Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Proj Proj Proj

Yo guys !
I feel as if i am a Pang seh Queen sia... These few weeks have been letting my friends disappointed .... hmm ....dunno whether they do or not la ... but any outing or activities ... also can't go... because i'm busy with proj ... haha sads .. now i have to pang seh my dear also ...

Public Apology !!
Sorry guys !

errands to run today :
Need to check banner, fan, and light stick cum whistle proce for my mum's competition ...
Accounting proj meeting
Management proj meeting

Blah Blah Blah ... ok gotta go liao :P
Byes !

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My love poetry ....

Yo guys ...

Woke up ... and i tot of the first poetry i receive from raf ...which i treasure it dearly ...

so decided to share with all of u ... but ... it's actually not a very happy one .... cos it really shows the contraints ... of our feeling for each other ... because we know our differences will not make our relationship easy ... and it is true ... it's like fighting for our love to be acknowledge...

So what makes you think relationship is all about the sweetness we both share all the time ??

So here goes ...

In a matter of time

The aura of affection

Fills me in

The invisibility of it

Gives me serenity

How wonderful and hurting

It is to me

My naked eye can't see

Without the warmthness of your heart

With those dominance

It brings out to me

Pleading me

To put a sense of hope

And understandability

Where it can be prevented

But the nobility of the heart can't

Told ya it's not a happy one ... but i'll always feel a slight pinch of sorrow and happiness ... whenever i read it

Signing off Leila ...

My Cb test 2

yo guys !
yesterday was my CB test and finally i think i can pass already .. Watch pirates of the caribean 3 yesterday ... Will turner and elizabeth now only meets for once in ten years .... how bad was that ?? well at least better than dying ba... hees ... diao not bad la except i was a bit confuse cos it's been a long time since i watch it..

Went pet lovers at yishun saw this rabbit cute cute... wanted to buy one for a long time le but afraid it'll become like my hamster in the end raf take care.. diao wanna take back my hammies also can't cos their family already bonded with them le ...

The One i saw was the furry one hees... cute ah ? I think it's a mini lop which is perfect for flats... hahaha actually to tell u one secret , when i was gonna sign to australian uni ... i already intended to smuggle a rabbit inside my dorm ... why? otherwise i'll be lonely ma .. alone in a strange country ... hee

But now i don't have actual reason to have one ... did ask my dad once that if i can have a rabbit ... but he say nope... Wait til he has a landed property and let the rabbit run around first ... BUT BUT .... when will that be sia ... we also not rich one ... haha anyway ....

More Cute pictures! :) hees ... yesterday went to the pet shop at yishun ... and a U.S Lion head Lop ear cost 280 dollarS !! OMG !! while the one at pet lovers center cost 180 dollars ... why the 100 dollars difference ?? i wonder why ... but ... since i am not a potential buyer it's better not to ask and disturb the sales person la .. thou i am very tempted to sayang the rabbit ... Jaclyn !! when can we go serangoon see rabbit again ?? hees i just love looking at rabbits :) yay ...All these pictures are mini lop... otherwise it'll be as big as jaclyn's rabbit ! bigger than a chi hua hua u know ?? haha about a cockel spaniel size ...

Ok better sign off otherwise my rabbit post will be never ending

Sign off ... Leila

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Test Test Test

Yo guys !
Haha If anyone has read the crappy blog entry at Qx blog... then u know what i'm saying ... actually after reading through again and again ... there is nothing much ... haha so i don't have to defend myself la ... haha no need to ken chiong anymore ... hees ... sleepy sia ... gotta study for my consumer behaviour ... hee gonna get my baju kurung today shall bring my cam along :) hees yay ~ excited ... some how or rather i find that i cannot study at home ... i'll feel slpy every time ... why sia ... ~ Last 2 days... been studying at Qx house ... studied , play , watch tv really enjoyed myself ...thanks Qx and family ... hees gg back to study already .... ~ :) tata

Monday, September 22, 2008

Eeek ! ppl ! let's party

Eek ! A hint of jealousy of sampling good food and the rest ... let's party at Indulgz hahaha ~ Looks like an enjoyable time ...
Btw... I was thinking is getting make up makes u so diff ... ??

I Happen to find my long lost friend from Blac ~!! :) it's boon lay art centre btw ... :)

show you the pretty babe ... at first ... i really really didn't reconise her ... serious

Present to you .

.. Hui Rong :)

With Make up ...

Without make up ... ( Ah !! now i finally recognise her !! )

Hees I wonder how i look with fake eye lash and everything ... I lose Weight first ok ?? haha then i'll show u the POWER ...

The POWER of make up as is ...

do you wan me to be ...

