Thursday, May 28, 2009

What turn girls off

hey hey guys
just a quick update before i proceed with my studies ... This month is a month where by i find many faults with guys picking up girls and how they approach their interest. NOT that it's my own experience specifically , but it's through girl talk and own experience... This entry is general not , meant to be bombarding anyone ... if anyone feels offended i'll be glad if u send a comment or email i'll apologize personally... BUT don't you think it's better to hear it from me or to take it later ? :) Open up ur heart and take it in ~ it may be quite useful in a girl's point of view
#Rule No. 1 : Never Ever stalk anyone ~ !!
By means stalk is having a contact of a person without her permission and worst of all you know too much of her than she knows you ... Honestly ?? it's spooky and it's a BIG turn off for me.. So even if u want to know her approach her in a general net work first like a blog's chat box or even mails in facebook.. Msn is consider personal :) Don't show that you know her too much just say hi , self intro and stuff ... key word : GEneral topic !

#Rule No. 2 : No Cheesy pick up lines
Cheesy pick up lines are subjective.. Some may find it funny and some may find it typical.. Cheesy line like :" You must be Tired cos U've been running in my mind all day " Utterly cheesy utterly common ... the last reaction you want from her is her eyes rolling~ And some questions like the weather ?? S-T-U-P-I-D :) in singapore other than hot what else can it be ?? haha So the best pick up line even from experts are Hi / Hello and give ur charming smile :) That would be a start to a great friendship.

#Rule No. 3: Never ask something sensitive if u first met her
Something touchy might spin off unpleasant , memories. Questions like are u attach>?? What if she just have unpleasant break up ?? you wouldn't wanna dwell into it .. Trust me ! So the best way to do it is general questions : How are you ? What's you hobby ? and pick up from there..

# Rule No. 4: Build trust slowly
Building trust is a gradual process you can't expect someone to trust u right on the spot even if u claim you're not a bad guy ( PLease who would label them selves bad ?? ) or look super decent ... build trust slowly by talking about ur everyday life and let us open up to you ... THOU .. don't take it too far til you become nuisance more than friends.

Rule No. 5: If your interest is on one night stand Pick the right girl.. !
I know some guys are specifically picking girl to fullfill their desires .. but some girls are not the ones you should be picking ... pick those who are clearly attracted to you sexually ... browsing ur " ASSET" down there ( if you know wat i mean) then maybe it will work out for you ... Thou bad boys are appealling in their own ways but some girls want commitment.. so do pick the RIGHT girl for the RIGHT job !

Okay thou rule 5 is pretty sexual ! but hey! we are all adults here... i do not have these experience myself! i learn it from people around me ... I do know guys play the fields and so are girls and i do know your techniques ( not that alot of people are wooing me BUT attention: I grew up with guys who talks about their own fantasies so i kinda get it what you all want )

Tata !! i hope it's useful !
Sign off : LEila

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sims 3 ~!!! woo hoo ! you are my goal !

Yo all !
i know i know .. it's been a long time since i updated ! i'm not dead yet! hahaha went to korea last month,... and rushed my mid sem and proj ever since i came back ... hmmm busy busy ! Now end of sem is coming !! eek !! :) on a happier note Sims 3 is coming ! they are doing their pre launch on 3rd of june ! i'm aware that the download is already availble ( my bro gave me a wet blanket when i was so enthu about the pre launch ! stupid ! ) but i'm still gonna support my sims 3 ! cos i wanna have the expansion pack ! sims 2 open for business ! i wonder how their pre launch will be like ... alright leila ... ! you're gonna study til u drop now ! and make sure u are right on track on 2nd june ! it cost 74.90 ! should i buy and stay 2 weeks at home ? hahaha i think it's worth it.. ( sounds like i made up my mind ) any friends ... who wants to join me at the launch feel free to sms me ! hahaha

Venue: ILUMA at Bugis
where is it?
Date: 2 June 2009 (11 days to go!)
Time: 2pm to 7pm
RSVP on Facebook!

For more information please go to ....
ps: there is no advertising fee ... i'm telling ya guys to share my enthusiasms

On to my korea trip !
i had a fabulous time !I think the whole point of the trip was definitely the flowers hahaha look at the tulips ! aren't they beautiful ? The sakura season was the reason why the whole family was going to korea... cos ... japan are expensive ! Here's the classic picture of me ! hahaha

And the View was fantastic! :) it was an inspirational trip.... so many sceneries i wanna frame ! no wonder there are growing no. of professional camera ownership! because the world has so much to offer ! :)

Sign off! Leila !