Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Love High Sch Musical (Lame post BEWARE!!)

Yo guys ~~!
Finally long awaited !! I watched high school musical 3... BEst ! Finally completed the series... Thou the script is meant to be a high sch life thing but one critical thing that everyone will ever have is to question wat purpose we're here for... what is our dream ? Some ppl took our whole life to figure out ... but nv did it ... cos opportunity is already gone...

AHEM !! suppose to be a light hearted post!!
Anyway love the songs and the waltz thing ... would love to dance with partner one day... nice ... the only we did at prom was,.... DISCO !! haha still remember in huayi we'll jump and jump ... and shout our lungs out !! haha Diao ,... guess it's our way to let lose then ... :)
Great songs!
Great Dress!
Handsome guy !
Great Drama!
Woohoo !
I might even go buy their third album sia :)

The Old man .... Director... extra haha :P
Kelsy !! I'm you secret admirer ! you're the sweetest !! hees

Obviously .... Troy and gabriella in their own world... poor thing ..

Dancing in the rain anyone?? haha i'll sprinkle the water ... and u dance k ? AH CHOO!!!
The one in Yellow BEST DRESS Lovely!! Woohoo!! The one noted in Pink ... what is that?? you sew yourself ah ? good work ! ( Diao am i crapping or wat ?? )
Girls Shopping anyone ?? nice rite ?? We should totally crash some uni prom :P hees

Corbin Bleu... pls... lose your facial hair ... you'll look too hairy... anymore hair u'll be a prime ape...(Ps: B.y. told u, u need to have a neat hair to have facial hair ... otherwise u'll look like this..)
Ashley ... Love u with brown hair... too bad u have to be the bimbo in the show ... show biz huh ?
Zac... eh u look older with ur hair up... but it's ok u're 21 anyway... ( hey!! he's born on 1987!! boys envious? )
Yeah ... Zac... a bit better than the previous... keep up the good work haha... anyone i need to learn my eye make up .. esp eye liner haha
Hip Hip Hurray to high school musical .. 3 !! :) I know crazy post... sound bimbotic... but... guess i'm a bit stress doing my take home exams now ... hees... hope i won't get sued ... EEK!!! No no you all dunno who am i ... AH!!!!
Sign Off! Leila :P

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