Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Love High Sch Musical (Lame post BEWARE!!)

Yo guys ~~!
Finally long awaited !! I watched high school musical 3... BEst ! Finally completed the series... Thou the script is meant to be a high sch life thing but one critical thing that everyone will ever have is to question wat purpose we're here for... what is our dream ? Some ppl took our whole life to figure out ... but nv did it ... cos opportunity is already gone...

AHEM !! suppose to be a light hearted post!!
Anyway love the songs and the waltz thing ... would love to dance with partner one day... nice ... the only we did at prom was,.... DISCO !! haha still remember in huayi we'll jump and jump ... and shout our lungs out !! haha Diao ,... guess it's our way to let lose then ... :)
Great songs!
Great Dress!
Handsome guy !
Great Drama!
Woohoo !
I might even go buy their third album sia :)

The Old man .... Director... extra haha :P
Kelsy !! I'm you secret admirer ! you're the sweetest !! hees

Obviously .... Troy and gabriella in their own world... poor thing ..

Dancing in the rain anyone?? haha i'll sprinkle the water ... and u dance k ? AH CHOO!!!
The one in Yellow BEST DRESS Lovely!! Woohoo!! The one noted in Pink ... what is that?? you sew yourself ah ? good work ! ( Diao am i crapping or wat ?? )
Girls Shopping anyone ?? nice rite ?? We should totally crash some uni prom :P hees

Corbin Bleu... pls... lose your facial hair ... you'll look too hairy... anymore hair u'll be a prime ape...(Ps: B.y. told u, u need to have a neat hair to have facial hair ... otherwise u'll look like this..)
Ashley ... Love u with brown hair... too bad u have to be the bimbo in the show ... show biz huh ?
Zac... eh u look older with ur hair up... but it's ok u're 21 anyway... ( hey!! he's born on 1987!! boys envious? )
Yeah ... Zac... a bit better than the previous... keep up the good work haha... anyone i need to learn my eye make up .. esp eye liner haha
Hip Hip Hurray to high school musical .. 3 !! :) I know crazy post... sound bimbotic... but... guess i'm a bit stress doing my take home exams now ... hees... hope i won't get sued ... EEK!!! No no you all dunno who am i ... AH!!!!
Sign Off! Leila :P

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miss My Poly Guys Man

Yo guys !
Happen to stumble on my poly pictures... Guys I miss ya all ... all those wacky and slacky days are unforgetable especially asking each other ... " Do you know What I think ?? " Then Off we go to canteen 1 to eat our breakfast :) I really enjoyed those times Esp... When we went to Malaysia ... Even thou it's just malaysia i enjoyed our wacky days ... :) haha even brought our mini mahjong !! :P how cool is that ?
Phyo even though u are overseas do come back soon alright ? we go theme park or something thou singapore's theme park lousy but at least we're together :) hees ~!
OK I think i need to go back study liao :P
Cheers to Poly mates !

Sign Off! Leila

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My New Skin !!

Yo guys !!

Here is some Of my Attitude WAHAHA !! Watch Out ppl!!! :)

Thou It doesn't reflect my in my pictures .. So i Choose the fiercest picture to put up ... !! WOO HOO !! After so long ... This skin is to declare my drive to prove myself further !!


Sign Off! Leila

Monday, October 27, 2008

MY trip to Qx house :)

Yo guys !
Long time no post .... hahah Anyway last thurs went to Qx house... at first ...Karin is meetin us for Squash one ...but ...Karin has hang over haha ...So it was left with Qx, Qy and i ... haha played a little then it was steam bath time ... tried my present... Sake lotion and Sake scrub... Not bad... haha smells nice as well :) haha after that went imm to buy our mushroom feast ingredients .. actually.. it was a last min decision, So we bought anything that comes into head :) Qy bought more chopper soft toy as well :) Last stop was Daiso... then it was already 7 plus we really have to Chiong our dinner !! Eek ! Met alvin downstairs . together we made our Mush room Feast !!

