Monday, June 30, 2008

The Chalet PRocess

Yo guys !!
I know I have told you guys so many times about the T shirt and all .. And now i decided to up date on the whole chalet itself including the T shirt process..
On 23rd MArch
Went to Queenway to submit the T shirt Design which i did during Wee hours ... But at that time when i reach was about 9 plus or 8 nearly nine ... quite a number of shops were closed and i was pretty disappointed ... Til i found a printing shop ~!! but the uncle say can only collect next tues which is after chalet . so Still as sian .. Then Vl and Karin reach and it turns out that the shop they ask the previous week is just next door ... So pai seh ~!! so we went to the next shop and he gave a good offer to collect on thurs ... Then we decided on black and gold ... then we choose the size and the uncle told me since i'm so round ask me to choose L cos it'll shrink ~!! alamak ... !! for the sake of my pride i prefer M instead ! After that we went around Anchor Point to Find food.. and we haven't ate and it's about 10 i think ... See... ~ it wasn't easy also alot of sacrifice de... We theen settle down at Hk cafe which opens til 2am ... I ate maggi with egg and luncheon while karin and Vl ate wanton mee ... and the funny this is that since the vege is too big to put the whole thing in the mouth.. karin cuts the vege with the knife like western food ... which is quite funny for me .. i got her candid video but i must get her permission first la ...
Then Home Via cab

26th June 2008
The Three of Us went to collect the T shirt ....Was Very Very Excited ... ~!!Really ~!! hees can't wait to see it ... however was alittle disappointed ... cos the back was pretty small ... so doesn't have much golden effect ... but anyways good try lor ! Went to This Mickey mouse Casual Cafe at Anchor point ... There they were screen Princess Diaries and everything was in Mickey mouse shape ...Cute ~!! I ordered Snow white pot .. ( BEef ) While Vl order ... chicken one ... and the bread is Mickey mouse shape !! totally adorable !! then We made eyes and mouth for Vl's mouse ... and it looks like a mouse with FLu !! hees After the meal, we had Waffles .. with Ice cream .. but it came out only a bit larger than Fist SIze !! OMG !! and Three person share. .. so it was pretty ... umm... ke lian la.... So due to our excitement ... we took the picture of ... the CnP T Shirt at the girls toilet... hahaha ... Then that was pretty much the end of the day...

27th- 29th June
Have to go to Jac's Bf BbQ first stayed there to talk about our problems for a while then Gavin send each and every one of us to our desired place ... ~ went to Cn P Chalet about 1.30 ... and they were playing Mahjong card while Karin and Kim sua ( was having affair... ) hahah nah just walking at the park la ... and alvin was asleep... mingle with them in their Mah jong session then went out for a walk to eat supper at Mac ... hees ... after that when we head back it's time to slp ... cos i still have work later ... In the Morning went off with Alvin ... ate breakfast and talk all the way.. Yep ~!! i am still pretty chatty :) without being crazy thou ... hees when i headed back from work it was already ...3.30 pm and they were playing risk... haha .. while karin was pretty sian of the game and initiate roller blading ... since i haven't roller blade b4 i was pretty eager to try it.... really ... !! thou i was scared of falling .. lucky for me .. i have alvin as my teacher and he taught me quite well i must say ,.. thankS!! thou i haven't fully master it at least you taught me the basic ;) Then it waas BbQ time!! While ... the rest of them were watching ...Lord of the Ring 2 .. Kim sua, Alvin and I were Bonding outside talking about our silly times last time... and also feeding each other .. since Alvin was the cook and we gotta feed the cook in order for the cook to feed us la ... hahhaha :p the food was just nice .. not bad i ate quite alot .. :) after BbQ some went to cycle first while the rest of us were on the bed playing Polar bear ... `! IT's VEry Fun !!! I would LOve to Play it again !! serious !! then Our Cycling trip to Changi village .. cos when we started it was already like 2 am .. or earlier ?? didnt see the time ... then when we reach changi we were all prett shag ... Cos karin and Qx wasnt feeling well ... they went back by cab while the rest of us made our way back ... on our way back was speeding all the way ... i seriously have no idea where xq and mel got their energy ... anyway we made it back just in time foe sunrise and i took a pretty nice picture .. :) satistfied ... then it snoring all the way ... hees .. when i woke .. up Kim sua told me i snored and i felt alittle embarass hahaha ... well can't help it :P after the whole chalet met raf a while .... But i KO ... And slpt all the way til i have to send him to camp hahaha alamak sry dear tired la ...
'thats all Folks!!! Very /Brief and long entry ....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

