Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Thunderstorm !

Yo guys !
Those who are still in singapore, the weather is crazy down here either it'll rain like no tml, or the sun shines one u so hard that u wish u'll never get out of house .... So here's my account for the terrible weather at home !
Residence of lakeside severely shaken! ( okay i'm exaggerating haha )
Here goes ...
Due to a car accident my mother had... the car has been sent to service .. so every weekend, the only place for us to eat for lunch during weekend was only Jurong point! haha where else.. ? thus my family proceed to Jurong point for lunch and was stuck there due to a thunderstorm every one didn't bring umbrella.... ( serve us rite .. )
When we proceed home ....Along the streets there were several trees that went down... But the spectacular thing is ... the wind was so bag that it blew off 19th floor apartment's window to the pavement! how spectacular was that?!?! haha

see the piece of glass there ...? yeah 19th floor's window ..
So we were pretty nervous to see what happen to our home cause we forgotten to close the window... Got off the lift and we were already greeted by a flood
at the corridor... when we went in the whole house was flooded .. let me illustrate it with pictureS!First look at the living room thou u can see how wet the floor is .. there were alot of things that were blown from the kitchen! hahaha looks like some monkey mess up our living room....

Can u spot the apron ? haha
Mittens from the kitchen . The Bottles and plastic bag from the kitchen ...

Next the kitchen ! haha Cupboard were blown open.. utensils and towels are every where..

Toilet shampoos are all in a mess

My room.... Haha ~ you cannot believe it... my top window was always lock... but ... the wind blew it open ! see... the curtain was blown out! haha

The living room , kitchen was flooded there are alot of paint flakes at home ... thus it's like spring cleaning ! hahaha wow so much for not closing the windows i'm sure we have learnt our lesson already !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 things you may not know about me

Yo guys
it's been a long time since i updated my blog huh? there's nothing much to update ... except there's this tonardo like rain which cause my home to flood with water...i have pictures in my hp camera..lazy to upload..wahaha
so i just have to find another topic to talk about! woo hoo! let's just start with some horoscope that friends emailed me ...

LIBRA - The Lame One(what!!! what do you mean by lame one!! i'm sure someone must have alter it !! )

Nice to everyone they meet. Their Love is one of a kind. Silly, fun and sweet. Have own unique appeal. Most caring person you will ever meet! However, not the kind of person you want to mess with... you might end up crying... Libras can cause as much havoc as they can prevent. faithful friends to the end. Can hold a grudge for years. Libras are someone you want on your side. Usually great at sports and are extreme sports fanatics. Kinda dumb at times.

okay i cannot deny this but they are some what true... i hate to admit it i am silly and those who knows me will raise their hands and feet! haha unique appeal? i'm not sure ... hahaha it's for u to judge! But yes i'm not the kind of person u wanna mess with i am those who will cary grudge to those have seriously piss me off those light cases ones will be gone in a few sleep.. but hey i wanna improve my character i will try to carry less grudge as grudges can really blind ppl of their goals. umm i would like not to be called dumb.. and i think libras in the world would like to agree with me.. who likes to be called dumb?? and yes i'm nice to ppl i meet cos i have a motto : more friends the better !
okay that's to start topic! haha i'm definitely getting more long winded as i age..

10 things u may not know about me...


I am a faithful fan of super man ! haha believe it or not i use to wear my panties outside of my PJ !! that's my childhood... definitely not now... thou i love spider man and those super heroes... super man is still my first choice ! i love him so much that i used to style my bro's hair like super man when he was young i even tried styling ... my ex hair like super man :) so i guess a red brief is definitely a turn on for me.. tsk tsk ~~!!! just show me in discrete will do ...

My favourite story books are fairy tales where there's definitely a good ending among them i love cinderella and the impression of dancing at the ball with glass slippers ! haha that's childhood now my fairytales are like fantasies but i still love to indulge once in a while and come back again...

Okay.. it's that too much for a fantasies for u?hey i share childhood fantasies not adult ones those are for me to whisper it to my husband ;) anyway the thing i scared most is ... Cats ... and lizard whether it's house lizard or ... any type it scares me ... haha Cats ... don't bring it near to me it'll be alright :)

4th :
my nerves and patience are very short span .. can only span til 3 times hahaha that's my magic no. ... go over i get irritated

favourite anime: samurai X: kenshin
hmm actually now i'm more to romance but stopped reading since it's financially straining me ...

My favourite plant: African tulip
My favourite flower white roses if you want with a tinge of other colors also can :) what to do i'm a white freak ! but that doesn't means i'm neat those who knows me seen my messy room! eek yeah i live like a man by but one area that i'm very particular bout tidiness is kitchen!

