Thursday, July 31, 2008

Actually ...

Yo Guys !!
Today.. erm i mean yesterday during work i was damn furious with this graphic designer... i told myself .. I'm gonna publicise her .. I wanna get her fire bcos of the things she said very despicable... but after sometime ranting to practically everyone i realise i got what i wanted... Nope she didn't get fired ... but everybody knows a little of what she told me ... so to hell with this idea.. revenge isn't good for people anyway... hahaha ~ Anyway that designer she ask this question : What level of education are you at ... ?
I Say : I had a diploma now studying a degree
She exclaimed: Whoa!! Degree ?? I had mine long ago already lor. .. blah blah blah ...
Erm of cause i'm what the .. what is this woman trying to do sia ... boasting ah ?? It only show's one thing isn't it ? it only shows how important education is bcos ppl might mock you ... but nevertheless attitude and attributes are as equally important ... people need to learn how to respect each other... If i haven't bring myself to scold you.. because i live with this believe that if i respect you, you will respect me as well ... I know everyone is tired.. I will know how human feels with ot and work loads because we all experience the same tiring process... but ... we can never look down on low educated people. Because they have experience... I think that Degree, Diploma and O level all can come to a same class with each and everyone collecting and learning through experience each should listen to each other with enthusiastically because all expirience are entirely unique ... i may argue with my analogy at my later life.. or people may tag my board to say don't be naive.. but the whole point of this post is respect... So perhaps... it might be the best of both world to respect each other and for me to stop ranting about her... The quarrel with her shall officially ends today.
:) thank god
sign off : Leila

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mellben Seafood Vs Hong Kiat REstaurant

Hey guys !!

I know some gals are anticipating a crab outing... So i Cut down a few places to have crab witha a budget ... !

First is Mellben Seafood At Ang Mo Kio ! Or perhaps his uncle's place also can

Anyway ... Mellben i remembered we had quite a fabulous time with Thier Man Tous and Crab ... !! hees Perhaps we may try their uncles one ! the one we ta pao ! Then we can try their creamy butter crab which are their specialties ....

Here's a picture for you to drool !! wahaha

Another Candidate is Hong Kiat Restaurant.
Under the introduction of my friend, who i do not wanna reveal who... to protect that person ... hahaha :P that the chilli crab is quite shiok !! ... However i'm not sure if there is any butter crab thou ... any way there is aircon there !! and it's only near CCk !! thou it's quite ulu near the camp.. So i thought of giving the new place a try !! woohoo !! So are you willing to give this place a shot ??

Or is Mellben Butter crab that captivating ??

Ladies Please vote!! and We'll fix a date when the outing will be !!! Tag at my board!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sick, Resigning, I miss baby !!

Hi Guys !!

These few days have been sick... hahaha ~ Big case of flu and sore throat went doc twice but recovering now :) hees

Tendered my resignation after careful thought.. Going to be a full time student soon .. Gonna gambatte !! and study real hard !! Hees ~ So QX !! wanna study and jio me liao !! hees... My last day will be on the 16th ...hahaha ~ anyway ... My parents are going to see baby jian jian one year old party at malaysia .. but i gotta work .. Sobs i long time never see him le.. he's a Very cute and brilliant baby boy.. whenever my parents sees him theier eyes beam with happiness and enthusiasism.. ~!! I totally agree i wish i could just hug him and talk to him... talk to him about ... my stuff about the world he needs to see and tell him my experience ... Omg. .. think my instinct is getting into me ! Eek ! ! but he is a very good listener !! hees I swear he's patient ... and when u talk to him he'll stare at you with his big eyes ... :) Cute !! i wonder how is he...

Btw... I finally saw a specs i like pretty much ... Zio !!! If ya guys ever Remember my purple specs ... That is the brand !! hahaha i remember mistakenly placed my specs inside the washing machine ... My mum told me it crumpled into one big ball of metal... ! but carefully .. she twist it back and it can be used again !! isn't it incredible ??

This is the design i like ... I know my degree has increase together with my astmatism ( I have no idea how to spell it :P ) so this frame to me is like getting in touch with my femine side... but the cost is also ain't cheap .. so i was erm thinking if this should be my purchase after my resignation ! hahaha ... but after resignation i should focus not only on students but also to build up my shape:P so perhaps i should too invest on ... This !