YO ~! Running Flu

Hey Guys ~ !!
Have been having a really bad FLu ... ~ alamak ~
non stop flowing.. Alot of concerns like: How am i gonna pass my Stats w/o wasting money again with so much work on hand ... can i still cope in the future with all my modules getting more difficult ... if i wan interesting life and balance my work and social life where should i go ?? Yep so those kept churning in my mind ... unfortunately... Things kept repeating itself so it sent around in circles w/o finding and ending point ... AH YO~!! perhaps i more suited to concertrate on one stuff at a time ...So haiZ~!... i see how ba this world is a bit too money driven.. If i were to quit, the least i wanna do is too keep my REvo Save going once it's set up ... Ok PLan! Shall set up my revo save in Early Sept, Then til Nov or ... March 09 might end my job to conc Full Force on My course .... hopefully when Curtin comes to Singapore, they have Day classes ... Then Life would be much easier ... not that i hate night class thou :) hees ~ so settled!! please remind me when it comes to year 09 !! or perhaps when i really Cannot cope or failing my modules i might quit de... Omg !!! Siyi !! i'm not leaving all the work for you to do la ~!! i just dun wanna repeat modules...
Anyway ~! PEepS!!! The T Shirt will Be Black Tee With Gold Print ... !! :) i know that it's pretty common to hv black Tee .. But i wanted it to look more expensive that's all ... and or course more exclusive ... After all These years i think our Team Deserves a GOLD for Friendship !!! Hurray for CNP !!! anyway money wise have to pay 19 bucks for VL ok ?? cos she paid for it... first .. Pai Seh ! didn't have the money til my 200 dollars claim comes ~ Hais ! ! :P
Signing off !! Before i become naggy!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Dear All...
Wanna Let you see the Final Design for CNP T Shirt Design ~ .... I Know that it's a Bit different ... But .. Yep i think i've triend my beest ... Squeezing all the names in ... Enjoy ~!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sneak Preview

Hey Guys !!

It's 4.20am and i just did this curvy thing ... so i guess i'll give ya guys a peek !! :)

Anyway love my blog song ? :)

Classy !

Yeah ! And I Guess it's way better than my hand writing before but it sure takes longer in computer ... perhaps my photoshop is Rusty !! EEK ! more to come later k ? i seriously don't know how to draw a toilet bowl using com ~ .... CAn some one teach me some day ??

Hees oki i gotta slp ~!

Signing off: LeiLA

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's be adventurous!

Yo guys~!!
Just now was talking to QY previously … Just wondering if anyone is interested in this~!
Anyone ? Anyone ?
I know it’s been a long time since we ever go on obstacle course … and I am still scared of … Heights!! Eek!! But those adventurers out there who still wanna taste your younger days again feel free to join and Tag at my board alright ??

I remember the first time I tried flying fox was at my secondary school in hua yi. I was Very afraid of height so I stayed up there about 10 mins and chat with the hunky guys before I am willing to go down … mental preparation ma ~ so by the time I reach down … I was Very excited … and I would REALLY LOVE TO TRY AGAIN !
Despite i know that I’ll be pretty scared in the beginning … so to those going with me, please Bear with me ! Hees ~ anyway I’ll show you guys some pictures alright ?

The Time is from 10-6pm
Fee : 25 dollars ! ( come on .. who don’t want to get free flying fox unfortunately those are only available in Sec sch days )
For more info pls check out this webbie !

Sign Off: Leila

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Studying ~

yo yo ~!
I know i Shouldn't be here but while my notes are still printing mean while ... I'll be typing a short entry ... ~! :) i'll update and show ya guys my attempt on photography alright ? even though it's not professional but i hey i think it's nice :D Hees ~!!! Was quite sian to study already dunno why ... now i know that i'm not the hard core study type of person i wanna enjoy and study de... for this type of students they need to cultivate a regular studying method... can't believe i'm actually nagging at myself in my blog ... Send my dear to camp yesterday... just a brief bye bye that's all hahah~ diao and here i thought it would be pretty drama like: : oh Dear ~! I miss you so much come out soon ok? ... Guess not.. we've pass that time to understand each other's responsibility ba.. in the past i would be sticky and complain to raf that he didn't that the effort to spend time with me... cos he's too busy ... of course i was reprimanded for my level of understanding ... haha so now.. okay okay already wouldn't feel as sad when he left for camp instead i feel like a mum sending him to sch~!! Hmm ... I Really wish my bro would buck up with his physical training for Ns soon ... Can You tell that my mind is pretty hectic ?? i can't even concentrate on topic... oh gosh hahaha no wonder la ~!
Well back to study ! Just finish printing my notes ...
Note .. the time now is 6.35 am ...
and my exam is ... 8.30 am .. today ...
Very bad example !~ please dun learn from me !
Sigining off ! Leila

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Fell In Love With this ~!!

