Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Now that i'm pet deprive...

Hey YO !!
haha since i am in a living pet deprived... i got into pet society !! haha here is Chubb hees ! actually wanna call her chubby but guess chubb is cuter ! visits several friend even help bath my friend's pet haha diao ya lo fiance ... ur cracker dirty haha :P then visit ... Vl's blue house... and jac's brandy ... :P hees left notes for all that i visits ... nice houses ! except mine for now.. a bit plain :P Poor chubb:PChubbs Pay attention and u'll see flies haha :) guess fiance is really busy ...
Bathing her crackers haha

As ya all notice skin change again !! haha in memory of coming valentine... haha tine for love y0 !! what are u planning ?? for me.. perhaps arrange a date prior to raf's schedule ... maybe gonna head down to the dinner that Qx recomend ... :)
hmm still planning :P

Sign off Leila

Finally it's done !

Yo guys !
Finally after all the troubles.. it done ! hees the I dnt hate mozilla virus is done~! thanks to this internet guy that post the video... at : http://www.metacafe.com/watch/878401/how_to_remove_i_dnt_hate_mozilla_but_use_ie_or_virus/
Anyone who encounter the same problem click this alright ?? haha
Yay at one point i tot i'm a gonner with all my home works ! EEK ! TOday is the inauguration ... haha ans my bro is anticipating the whole process of obama sworning in ... who have you supported? For me ... none! haha i'm not interested in their empty promises ... I need some one who does what he says during the election ... who has actually done it fully ? Nah ~ i guess we are human after all not god... haha Even god would choose the task to fulfill first ... tsk tsk ...
Ok Signing off !

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What The....

Yo Guys !

I really Really wanna end this proj finish up this survey then come this when i try to access my mozilla firefox...

What the hell ... is that lunatic who send me this virus so desperate to bring internet explorer sales ?? I need the mozilla to do my proj man ! Just my luck .. to that IE fan... Hello !!! Dun be pathetic !! Give ppl the freedom of choice !! If you nothing to do with ur life... bring in more money for the economy or give something to the poor ...
But ... could this be an act by ... IE management to bring the sales back ?? haha Nah ! not tactful ! haha
Sign off !

Hmm SUay ah !

Yo guys !
I know chinese new year is drawing near but !! I'm already suay b4 the good luck comes ... the thing is i'm very busy with work ... and study ... yesterday my hamster suddenly died ! EEK it's like so fast lo .. then my bro says that it only serve as a lesson to me bcos the hamster eat slp eat slp the whole day.. part of me wanted to scold my mum for saying stuff like my hamster wouldn't survive past 3 months and it didn't ! plus ... diao by monday it'll be three weeks already ... dun judge me yet i took care of it give him food everyday clean and play with it... i was so afaid that my hamster doesn't have companion that ... i roll the wheel for him but he use to eat slp eat slp then now he died ... Sads ... Shock... and still busy .. ! :( i won't be getting a hammy til i'm quite free again thou keep my tank til the right one comes then hahha ...
Anyway gtg ! study for my test tml and i'm already sick !
Sign off leila

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yo guys !
This post will mainly be my complains ~ who doesn't complain?? haha hey i'm a human too i can't be goody two shoes all the time ya ??
Firstly ... group projects ..
Can people have some urgency ?? when the dead line is near ?? When the group member contribute and u didn't put up .. perhaps you should explain why u didn't do so ?? isn't courtesy ?? so that i can meet ur expectation ??
Secondly ... Men
What's with Men and opening their legs WIDE while sitting in the train?? can't you see there isn't space anymore ?? why ?? are u balls too big? can close it a bit smaller or not ??

There done for the day ~ hahaha
nothing more to complain about sweet and short :)

Tata :P

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 ~

Yo guys !
Long time no post ! haha been sort of busy this month .. either proj meeting ... new addition to the family ... Ps : it's my fat hamster mind you ... haha then rushing for reports,... then test is coming on the 19th of jan ~ EeK! haha so i'm sort of a busy women ya ~ ... But won't see me slim down leh ! hahaha ... anyway hard my proj report submission yest .. can't believe i cramp up 2000 words within 2 days ...
Wanna see my hamster ??

don't judge the book by it's cover lo ... it attacked my dog key chain and refuse to let go !! Eek fierce til now i dunno what to name him..! he's ... Lazy , greedy , fierce ... so many options .. then raf suggested jazzy ... Jazzy it is then ! no more changing !

By the way stumble on this ,... in a forum ... can you believe it ? Rabbit eats chi hua hua dog ! can u believe it ? hahaha show ya the forum ...
Ah.... Here ... clearer now right ?? Don't know wat this person is trying to pull off firstly he put his dog and rabbit in the same cage.. then..the next night rabbit...kill the dog..cos the rabbit bit it at the neck! ...
The saga doesn't end here ... haha there was one night the owner claim that the chi hua hua spirit is back! then the rabbit was v nervous ... so he took the rabbit out of the cage and ... it fell into the fish tank containing his arowana .. now he wans to give away his arowana ...
this post is either a BIG JOKE or... just plain irresponsible pet owner.. firstly who ever market their rabbit telling people the rabbit ate the dog ? haha i certainly don't wan to adopt a rabbit,... what if it kills me one day ?? joking la

Speaking of irresponsible owner how about irresponsible drug addict mom ?? Eek last night jac and i was talking about this episode of tyra banks talk show about how moms.. the drug addict carelessly.. place their drug every where and their children licks them ... WHAT!! drinking and smoking during pregnancy is already a crime ... this is definitely a death sentence !!!! Could these kind of mother be condemn to hell ?? or are they just plain ignorant about the harmful effect of drugs ... if anyone wanna be a smoker or drug addict of some sort ... dun share the fortune with your children can ? There are just some freaking irresponsible people that just encourage underage kids to smoke like my friend the uncle gave her a cigarette when she was 13 ... Zzzz ~ what a fabulous uncle ... Wow...

Anyway enough of criticising ~ haha
Sign off !