Monday, August 25, 2008

Student's life's And a lost Hp

Yo guys !!
If you all ever wonder how come i never reply ur msg... well i lost my HP !! Agh!!! There goes my 68 bucks ... Zzzz ~ some more not working anymore ... looks like i need to learn how to save more le ... hais ~ perhaps i should go back to sony again or watever cheap hand phone .. plus my pay is not out ... totally penniless ... haha..
Never mind can get through these de .. at most sem 3 get a part time job :) hees then i can save already ... :)
Anyway ... a sense of achievement ... cycled two hours in total today ... shall reward myself with perrier water :)
Here's a promise to myself ... lose 5 kg... buy fie japan acessories ! ahaha one only la not many ..
Sign off !
(will post up aboutt scorpio east soon )

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jaclyn ! !!!

Yo Guys !
Firstly Wanna Wish My Friend Jaclyn Happy 21st !! Although ... It's a simple gatherin but i do hope you enjoy :) hees !! And Be strong.. if u're down u need a hug i will find u ok ?? So jia you ! all the Gals here are supporting u !
Put the unhappy things at side.. Yest when to Celebrate jaclyn's bday after work .. We went for Steam Boat .. MA LA ...! Woah .. as usual i was the only one crying again ... we were all stuff within an hour ! Woah .. Later We raced to Flyer .. aT First we tot there's this promo for Free rides for august babies Turns out.. u need the NDP tickets ... Hmmm ~ Any way we proceed to the ride Since Qiao Lin and Jac haven't been there ...
And We got one who capsule for ourself !! Thanks !! Singapore flyer .. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to sit on the floor and take photos and stuff... Wonderful experience everytime i go there .. I think i'm begining to love singapore flyer already ... Eek !
Tomorrow is my last day already ... hmm ...
Will Post one long one espeacially for friends of scorpio east and my thank you ... to all who have treated me ... :) So i guess it'll be either tomorrow or saturday's post :)
Sign Off!! Leila

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Weekends

Yo Guys!
Went to take my bike at yishun yesterday .. Was pretty piss but nvm I wanna put that in the pass… bcos this is a minor issue .. anyway bought everything in shades of red ! probably gonna buy the full apparatus .. Cos … The Grip is pretty pain and I concluded that I am accident prone ! hmm … For a little while of cycling leg hit by rock … Shoulder hit by branch … you say accident prone or not ? hahah ~ I have no idea if I am either no use to big bikes anymore or am I really that .. lousy ?? Hmm
Show u some thing cute next time J My wheels have coke bottle !! hees my upgrade .. or rather .. Indulgence … hahaha Very cute one .. Shall bring my bike to the police station to engrave soon.. My Bao Bei leh ! It’ll will be my car soonRaf did well in the competition.. wanna express my congratulations’ to him and his team … you all sure work hard these few weeks !

Sign off ! Leila

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MOving On ...

Yo !!
Read Cai wei's blog yesterday regarding her friend's death... But i really do hope that she'll move on.. cos no one wants to see her like this. i believe she a cheerfull gal...God bless ba..
Well i think things to make us move on from our beloved is to keep talking about your pain til.. one day you discover that hey ! i don't have any feelings anymore.. ! Yes .. I use that for my ex bcos i felt foolist being trick by him again and again and to have love him while his heart was some where longing... I WAS SO STUPID then .. i swear i would have killed myself for being so stupid to believe him but luckily i didn't.. at that time i look at my hand bruised but i was sad for my hand cos it shouldn't have suffered these hands are suppose to create master pieces not being abused... haha so that point i've decided to move on...
For the rest who is reading my blog .. how did u move on?
I believe many ppl have different ways some would prefer keeping the strain of hope within them. it's not wrong but i prefer not to cos the pain will be more in the future.. Yep..
So my fomular is keep talking about them so u'll remember their existance and also be numb in the future.. Who knows what happens in the future right ? :) we need to be positive.
To those who are sad and missing some one important.. life still goes on ... the pain are only reminders that you are still in this world living every bit of it
Sign off !