  1. Naughty, sexy girl >?
  2. Bitchy ?
  3. natural chic ?
  4. elegant classy ??

Btw many ppl make up for me ... and they always make me look naugthy girl look... guess it's my nature perhaps .. haha ~ Ps ... go bath and meet ch liao :p

Sign off ! Leila

It's a Small Small World

Eh Upon lookin for Baju Kurung Designs for ... Hari raya ... I stumble Upon .... THIS !!
haha irwin My Buddy ! I found Ur girlfriend !! hees !

Anyway .. Our plan is to go white this hari raya ... hopefully we'll get wat we want :)

This is For ... Chicken And poo

It's the time of the day when i Surf for my potential blogskin ... and i stumbled onto this !! So chicken and POO !! hees !!

So this is to you guys ! LOL

Yep Yep ... Fiance you guess rite ... last 3 was taken from your friendster... haha :) anyway Cheers to our Wacky friendship

Never know i might come up with a Cap Design :P to wear on every ocasions every kind of outfits :)
Enjoy The Wall Paper :) It'll change quite soon ! :)

1 Word ... SUAY !

Yo Guys !
The Week Before was the Moon Cake Festival ..
As you know .. sparklers are famous for ... celebrating for us ..
BUT ... That weekend i participated in the party at benjamin's house... BBQ abd watching CLICK ... ( I REALLY LOVE the MOVIE BTW ! )
So we watch eat and slack finally ... Going down to ... Play Sparklers ... but it's already 3am ... and i was already slpy ... So raf advise me to go home and slp we can play sparklers any time ... and fortunately i took his advice ... ~
So this was what happen...
The gang went down to the void deck to play sparklers and bulding rocket ( My Fav Game )
Then ... 3 policemen came ...
One ... Threw the burnt rocket and shouted:'' Who did this??!! "
Of course everyone was stunt la ...
After that 5 of them own up to making rockets to fly ...
then the policeman continue... : Why didn't you scrap the gun powder and put it in the bottle ??
Oh please !! Everyone knows that is illegal ... Then Five of them were hand cuff and thrown into prison for terrorism ...
And my friends are from 16- 21 years of age ...
The whole night they were in the prison cell not allowed to call their parents ...
The thing is if there were any intention to hurt anyone , extra precautions won't be taken ... They played in an open and wet field 5 m away from the block ... and the 20 packets of sparklers were shared within 12 ppl ....
Why were they ... charge ??
The whole saturday night we were brain storming on evidence and arguement against the charge... if not 5000 fine and also 1 year in prison ... OMG ...
POLICE please spent more effort on selamat la ... not little kids.. scare them it's ok .. but to charge this as a CID case is over board ... Please dun disappoint our expectations
Sign off Leila !

My Camping Trip ~

Yo guys !
Update on my weekends ... Went Camping.. Which we plan for a week ... on budget so we sleep in camp and BBQ ... hees ~ Cycled to Imm To buy groceries ... Think i can really be call bicycle gal already ... ~ Eek! haha practically cycling everywhere except far places ... remember ... Got lost when i try to get home from Qx house ...

Back to topic !

Camp at Sembawang Beach bcos it was too late to go east coast.. further more dun wanna waste money on cab ... haha mid night fare ...

Cycled there from yishun firstly it's dark and alot of up slope and down slope ... with heavy bagage as well ~ Well raf took most of it ... while i was ridins with the bag of charcoal ... so nv complain :)

Reach there at 1 ... Set up our tent and ... Get Set BBQ !!

The thing is that the cat kept coming near the Camp !! EeK!!!


Can you spot the Teenage cat ?? haha
If any of you wanna give me a cat please give me a white kitten or one without paws .. haha
Menu For the Night:

  1. Chicken Mid joint

  2. Sting Ray

  3. Sotong

  4. Steak

  5. Mutton Satay

  6. Prawns

  7. Sausages

  8. Japanese Sweet potato

  9. Red & Green Pepper

  10. Pineapple
  11. Watermelon

  12. Lemon Tea

Sounds like ALOT huh ?? Well Cause my budget is under is under 50 .. and it is all under 40 ! cheap cheap :) all on offer .. ( So aunty huh>>? )

But of course didn't finish all ... So wasted some of the food ...

Since i marinated Raf is the cook for the night ... Thou he self praise quite often .. hmm this time give him credit la !! Cause he had my steak just the way i like it .. and the sweet potato ... Chao TA !!

Look at his hand. .. He's wearing a Fire glove !! diao ... first time some one actually wore his fire man glove to BBQ huh ?

