Sunday, November 30, 2008

My outin with siblings

Yo guys !
On weekend .... my Sis, Bro and i finally visit twelve+1 at rochester park ~ love the building man ! the colonial white buildings are beautiful ans i can't help taking pictures and so are the cakes ! let me show you !

Look at the white outdoor seating area with blue rattan furniture is simply relaxin.. makes you feel like seating down and chat with ur close buddies !
The bread and muffins are on display here with a very classy pink and white wall paper ... makes me wanna get wall paper for my room as well hahaha
Seats are comfy ... especially this ! propose to me here if u want i might say yes bcos of all the sweets of tasted there haha
Even the kitchen is sweet !

The environment is full of whites and pink ! super sweet ! love the wall paper love the design of the whole place ! and best of all they are french bakers ~ french owners !

The Cakes !!
The rasberry with champange cake ... appetisin!

Rasberry with Dark choc cake ... totally ... sinful ! haha let me tell you why ...
Below are choc sponge cake.. middle rasberry jam ... and top rasberry moouse ...
Opera ! Nutty and light just the right thing you wanna have after your lunch !

But what is chilling without any coffee or tea with the cake ?? haha

The only thing with attitute are the choc ! haha Cute huh ? there's even one with mo-hog
Ps: How can u not adore them when tasting them are like art :)

We are all enjoying ourselves !

Then off to Fusionopolis ! we go to shop at this high tech super mart... unfortunately while taking pictures of the structural... the police approach me and took my Ic and contact... ! Eek ! thanks to my bro he suan me like no tml in front of the police ,.. actually to me it sounds like mockery ! oh well that's my bro for u !
But i want ya guys to divert ur attention here ! this is emergency and true !
There's a T Rex in Singapore !! Last spotted and Fusionopolis and destroyed their barricate for their car park !! Don't believe >? here's the evidence ! haha

Singapore citizens beware !! Of course Malaysians too beware along with banglahs and China ppl ! you dun wan yourself to get eaten !!

Haha !
Okay Sign Off ! Leila

Thursday, November 27, 2008

MY Curtin campus

Yo guys !
Went to the curtin campus the day before .. and it's not as spectacular as those in rendered picture ~ diao so diao abit tricked by rendered pictures even thou i studied architecture in poly ~ haha anyway after readin up on rabbits it was time to ask the experts in the pet shops ... haha hmm mix breed better or pure ?? mix breed is like 80 dollars and pure is definitely over hundred ...
Already know wat type i'm looking for ... a rabbit tat stone hahaha ok i'm joking ..
So for a few months i'll be saving money... hopefully around may will be able to get one ... establish my bank first then only get rabbit :)
hees yippie and the rabbit that knows how to stone looks like this ! bunny was so guai when i sayang him it stays still haha KAWAII :) plus it wont grow too big :)
ok i'm ranting too much about rabbits haha raf and i gonna cook tonight ~~ yay ~ !
Sign off!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hmm My Middle night post

Hey !
It's two o clock in the morning ... haha and i'm here !! gosh !! can you imagine ? It's not like i'm gg MIA or anything it's just my bro having fun at the computer the whole day ~!! chez ~ i wonder when can he be sick of his war craft game ... ( * brothers ... )
Anyway ! i made lagsania !! for the first time and i took hours to do it ... why ? because i try to invent my style my mum love it but i guess i mess up with the cheese ... apparently i need parmesian as well... hmm nice first try ... but during the process ... i cut my finger which bleed for 15 mins ... diao ... i burnt myself putting the lagsania in the oven ... (-_-") guess i was accident prone that day !
Remember I mention about the cockroach that went on bed with me?? I Finally kill it... hahaha !! I wanna be merciful and put it in the bad to throw down the rubbish chute ... but the stupid cockroach has the cheek to crawl up my hands ! EEK !! so my sister took the insecticide and just kill it... Cruel?? But Satisfying ~ ! AH ~
I never realise til yesterday that sometimes ppl need my support as well i can't be weak all the time i need to support others who need it ... guess i wa wrong to assume that my dear doesn't need my companion :) hees
ok!! Short entry !
Sign Off !
Ps: I'll show off my new sch later k ? :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nearly Cheated !!