My dream man ~ ang moh-ish ! hahaha dream man is dream man but i have to be practical right ?
My hobby when i'm out : looking at girls! please i'm not lesbiant... i perfectly at ease discussing with boy bout who's sex and who's not... after ll my childhood is mostly spent with my boy neighbours ;)

My motto : no matter what gender u are or how rich u are everyone starts from the same point ... it's whether how u progress that matters .
Motto no. 2 : the world is ur friend

9th variety of nicks:
My name is Mun Yeng, many people have difficulties pronuncing my name
  1. Money,money plant
  2. siao zabo
  3. gou shi
  4. the rat
  5. bubble sheep ??
  6. fu man lou
  7. 38
  8. MAn ( slow in chinese ) yeng
  9. MAn yu ( eel apparently )
  10. Machine gun ( because of my laughter )
  11. cake freak! ( I love cakes )
things i like to eat ... bfore coming to singapore... Chicken rice was my favourite.. in msia chicken rice weren't that common but in singapore my taste changes:
Favourite food: Fish balls
Fav bun : polo bun or custard bun
Fav cakes : All !! Nice ones please least prefered those with only creams as filings
Fav choc: DARK choc the more bitter the better
Fav drink : freshly squeezed lemon plus lime with as little water as possible if not added with green apple
Fav fast food : Mac nuggets
Fav ice cream : Dark choc ice creams
Fav vege: Kang Kong
Fav seafood : Shell related but among all is still lala

AHem ! I eat most of the stuff not a choosy eater ... eaten bizzare food like insects before but i definitely will not try those with chicks that are not hatch in the eggs!

Sign off!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Pursuit of Happyness

Yo guys !
I know alot of ppl might have watch this movie just watch it at home and was totally inspired by the movie... so much so i'm gonna buy the DVD when i get my money..The thing is can anyone here tell me what is your interpretation of happiness ? Does it involve lots of cash? Love ? Care? Is ur happiness materialistic or more of emotional satisfaction ? Every interpretation are affected by the way you live and what you've gone through in life.. Some may wanna get away from financial difficulties some may just wanna feel the presences of love ... to fill the voids in your life ... we have so many voids in us that some times confusion takes place... what do we want in life ? what is our purpose? I just lost my boyfriend, but i gain a friend :) my pursuit of happiness is both materials and emotional.. I know people with the notion of disaggreement with the statement, Money is everything... Hey high five! i Too have that disagreement with my brother as much as i disagree with my brother.. reality kicks back ... tells u or slaps at you: Hey this is how the world works ! you want something u need money.. However, can money buy love ? I say YES to a certain extent... Why ? May i ask if u are REALLY willing to marry someone who cannot afford a ring or future as a family.. will worries kick in and ask if there's enough funding for your kids ? Bills ... Tax~ We cannot deny the fact of worrying bout money even though many would defend that love will prevail.. some relationship may crash and die due to money issue .. can we deny now that money has nothing to do with it ?? Nah i don't think so...
So in Pursuit of happiness, both works together... to get the life we want ... so we may leave memories behind when we part from this world ... Never let anything get you down.. not even yourself or the world .. We can do it friends may we strive hard for the things we want and achieve them with dignity. Three cheers for happiness !! Hip hip Horray!
now that i know my heart died along with him ... I am ready to start anew... start where i left off.. and pass down the knowledge i have learnt in this life ... Leila shall remain in my name as a reminder of the lessons i learn...May i grow up well ... slap me if u think i'm going the wrong way.. i don't mind :)
Sign off !

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love dogs !! woo hoo

yo guys ~ !
bad news... fiance and i divorced ( ps: Mel is the third party ) Saw her kissing with mel but she divorced me bcos of a wedding picture with mel Diao well alls well ends well we are having threesome now wahaha ! Went to this gathering at holland V. Fun saw alot of puppies ... definitely gonna get one in my later life :) hees name it baba ?? bobo ? haha diao my top 5 list in no order of my favourite dogs ...
First will be shit tzu...
Love them since secondary school :) cos i likes it's fur of course hees and it's flat face is cute !

Second Yorkshire Terrier
Cute with top knot ...

Third English Cocker Spaniel
Love it's elegance and class it carries

Fourth Maltese
Love their lucious long WHITE fur

Fifth I have no idea Either Chi hua hua or Dachshund Judge them !

Notice they are all small to medium dog breeds what to do all the HDB here are small :(
Sign off !