Monday, February 9, 2009

Who are you ?

Yo guys
just read my book paulo coelho ~ The Witch of portobelo... his books are mostly people on a journey of self discovery ... Who am I ? What is my purpose here ? Am i content ? Why do i feel as if something is missing everytime ?? I am sure these questions are not a stranger to us in fact i ask very frequently but always swept aside as it was deem unecesary ... after reading his books i'm always filled with curiosity ... and now i know i don't need a religion i need to find myself first before i can speak to the inner me again.. I know some people might think i'm crazy but i truly believe that we are not alone in this world whether there are people in another dimension or whether there's a voice inside me that knows very well how this world works ... When i'm exhausted from crying, when i'm filled with hatred or doubts voice inside me will always console me .. tell me it won't solve anything like that ...
Am I crazy i think not haha... I think i might find a few people like me as well ( hopefully) Okay ! going on a lighter note this time ~ I was thinking wat to do for raf but i fig out since dinner we are eating out i might as well make a bento for him for lunch to save pennys haha ... so i'll be making animals ! hees yay ! will take a picture when i'm done yay ? hopefully it turn out nice :) hees can't wait for v day :) and anniversary thou we won't be celebrating but it's a reminder of how much we have gone through together thick and thin ... and sometimes when i review our relationship and wonder if i made a right choice ... I always smile and i say i do ... Hate him, Love him, to bits :) opps ! too mushy !
sign off Tata

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yo Happy CNY

Hello everyone !
i know i've been missing for a very long time :) just a little lazy to update blog furthermore pictures are in my sister's camera so ... i don't really see a point posting without pictures to illustrate ... anyway i am doing it right now~
Cny was pretty fun went to Neway karaoke with my cousins :) big room and big screen unlike singapore with fascinating names for the syrup beverage haha eg. Superman, Disney land .. etc ..then recently went to Kbox with qx they all fun ! but i notice something ..Argh i don't know how to read chinese that well anymore ~ omg omg ~ i'm more and more ang moh pai each day ... but hey i still know how to speak and convey alright ? Finding Tuition to teach several subject i can teach theory but certainly not eng and chinese :) haha diao
Anyway Valentine is coming ... what are ya guys plannin ? Qx and i are gg on a double date with spa and dinner haha hees yay spa ~ i'll look forward to it man ... i guess to surprise my dear i'm gonna work out every day to wear bikini that day wink wink ? i'll try my best to get back my slim figures ya?? so ch ~ if ya wanna go gym.. lets go together ! woo hoo !
Valentine day is almost all about the flower u are taking on hand .. especially when you stroll at orchard on valentine u see fascinating bouquets ~ it's one of my favourite pass time i confess but so far non of my guy friend gave me nicely structured flower bouquet on valentine day except for that one time i remembered Jq gave me a bouquet with four red roses and they are dying .. diao but anyway at that time i was more of scared than happy cos i tot i say that we are just friends already ... anyway show ya girls some beautiful bouquet to droll on ya ? guys ... get the hint tsk tsk ~

I know some people tell me that yellow roses represents hate ...
but look at how it turn out... it looks like sunshine that brightens your day :) and seriously i know i love whites... but i dont mind having yellow to brighten up my day once in a while ... ( ps: rafs nv reads my blog so this is not a hint for raf ... i rather he does it on his own accord ) okay on a second look maybe it's orange every one has a diff perspective in colors

For those couple whose are horoscope are rabbit, you can have this !! hees who can bear to throw cute rabbit like that huh ?? haha ( hey rabbit are one hell of a horny creature too ! dun believe ask .. those who rears one )

Then for those who love exotic flowers ( i know raf does ) and class ... you can have this ! Roses are so common and over price on valentines day with economy crisis why not.. get some other types of flowers .. i know .. florist are smart they dun stock much on other types of flowers ... but hey who knows u're the lucky one ?? this bouquet has 6 White Roses, 3 Pink Calla Lilies, Purple Hydrangea( raf's favourite .. i know it's yan hui's favourite too ! ) Then there are those women who are crazy about diamond rings .. eh i think i do ...i'm crazy over my engagement ring tsk tsk...! i'm not gonna marry yet but i can't help looking forward to it can't i ?? haha ahem ! back to topic ... those ladies who are crazy for diamonds and sparkles.. but the poor guy can't commit yet why not get a bouquet with a big crystal in the middle haha hey i dunno how big that is .. i guess i pretty big ?? See below there ~ ! big enough ?? haha Overall guys are a bit of the poor genders on valentine... firstly they need to crack their brains to impress the gals ... then buy her a big bouquet and you'll hold it through the night... i know some people aren't like tat but take a look in orchard and u know what i say it true! haa ! poor guys !

Tips for single guys to impress... it never fails to impress a gal with big bouquet with eloborate arrangements ... cos gals will bring it back proudly and every time she looks at them they'll think of you ( hopefully it's a good impression on the whole date and ur personality ya? ) then ... if flowers are not enough valentine day is a permit to add cheesy lines to ur card but please not too cheesy that it seems fake it must be from the bottom of your hear alright ? but if u're not really close to that girl is better not to scare her off ... i know i got scared off by somebody before haha ...

So gals what will you give to the guys ?? hey guys crack their head and its pretty fair to crack our heads to to give our guys something romantic too~ hmm for me ?? i'm just treating raf a nice dinner haha irony ... after talking so long.. but i know as long as i love him with all my heart and he does the same for me .. i'm satisfied ... i rather impress him during his bday !! EEK! btw our 3rd year anniversay is coming ! how fast is that ! eek !

Sign off Leila