For entertainment ... i played ... Sparklers ... While the little boy wants to build camp fire ... silly guy loves to build camp fire when it comes to campin ... hees boy scout thing i guess ... haha ... Well at first i played near the tent to scare the cat off ... But ... This sparklers are note smoke free ... So i practically smoke myself out of the tent ... haha Diao ... Silly ...

Then We wanted to create a dramatic effect to our camp fire like those of a witch ...
Take a look and see the Video ya ?? haha

The Combination of camp fire and sparklers
After that was slping time .. but when the sun Rose ... it's Sauna!! Sweating like mad ! haha but nvm la... haha

Then After that ... went back to ... Yishun .. raf says he got a surprise for me ... and the surprise was some rocky path with some ulu jungle... haha diao ... Near went prawn fishing but because we were on budget ... We didn't... Yo Ppl! Next time we go prawn fishing and cook them ok ?? Yum !

Our Steak! With marinated red and green peppers

If You wanna know how hot the Sauna can get ... Look at my hair ... haha LOL

Sembawang Beach in the day :)

So that was practically my weekends ! :P

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yo Guys!
hmm.. met Qx these few days to do proj and also to study ... guess exam comin really soon need to buck up le ... omg ... *** ******* *** ****** **** ** ********** ... these stars are my personal feelings ... cos after several blogs and misunderstanding i realise real feelings can't be place here or else troubles brews ... haha don't u agree >?
Anyway just when i wanna start fasting again ... sick... hais ... i am a bit ashame to celebrate hari raya this year already ... but the doc a bit lousy ... he only knows how to ask then ... give u med ... diao watever med u ask for he will give u one... Eh ...
anyway gotta rush to school early to meet rayvan ...
Sign off ! Leila
(actually i got alot of things to say but sian sian then nv remember le lor ... ) As for pictures can anyone donate a Cd for me >? i need to burn ...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Busy Week ~

Yo Guys !

This week is the busiest week ever !! haha partys work, school ! WAh ! Anyway ate at MOF with rachel on Thurs as promise :) hees here are out indulgence!

Nice yummy Desserts ! hees

Celebrate My sis early Birthday on sat ... ate at il lido again .. but never fails to make us fall in love with da food ... photos ?? I'll steal it from my sis's camera alright ? :)

Love is Really fragile ... i'm really scared in my mind ... but each time i look at raf i wanna believe that we will make it work ...hais...( eh nothing happen la ! just feel a bit scared with all the heart breaks around me ) ... natural i guess ...

Happy Lantern festival !

But BUT BUT !! i Never get to ... play lantern... :( i am so gonna get a nice looking one at china town next year ~!!

Guess no more FIE earrings this month .. over spent.. gotta save my money ... haha

Sign off !! Leila

Friday, September 12, 2008

My blog Entry !!

After a long time i finally blog again huh ? Been pretty busy either study or playing ~ Eeks!! two consecutive weekends of classes ... hmm :( and few hours of boyfriend... looks like i'm really a busy bee ! :)
Let's Talk about ... TAI MA's Birthday!! (Aka: Vl's Birthday )
Wanna Present to you my long awaited tiramisu !!
When i say long it's really Very long!! haha many years le wor ! just ask Vl lor .. haha Next would be yan hui's cheese cake le ~ opps ! eh dun kill me ...
Think voon ling likes our surprise party ! our theme is Blue ! Cause it's her favourite color of cause ... ! hees it just suddenly hit me with the theme while thinking of makin the tiramisu special... Nearly wanted to put blue coral powder instead of coca powder .. but i guess no one will eat it huh ?? haha ... here's the birthday gal!

Hees.. Well Gonna post this video up to let ya guys see our funny entry :)
Eh... the video is too big anyone have any idea how to post this up ??
Anyway alvin never fails to bring laughter ... shall .. miss him when he's overseas ...

Share some of the pictures with ya all

Eh .. the last picture i'm just fascinating ... with alvin's coin of peace :) hees isn't it sweet to tie it around ur child's leg to ensure safety ?? hees omg... motherly instinct coming in!!! ah!!

On wednesday we went for dinner at shokudo ... ~ Ok Ok before that went bowling and snooker .. and i miss bowling actually :) long time since i bowl with my family ..
Hee Here are all the food we ate .. so guys ?? u may drool :)
Took some stupid pictures of cos... what's mun yeng without stupid pictures.. hees ... The cup of tea below is definitely subjective ... hees i have no idea why on earth they would put it there ~ hahaha anyone??

Love is definitely in the air that day ;) if u know ... what i mean... hees

After that we went kbox ~ to sings our lungs out ! and i really mean it !! LOL

Oki ~ I need to get ready for school and fetch my dear out of camp unfortunately ... no news from him yet .. i wonder why ...