  1. Mushroom Soup
  2. Potato Salad ( No mushroom just feel like eatin it that day)
  3. golden mushroom wrap with bacon
  4. Abalone Mushroom in sauce
  5. Egg Omelete with Mushroom ( Terrible !!! I cook one some more haha )
  6. Brocolli with mushroom
  7. Wanton with Mushroom
Pictures !!

Overall WE LOVE OUR MUSHROOM FEAST !! Thou when we're done it has pass dinner time and Alvin has to chew on china pear but at least we enjoyed th process together :) hee

Anyway Everyone is crazy about Chopper !! Let me show u why :)

Sign Off! Leila

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy birthday to me !! ( well that was yesterday's thing)

Yo guys!!
Thank you for all the well wishes in sms, msn and those in person ! Thanks a million... :) I really appreaciate the sincerity.. Anyway hmm turn 22 le nothing spectaclular.. just a a reminder that adult le ~ haha ... so made everything simple thanks to vl the organiser C n P had our celebration at pizza hut... thou a bit rough on the edges at least we enjoy ourselves at the end ba :)

The celebration starts on sunday with my family... and it was heavenly.. loads of delicious CAKES !! AH!!! and people who knows me i LOVE CAKES !! :) hees fetish for cakes... hees :)

Don't drool ok ? We had buffet at melt the world cafe... first time going there... and i didn't know any buffet that is so BIG ~~~!! woo hoo heaven !
So guys don't Drool! ok ok drool la ...

These are some of the main course i've eaten and it's not all yet ! only 2 third of main course ... cause u know i wanna leave some space for ... umm cakes :) the first picture is not main course just that everytime i go madarine oriental i have to take their beautiful flowers !

And here are the Cakes!! Woohoo ! can anyone have more birthday cakes she can ask for ?? there's even waffle ice cream and choc fondue ... hais ... it's truelly dessert heaven :)

A Large fountain of fondue ... YUM !

Variety of cakes and tarts !! Even more yummy !

After everything it's sure good to have tea with slice of lemon :)

Ok !! On to Monday Night with C n P at pizza hut ! :) all because i wanna try their tom yum pizza haha :) not bad thou quite nice :) Mel has alot of candid pictures but Ps: to fiance ~ seriously they are all now bad cos u are already facing the camera ,... haha and all smiling ! later i show u ... haha you wouldn't even kill me or mel wor ..

Me the birthday gal ... but ... of course there's another bday gal after 21 ...

QY !! haha Qx sis ! .... Known for her famous world mapping skills whenever we get lost... we're sure to find her ! Happy birthday babe !!

Cnp And Gang !! :) Jey some ppl went to the back cos they wan their face small ... haha ~ well at least the bday gals has big face to steal lime light ba :)

We had several kissing takes for this ... well this is the best cos all were spent laughing ... anyway ... look at yh on the right ... now u see wat i'm talking about spent laughing rite ? hees i really don't mind kissing u on the cheek thou ~ second present ! below are the peeps having fun !

I have no idea what mel is taking ... but .... i call this sissors paper stone!! haha Photograhper mel is as usual the most hungry person in the group ! :)

See Here are some of the candids ... as u see... u are always facing the camera... how can it be call candid sia ... Ya lor so no need to delete le ...

Actual day slack at home ... til raf lucky had nights out so we just sat and spent time talkin... then he sang birthday song for me ... with his big big eyes ! hee anyway curious wat raf gave me ? he told me to wait for his surprise ... i wonder wat it is ...
Presents Presents !!
My Bro gave me a leather wallet ...
My Sis gave me a bra... shown in the bear wrapper .. but of course i'm not gonna show u wat type of bra i'm wearing la ... haha
My Parents gave me the nokia phone ...
C n p gave me Sake body scrub and lotion which i can use after steam bath le !
Qx and Yh gave me this necklace and earing... and the neclace.. is in the shape of a hu lu !! haha can protect me liao ... ( jk jk :P ) Thanks for the card.. nicely burnt and nicely design

Overall thanks for the present ... and not forget Ql present is belated Jac's birthday pictures ! Let's get together some time ok ?? after your busy week ! :)

To My bro Kl, Happy Birthday !! :)

To Qy , Happy birthday to you !! :)

Sign off ! Leila