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sleepy bus ride

YO Guys!
Yesterday was my accounting lesson.. was late and i was so afraid of missing anything important cos the lecturer goes quite fast ! Eek ! But manage some how.. :) hees yay ... can catch a bit better thou sometimes blur .. guess i have to go back to prac lor.. Rayvan didn't come to lucky girl at Gold coast so a bit lonely lor .. but guess like that can conc better la :P hahah dunno anything ask from ppl ba.. proj starting soon alot of submission comin i really need to know when is my last day ... hais.. So my kind lect jeffrey and his friend offer to fetch me to mrt and i tot yes! can reach home earlier cos it's the 7th month but ! i overslept in the bus ... thus i landed in clementi... so i have to take mrt and bus again lor .. since i spent so much on my bike i decided not to spend any on cab haha end up reaching home at mid night... hahaha
Very tired la ...
One good news for the day thou... Raf done well in his test.. hees congrats dear i'mm very proud of you :) hees..
Heard from my friends got a few distinction sia.. felt a pinch of jealousy but now i will strive even harder for more distinction ! Yeah !
Sign Off

Sunday, August 10, 2008

My weekend

Yo guys !
Haha My National day was .. like any normal day working ... hahaha so i really don't feel the holiday spirit at all.. alot of people ask me why were we not compensated ... if we are really gonna be compensated emails will come flying saying that we have hols on monday... Hmm... but nope i dun think we will have it no matter how much we'll complain ~ haha so i rather not waste my breathe... so ... My national day was pretty unlucky.. at first i wanted to go east coast to take alook at roller blades.. but .. didn't go there.. Dear suggested to go see fireworks... i was aestatic.. but in the end we nv go... instead it was all canceled and dedicated to work... plus to add ... I spent 3.20 on a can of coke zero ~ diao bcos i initially i wanted the bottled one but i paid and the machine was stuck ~ so .. umm yep there goes my money lor ~ haha secondly there was so many people grumbling about the 12 lotus concert ... hmm... they feedback about not allowed to bring water to the concert and also how terrible was the concert cos everyone tot it's the movie .. umm... okay .. there is nothing much i can do as well.. diao.. thirdly i wanted to DIY manicure with some bling bling but one of my nail chip off ... so there goes my plan~ Hmm ...

Sunday was alot better.. i get to catch up with my TVB drama.. and to rest as well finally.. met Cheng hui at 12 to look around for bikes... :P Finally ~ !! there's action man ! hahaha :P yeah ! we went to Giant super mart.. touch touch the bike like noob and i was constantly knock on the body ... so i laughed at myself for being silly like choosing water melon ! hahaha finally raf came ... and he wore very formal .. and seems he went to orchard for groceries .. so nvm la :P so we walk around at giant and he choose for QUALITY and EXPENSIVE bikes while my budget is just 100 dollars man ! hahaha but he says if buy bike go for quality .. and he gives reason .. so ... both of us agree and continue looking..
Next stop! Two bicycle shop near Cheng hui's house... the first one was all EX !! so forget it ! the other there was a Double Suspension bike for 168 with gears and stuff... not bad la.. so we all ask if we buy three and u deduct the price for us ? and we manage to deduct 155 ... nearly paid deposit but Cheng hui say Let her Papa see first cos scared her house got no place to put ...
Then the Crazy thing is that we wnet to yishun see bike .. Cos i know yishun ppl are very willing to give you more discount..We went chong pang and.. we ask raf to cut price la ! hahah and there he goes !
Raf : how much is this bike ?
Kuang ( the Owner ) : $168
Raf : oh We just came back from CCK and we wanted to buy 3 bikes at one go ... But CCK only sell $150
Kuang: Ok Lor then we follow Suit..

Then it's was a deal already... compared to the one at CH house ? that guy reluctantly ... gave us at 155.. and this guy just shuang shuang ok lor we follow suit ! Raf is either a good negotiator or.. a good liar sia ! haha anyway that was a quick deal for us and we immediately paid the deposit for it haha diao... So Sunday we are gonna put add Ons to our bike and also cycle back to My house the leader is of course raf lor ... cos he say VEry fast one ma thirty mins .. hahah diao dunno him .. Now i am thinking of what to add Cos initially i wanted a bike for travelling nearby .. so now since it's so ex.. i wanna cut down on my travelling cost to school by cycling over already... haha
My Thoughts for add Ons
  1. portable Bike pump ( not necessary anymore.. my old bike has it )
  2. A good lock Cost 25 bucks lay !
  3. front and back light
  4. a bell ( so many ppl on the pedestrian of cos must ring ! )
  5. mirror ? ( Maybe not necessary ba )

So umm think it's better to spend well for add ons ba since it's already so ex.. :P

One thing i've miss is the Mantainance fee ! eek ! i nv had mantainance for my bike wor!

nvm This Expenses will be only accounted in the future !

Later send raf Back to camp together with Ch ! hees see la dear ! so many girls send u over.. but the best thing is ... he finally muack me before he went in le ! :P hees tot uniform ppl cannot kiss outside de haha :P eh ! shy..

Shall take pics of the Bike on sunday ok? hees We have Blue , Silver, Red ... I'm gonna Book REd !! ahaha Snatching from raf and declaring at my blog first ! hees!

