ For the Back Graphic, Perhaps ... We should all get together and discuss wat each of us wants ? since it's something everyone wears, i wan you guys tp be confortable as well :D Yep ~! Pls Gather asap! to draw up and plan ~ later no more T shirts again ~ cos for i know .. the T shirt will take some time man ~

Anyway if anyone that stumbles on my blog and wonder who my Fiance is ... Here is my Fiance :

TADA !!! the one in the red circle is my fiance... not that she's very violent or sm or watever ... she just likes to ... take pictures... including funny ones haha ~ and the yellow circled one is my daughter ~ not that .. shes our fruit of labour ... she call ... umm ~ don't wanna say la ~ wanna know msn me la ~ i need to get approval from her first ~ later spoil her reputation hees ~ see daughter ~ although tempting but i still care de hees ~ lalala ~

Anyway exams coming should study at least 3 chapters ~! EEK ~!!

Jia YOu MIS students

Sign off


LET's just Name the previous one Logo 1 ok ... And this is logo 2~!! :D

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Study Weekend

YO ~!!
Studied and played mahjong for the Weekend~! hahaha Fun ~! But tired la ~ Because of certain girls stuff or the humidity ~ Diao ~ anyway exams coming soon le ~ 2 weeks times ~! anyone up for study group ?? Hello ?? yo ??? contact me or tag at my board ~! all are welcome ~!! perhaps at bukit batok MAc ?? Hees.. Dear is going to ns soon ~ not worried but just feel weird ba :D but since he's so determined i shall not deter him from his will ~ Cause i can also get busy with my stuff ah ~!! hees ~ anyway GSS is HERE ~!! gals ~! window shop ~!! I wanna trim my eye brow ~ at brow house ... try and see their skills ~ And Cheng hui`!! I need you to be my gym buddy :( hehe ~ You surely will Kpo my blog one ~! Msn me when u see this we go jurong sport complex ~ Plus i miss swimming ~! Qx ! Swim :P then we go steam bath ~ seriously need to do something to my body le ~ someone is getting skinny ~Ps Ps ~!!! okie i better to be determine to skip meals ~! thou the weather is humid and sweating just like telling u ~ ... u're burning fats ~ But dead wrong ~! not burning anything at the moment ~hahaha
I very random le ~ cause i'm sleepy and trying to crack harvest moon haha
Sign off

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food ~!!!

Yo Guys ~!

It's saturday and i'm in office... Now i know what i'm lack of sense of responsibility... haha ~ so I'm gonna try hard and grow up for once to take responsibilities for my work and studies. Ate lobster at seafood paradise yest super yummY ~!! If i strike rich i 'll treat ya guys ya ? haha~ i mean good food is meant to share ma right ? But don't come reading my blog and contact me to treat la ~ When it's time i shall :D

So here you go ~ I'm a foodie and also a cake freak ~! ( people at James Goh and partners used to call me that ) Cause usually when i see cake at the long table i'll jump with excitment ~! Hees ~ but now not so la ~ because i'm more weight conscious ~ damn it ~! :P well i'll never fail to enjoy good cake... One of the nicest birthday cake have to credit Qx pine gardens at ang mo kio lychee martini cake ~ FABULOUS choice ~!! I Love it to bits ~!

I always believe that good birthday must have good cake appearance comes secondary but taste comes first ~! so hopefully in time to come i can bake a presentable cream cake alright ? then i can upgrade to wedding cakes ~ ! Yum !

Wanna know why i am drooling all about food right now ? Cos i'm hungry ~!! Yikes ~! go meet dear le :D we gonna have western hawker food ... ~ with teh bing ~

Signing off : Leila ~

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yo ~!

This will be my first post for my new blog :D

Haha ~ I Only know that my life is Very chaotic ~ i have no idea how to co ordinate well ~ to make things simpler ~ Everything is in a mess ~ how ?? Omg omg ~ well~ in the mist of thinking to quit or not to quit ~ Bcos i know if i can get through this i can be some one i never knew ~ OR ~ if i can get through this i can know more about this world adults like to wander about and perhaps i would not be as childish ?? Hees ~ diao ~however ~ ... I think i'm getting cunning or is it just the evil side of me surfacing ?? Cos ... I remember things and say things i shouldn't have ~ ah ya ~ next time just say it's my mistake ... la ~then easier le lo ~ haha ~ hais ~ later must talk to my friend le ~ Sads ~ he's my favourite :D hahaha ~ diao ~ you all don't think too much he's my boss la ~ diao ~ anyway ~ how ~ ? I keep forgeting things i need to do leh ~ can i throw all my files away from the table and continue my work ? or should i ... go and run away from existing problems ~!! AH !!! now i know why raf so disappointed le ~ bcos i kept running away from difficulties ~ Ok Great gambatte mun yeng ~ Don't run anymore alright ? Exams coming and i might be in great shit ~ Mun Yeng When are you willing to take responsibilities of life ??? Piak ~!! Ouch!!! :P

Monday, May 19, 2008