Yo guys !

some ppl know that i'm crazy about rabbits rite ~ ? and guess wat did i do ? there was once around oct ... i went to serangoon with raf to look at rabbits ... then the assistant told me that it cost 200 dollars !! ( the breed is lionhead dwarf ) PS: i should get his name .. too bad nv ...

Then today i sms the boss and he quote me 160 ~ ! Diao !! where does the 40 dollars go man ??

hmm nothing to say ... i think the assistant needs a 40 dollars comission then haha ~

But it's really Jey lor !! how can u cheat my feelings ? haha

yesterday my bro went to book fest...
and he didn't buy my book ... ~ Zzz
I adore his books ! thou it's pretty christian ... but love the story ... ! afterall i was once a christian or perhaps put it nearly a christian ~ haha :) It's really ... Nice and inspiring Woohoo ! Hais but anyway the whole book fair doesnt have it so lousy ... nvm i'll slowly look for them ...

Read Xia xue's Blog ... and it's indulgz again !! Man this gal have thier invitation everytime and get paid some more ! wanted to go check it out ~ but there are so many bad reviews from common ppl about it's service and food that make have second tots ... who would you believe ? a person who gets paid to advertise or ppl who go there to eat ?
My cockroach encounter !
Was playing game on the bed yest ... when the cockroach join me on bed ... EEK !! Freak out lor and knowing that it's still at large in my bedroom i wouldn't dare to sleep on the floor again !! :( i love to slp on the floor one leh ~ ... Stupid crocoach spoil my mood to play sims ! EEK !
Sign Off! Leila

Beauty is in the eye of beholder

Yo guys !
Went to this kanebo make up session yest to try to win a trip to jap ! or at least hong kong ! haha well anyway went with my mum yest ... haha ~ my mum wanna take more pics b4 she gets old ~ so yep accompanied her ... think i'm one of their regulars there every year then yet to win anything ! of course la !! so fat !! EEk the photos make my face round round one ! hmm back to topic ... when i saw my mums picture i den realise that she is aging ... so sad ... time really flies ... huh ?

here are the pics do u think i have any chance? Just cross fingers la ! i dun mind winnin the hampers !
Sign off ! Leila

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Outing with Curtin Friends :)

Yo guys ~!
Exams are over and it's finally time for celebration til my exams results are out haha :)
Went to top one of The one karaokae with the gals ... as mentioned but here are the pictures !
Sang alot ! Very shuang !

16 dollars for syrup water and bread is expensive... But you get all the disco light effect and even smoke ! ( which smells odd to me wahaha ) from 11-6pm u can sing til u're mad wahaha ! :) you can see all the china ppl there BUT who cares ! haha even the waiter is from china... ask for peanut butter bread he brings warm water...hmm nvm about that ...
Here are the pictures !!

Rayvan really looks cheeky here lor ... haha maybe bcos she's with a lady with Assets haha accounting :)

The gals ... Rayvan is not in cos she's taking pictures thou ! but Azimah knows how to sing chinese song and it sounds chinese !! hurray to azimah ! ( Shame on us dunno how to speak their language unless it's those for scolding haha )

See the little com there ? yep there is no remote here is where u choose ur songs, change lighting and add smoke effect ! at first we tot it's spoiled suddenl G pressed it... then viola!!

Bridget and i ! haha who is in america now ... hee get me the victoria secrets k ? Woohoo !

The pathetic kaya bread and syrup water ... but they really know how to make it nice ... haha with the straw and plate ... the kaya bread taste terrible ! Eek ! some how i just dun like the kaya taste haha ! Ee yur !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Am i missing >?? No~!