Sign off ! Leila

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guess What

Yo Guys !
Guess what is Friday ! and i'm meeting my dear later :p hees happy .. but kinda tired la ... and doesn't feel like friday either ... cos ...tomorrow have work.. i saw this advertisement that there's a shop at east coast having 43 % off !! hmm wanna learn roller blading leh ! while there is free time .. plus wanna buy a bike for me to travel as well... basically .. my new things of my list is healthy lifestyle and good grades.. make the best of every minute ... High school musical 3 is coming to cinema ! i'm really looking forward to it ! YEP!! hee think i am a high sch musical fan already ! got the book for ice tour .. and it cost 22 dollars ! so expensive .. they really earn in merchandise huh? diao anyway mine is free so it's alright wahaha! PArt time job anyone ?? ahaha i'm might be thinking gg JP to get part time earn 20 bucks also good .. this one is for sole purpose of savings only no other things i swear ! :P eh ~ really wor
hahaha anyway happy national day Singapore !!
Happy birthday !! singapore !! All the best to our global economies and may the gov investment be wise !
Sign off ! Leila

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crab and High Sch Musical

YO Guys !
Went to High School Musical Ice Tour on Tues... Fabulous Though Troy bolten is not as handsome and the acting is totally fact but i enjoyed the Music!! plus i got the Hat ... Very Cool !! hahaha and bought the candy floss and Hat for 14 bucks !! diao the HAt is plastic la btw.. model it for you guys soon ok ? hees anyway ... Anyway i heard that the Fairy tale concert is coming This Nov 17th!! i Wanna GO !! WOO HOO!!! :P i wanna revive my fairy tale days... who's coming with me ?? hees .. gonna save my money for it !
Went Crab outing on Wed .. ( yesterday only ) The Environment to me is okay though the train keep passing ... making the railway noise but feels like kampung ! hahah so i kinda like it la ... :P
the food was so so only .. ahahah but nvm next time i bring ya guys to the best peper crab alreight ?? this time Tried and tested ...! The place is Called Eng Seng Seafood at joo Chiat place ... Perhaps after that can cross the road eat durian ... whahah ! alamak .. dieting some more..hees Dear went for his physical test .. heard from him that it went well .. haha dear gambatte i also gambatte here alright ?? soon after i resign i will try my best for HIGH dis tinction haha :P

Monday, August 4, 2008

Actually i'm Shy ... Believe ??

Yo Guys !!
Change my Blogskin again ! hee to suit my song of course !! hees Cos this is part of my love story ... So this song is for me when i miss my dear..
Anyway, I dated my Dear on saturday.. At Plaza singapura ... Tried Mahattan Fish market.. Their Lobster Seafood Platter.. Not Bad Quite different from Fish And Co ... However, I like it when their burn ... the lobster .. At that time i'm totally obsess with burning of food ... So since i was quite nervous with raf... I start talking about what to burn Sushi ah ... Ice cream ah ~ hahaha Etc.. Actually i was pretty shy lor cause Raf kept looking at me and i became very conscious.. So erm i shy la ~ can ?? Then raf say i act shy .... ZzzzZZzz ~ Just conscious of him looking straight at me ma.. hahaha so anyway kept talking Crap with him then he.. diao me ... hahaha later ... went around to shop.. Went to Barang Barang saw these few Dining Table with table setting den i told him that our house should have table setting .. at least some concept that ties in with the Design of the house ... Then raf just said you wanna make your ... house look like hotel ah ?? Erm... No ~ After shoppin i Went to Raf house ... hahah Diao then the mother comment that we are already a couple such a long time.. When i come over must help pack the house le ... ( Briefly in Malay ) So this Guy, he didn't tell me straight le ~ he sms me to tell me ... a little ... sad la ... it's like cannot tell me straight meh ? Why must you sms ?? I thought we are already partners for quite some time ? Yep anyway i pack his room ... for those who knew me i'm untidy esp my room ... VERY MEssy ! so ... my sis say that it's IRONY for me to pack other ppl's room but not my own diao .. okay.. after i quit i'll pack my room k ?? :) hees
Anyway High School Musical Ice Tour! can't wait ~!! hopefully Ms jereline will bring her camera and we'll take loads of pictures .. anyway not to annoy my bro or anything i love high sch musical hees can't wait :)
My Boss isn't here ... Very quiet ...Had a chat with Peiling :) I think i might marry late around ... 28 ... and people say i marry late ... diao ... It's ok what ... need to settle down financially first then only think of marrying... right? So i had a couple of things in mind already... Might post it up some day .. and do some budgeting ... anyway raf doesn't come to this blog often.. hopefully it doesnt scare him off hees
I Miss my dear Last week !
Know he's busy ~ so Gambatte !!
Sign off! Leila