I know for sit up it's not necessary for this sit up bar ... but ... then ... to do a proper sit up it's nice to have one then i don't have to find any heavy stuff for my leg !! eeek !! so. .. not very ex ba about 20 bucks to 30 bucks... so considering if this is a good investment...

By the way !! Crab outing !! :) hees.. I know We all have tried Melben Seafood at Ang Mo Kio... Hmm was thinking of other crabby places to try that are affordable ...

One That i Have Tried is :Eng Seng Restaurant

Firstly their black pepper crab is heavenly !! others are only so so thou ... And this one confirm garantee plus chop you cannot eat it leisurely... cos the Aunty is super fierce ...

Another is the so call creators of Chilli Crab ..

Roland's @ marine parade

It is a Restaurant located near PArk way parade ... So probably we all can find a day to go east coast park to cycle our butts off first b4 feasting on the crab... Since it's a air condition restaurant.. i'm not very sure if the price will be affordable.. plus it's more of a restaurant type !! air con... hmm ... What do you think ??

Any more suggestion can tag me on board but this post will be continued hahahah !!

Sign off ! Leila

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hmm ~ A Life with two children

Hi Guys ~!!
Went to read a secondary schoold friend's blog to see if she 's okay... looks like her baby girl is out !! cutie ... Yep her name is Chai ling ah ~ she gave birth to her second baby and ... seems like her two kids are having difficulty getting along ... hmm with her first child trying to get attention and all.. really feel her pain in lecturing Jabez ... but seems like ... some times we have to don't we? it's really hard to divide your love equally when ur newborn needs alot of care.. perhaps the dad can take some of the load... I sure hopes raf will instill a good elder child lecture in my children in the future cause i definitely do not want to have the problem of two kids fighting for my attention cause i'll punish two of them if i have to ... otherwise ... how will they grow up to be independant ? I will not let them grow up in this society thinking tat some one will back them up cos in reality .. nobody backs u ... only urself ... no one writes ur future but urself... so where u wanna go it all depends on u ... :) any way congrats to Mr and Mrs Goh !!!
I hope you do have two bundles of joy now :P
Sign off leila

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Attempt!!

hmm ~ today ah ~... Super blur nothing seem to go right leh ~ sometimes even me myself don't know what i'm thinking ... urgh!! help!! when will my natural self be out ???
Anyway ! Share with ya guys my artistic or... you may call that a noob photo taking session alright ??
Firstly ... Drum roll pleasE~!!! ( brrrr ~~ ~ )
TADA !!!
my yellow lily ?? hahaha i know it's not the real name of this species raf will sure say me one ~!

Nice ?? Hmm I think it's nice to my standard la ... I don't know how expert view it .. comments please tag at my board :) anyway i totally like the dark and light contrast at the picture .. nice looks like what a good painting should have :)

Next ... Will be... ( Brrrr ~~!) clang!!!!!! MY DAD's APPLE !!!

This one was taken at Melt's cafe ... haha ~ :P hmm ...taken by my dad ~ we sort of arrange the apples here and there in front of the counter ... BUT when it's taken it really have nice lighting to emphasize on the green apples :) Hmm sorry i really lost my poetic describtion ..hmm .. i guess i have to read on art books again huh ? OH YES perspectives of the apples laid in a row gives more dept to the picture ...

Next... Brrr ....Clang!!! It's Mountains!!!

It the scultures that can be found at the lowest level of mandarin oriental ... seriously... at the first look i was wondering why would the hotel waste spaces to put pieces of metal ... but now after you take a picture... ~ Wow~~!!! it really have the mountainous effect by the lighting .. and look~!! there's a full moon !! ( ahem!! please pretend with me and say woah ok ?? ;) ) I really like this picture ... to me it's very artistic .. now i may appreaciate the sculpture more ...

Next ... Brrr ... Brrr THE SHOW DOWN !!!

The one above is my dad's picture ... because there were so many orchids... and he told me... must take as many as possible... so he took this massive picture...

This is my picture... actually ... my main point is to focus on only one ... because it's like human ... body mind and soul needs to work all together to unit as one in order for something to look perfect... Yep ~! so Mun yeng Must learn this theory too :D

ANYWAY VOTE!!! i cannot talk too much about my picture ~ otherwise it'll be biase ... i think i already am ... ~~ Eh !!! don't side me because i'm your friend ok ?? hees !!!

PLease DIAL!!! nah kidding!!!

Sign off ! Leila