Yo ~!!
My second entry of the day ... cause i just can't help posting this darling on my blog ... i think girls may drool over the intricate design of this wedding card... after all marriage is once in a life time isn't it ? wearing pretty dresses and all ... for that day you are the queen strolling down with you king ... blah blah blah ... haahaha sounds crappy i know but it may be every girl fantasy ... just different discription.. So here goes ... you know weddings cost a bomb rite ? actually, the most expensive weddings are indian weddings ... according to culture indian weddings will last several days and even though the sari may look simple but due to intricate design ... it may cost thousands of dollars ~!!! WOAH ~!! ( whatever i think i sarcastic... ) Anyway , my parents are invited to this grand indian wedding with a wedding card that looks like this

And for some reason my mum got her Christian name Aida ... hahaha ~ NOT BAD AH ~!! Aida Wong Ai Tai ~ i think it really suits her hees ... loooking at the envelope itself will make you drool ... it's so classy and elegant ... there is even emboss feature of the newly wed's name and a tree with little jewel crystal ... How could it not attract your attention ?? :P

open the invitation and you'll get this ~!! :P more jewel and glitters in the card ... nice parsley design i really love the classiness of the invitation...

In the invitation there are six sheet of elegantly design invitation inclusive of the cover which is a bit transparent ... all the paper carries subtle glittery not those that can come off easy ... ( Expensive paper wor ~! ) with emboss picture of indian bride and groom by the way emboss is a term used to describe pop up feature i think correct me at my tag if i'm wrong ... ahahah i might be too thrill to check the word...

To Describe how the invitation would be hard to express how nice it is thus i took a picture of the card to show ya guys !! :) pretty ?? wouldn't you like some one to design for you too ??

And lastly, not only it looks nice ... and elegant it also smells sweet ~!!! and mind u it doesn't have any indian smell cos i know that some invitation they use herbs t make it smell naturally sweet but no... it's smell is comparable to expensive perfume ~!!! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ~!!!

Girls !!! or GUYS !!! Or Even Designers ~!!! Wouldn't you love it ? i love every design of it .... ~!! Woo hoo ~! tell me who is the designer man ~!!!

Signing LEiLA

Better do before i go crazy hhahaha

Environmental issue in business

Yo ~!
Just finish my exam in environmental issue in business... Basically this subject talks about the political issue in mantaining the environment while attaining economic growth... Smoked through this paper really... Because Q1 you need to write one page, Q2 two pages and Q3 three pages ... as usual i think i was naggy ... or either crapping hahahaha manage to scrap to the pages thing... see how much i get lor ... hees went to rayan's house to study overnight ... thankfully got her to put the panick or ken chiong-ness in me otherwise i wouldn't feel motivated to get my butt kicking... Think i might be able to pass this module :P don't wanna let my teacher nag about reading up ... hahahah anyway found out my sub paper for stats is on 14 - 17 july ~!!! EeK~!! gals study group over any place ?? gotta prac rite after my marketing test le ... dun wanna waste my money to repeat module ~ :P hees anyway every time after a test i'll feel very lethargic neither happy or ... relieve .. dunno why hahaha then legs always wobbly ... maybe stress la or long time never got exam like that... What can i say ?? Shiok~!! :P gonna buck up even more ... Thou taking 3 modules per semester is stress think with friends like rayvan, radha and calista :D think i can manage to think of classes in a more positive way ... Thou Fay is graduating this year which is very fast for me ... never did any modules together ~ but i'm glad that she's my senior la ~ and also glad as least she has taken interest in early childhood education ... with such a friendly face like hers she'll make a good teacher and good mother ~ Opps ~! but really babe :D i think you'll be an awsome mum in the future .. hees
anyway signing off already ... cause i'm afraid the wireless will cut off anytime ... ( PS : not mine ma ~!! hahhaha )
Sign off
To cheng hui : finish reading go rest early la :P hahahaha come by on fri to draw and design shirt again ~!! Cos ... you architecture must show your designer skills alright ?? hahaha

Monday, June 2, 2008

Feels like a Kid with Decision

Hey yO All ~!

Yesterday when i was in the mrt on my way t o work i saw this little boy ... about 1 -2 years of age.. This little fella was faced with a decision to sit on the pram, or to sit on the mrt seat... What he did was... He sat in the pram while his feet on the seat... This reflects on the decision making of mine... Suddenly i asked myself ... Why do i feel for the kid ? I dwell on it for the moment...

And i felt similiar in i way that in one way i wanna prove to the world to show people my achievement in life.. while in another hand i am desperate to achieve my passion of Fine arts ..I refuse to let go any one of them although i know it's impossible to have everything .. but sometimes i wish i am a super woman ...Without knowing ... childhood simple decisions reflect on how you will grow ... No wonder i am that fickle... hees But i dun think it'll last long~ :D

Let me see ... How many of you think that you can make it big in fine arts ?? ( Tag it at my board Hees ) To become an artist is difficult but my aspiration to become an artist is during secondary school when i found joy in expressing my true feelings in art... the sadness the anger the joy and confusion... all potrays in a single canvas ... Gives me balance and life...

It's been a long time since i touch my painting palete ... I should start it soon...

Where can the kid go ???

sign off ~