Hey guys !
Have been busy either mugging for my exams or play til like siao ~ haha And finally exams are over !!! woo hoo !! isn't it great or wat ? well .. anyway details on ch's birthday ! her make over ! hhaha well not bad for starters ... but initially i want her to look like this !
Her final make over !

So Ch , Karin, Yh, vl and i were at this salon call cut and curl thou i made the booking but they didn't proceed them because... i never give them a name for the booking ( HEy ! they didn't ask for it and hangs my phone in the first place ... like some kind of attitude)
Hey's my tele conversation:
Cut and Curl: Morning, Cut and curl ( a guy's voice )
Me: Hi i would like to make a booking for sunday at 2 pls
Cut and Curl: For hair dye or treatment ?
Me: eh ... for a hair cut ...
Cut and Curl: (Paused a moment) For a hair cut ??
Me: Yeah actually i just want to restyle hair ... but i don't know wat to do ..
Cut and Curl: Erm Ok ...
Then it Hangs ...

so in this situation ... what will you do ? ... ah i know some ppl ask me to call back ... but it seems like ... come i assume la they think that hair cut ?? book for wat sia !!

Anyway back to ch's celebration!
Yes! at the salon ... Karin Took a few funny pictures of Ch !

then it out to shopping at bugis ... thou i took off first cos ch have to print her stuff ....
hmms so i miss little details and stuff..
But we got so tired that even karin was resting in the fitting room ! haha

It's hard to choose a outfit for ch bcos she's not a regular gal haha ... she does not like ruffles or girly stuff... hmmm so ... we were really getting late for our dinner ! and we were all getting hungry ... ! eek!

Finally a dinner !!

Well nothing much to describe the dinner BUT during the desserts it was a hell lot of fun and fighting ( ok i'm adding drama to it ) for the desserts in a glam restaurant... haha look here !! our unglam pictures !

The whole row of dessertS !

The arrival of desserts made them wild imagine whole group of ppl taking pictures haha

Then it was snatching !

More unglam pictures at my face book !
At least overall we enjoy our outing ! Hurray to CnP ... !

Sign Off ! Leila

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yo ! Miss me ?? i know ... MIA rite ?

YO guys !
haha i know some guys will roll their eyes reading my title BUT ! it's just a gesture... don't mind me :) hees
Haha tml exam .. and i'm not panicking why ???

My mum's competition is finally over... made it to the finals but not champion... But it's ok ! at least ... we got the leg massage and genting trip ... hees ... after all the hard work and panicking.. it was worth it :) here are the pictures ...

All the Kiasu Ah mahs and uncles ... I swear they push u like nobody's business even when going down stairs ... in the end they rush to take the back seats ,... DIao!

My Sister and i ... at the carpark Squeezing ....

The Host ... : Chen Jian Bing ... Funny person ... and a V good singer!

The Semi Finals every one ... including my bro finally joined to support mummy !

YEAHS!! she made it to the finals !! go go mummy !!

My Mum's supporters for the Finals ... eh sorry for the butt !

Even my aunt came down frm KL to support her ... Wah ... ! ( PS: all the props did there are done by my sis and i ... )

The Three Siblings ! and dad ... haha

Me !!

Who will make it... for... the final round to fight for the championship! ?? hahaha my mum did make it la ...
My Dad, My Mum and her 100 dollars bouquet... hahaha

Went to cycle during the weekend with raf... practically half around of singapore... went frm lakeside to suntec, suntec to yishun ... tired sia .. the up slopes and the down slopes... and the indians ! in some kinky place ! Eek ! ( i was scared sia ) and i saw ch at suntec haha :) ps: she say we crazy .... tot of it yep pretty crazy ... cycled whole day ...

Raf and i in celebration of ... his pop ~ haha

Me giving the attitute ... hahaha

raf and i ... one look at it... he ask me... what's with the face haha ... diao ...
The Beautiful sunset :)

PEACE !! Tower!
Finding our ... way there... :) hees ... Love his muscular arms... wooo ~
Ok next post gonna show u my neat room ok ?? hees and the treasures i found ~
Sign off ! Leila