Sunday, June 28, 2009

My First Snorkling trip

Yo guys !
There are several things i wanna share with you about my trip to bali... and i thought of starting with the Creme de la creme ! SNORKLING !! snorkling is to die for.. if i have diving license i would love to dive and see more instead but for a newbie... i suggest snorkling ... haha

My Feelings before snorkling:
At first at the sound of snorkling ... I feel.. EXCITED!! but on the second hand ... i sorta scared .. was thinking to myself.. What if.... There's a shark !! What if i suddenly panick and forgoten how to swim ?? Ya ya ... I know drama ... blame myself for watching discovery and geography channel of people get attacks or accident during diving and snorkling... Next is... I'm is a bikini ... What if ppl sees my tummy ?? ( omg!! )
Nevertheless majority of the people are in bikini ... if i shall say .. as long as i'm not the only one wearing bikini i'm pretty proud of my voluptuous body .. haha! ( Bhb )

Okay ... here are a few pictures on my way there...
I purposely put it as large as possible so you all can feel what i comprehend !!
On the Boat ... Actually i kinda regret wearing my black shirt... It was already steaming hot in the boat!! help !! The otherside wasn't that sunny ... but imagine if all goes on side .. the boat will overturn man !!
Eek !The Beach !! pretty amazing clear water !! Singapore has to buck up i guess ...

OH NO!! you can see my tummy !! luckily i cover part of it with my shirt haha :P

Going into the water... nope i dun think i'm here ... * phew !! lucky ... ! Wait later there's more to see !!

Down to the water ....
You know the snorkling googles and the thing you're suppose to bite on?? They are used .. so wat occur to me is that... how many people have bite on this thing .. Yucks ... so we use dettol instand hand sanitizer to take away ... 99% of the germs !! haha ( why am i ... advertising this ?? Gosh it's my favourite toy ever since my sis got sick! ) YEah the water it's luke warm!! (can guess why cos it's super duper hot!! )

Let me show you the paradise i've been in.. i know it may not be comparable as some famous site for snorkling and diving BUT it's pretty fantastic for a first timer like me :)

Snorkle near the shores no fish....

Wait there's 1!!! pathetic fish !

You see it now ??

Go Deeper ... Deeper Still ....

YEAh!! school of fishes!!

WAIT!! there are plenty to come !!

WOW it's just like swimming with the fishes !! imagine how ecstatic i am that we all have to stop take out our googles and exclaim with each other the beautiful view we've just witness!!

Close up to the school of fishes !!

Look Voon ling !! it's Blue star fish !! haha

Blue fish!!

okay this is something perhaps every lady might wanna kill to make themselve look pretty !! oyster!! give me some pearls haha

joking ... la

All these pictures are from Jeremy of NJC ... great guy who is very family orientated ... All these photos are all made possible by ... Olympus Camera !!

After a whole diving trip ... i realise that .. olympus really is ... great ! look at all the picture he's taken !! IT's a surely must haves when u go snorkling !! :)
Gosh now i'm tempted too !! STOP ME!!!
i must be faithful to my trusty sony cam!!
Sony.. great camera... hahaha

Sign off !! the post might be too long to keep your interest! ahaha
LEila !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I wanna show you my new house !! ( sims 3 that is )

Yo guys !
I wanna share with you guys mt new Sims 3 home !! Very proud of it .. i spend several days doing it ... hahaha
One of the factor why i love playing Sims is that i can decorate my own house like i'm the richest bastard in the world... !! :) eek! hees ...
So here it is ..5 bed room, 4 bathroom, 1 fully equip gym, Swimming pool, a private park with fountains, pond and pavilion for out door dining and party ... Isnt it spectacular?? Very very proud of my garden hees ... some how i think i have landscaping genes in me ... No matter how i run i think the passion for designing is always there so i think it's not a pity that i go into business ,.. it's branching out.. ok !! back to my house !

At Level 1
Gym and garden inspired Bedroom Preferably for children :)
Plan view illustrate the flow and the arrangement of furniture... The gym consist of two treadmill, one dumbbell machine and a Foos ball machine... with a full view of the pool... Hey ! who doesn't like looking at girls in bikini while running? attached with a bathroom and a tub... this is a world class gym design ... ( If only there were more machine to be placed..)

The garden Inspired Bedroom
With ... floral wall paper and warm coloured cherry wood furniture.. be sure to feel comfort in the room with full view of the garden in the bed room as well as bathroom ..

Level 2
Level 2 has a double volume living room... Spacious .. consist entertainment, reading, and game area.. Very flexible, furniture can be moved for a big party anytime.
Luscious Dark chocolate wall colour accompanied with aqua blue sofa... contrast creates chic and contemporary style ...

The Kitchen follows a represent a unification of nature.. with combination of wood country style furniture with high stone greek column...
With modern blue dining set with red dramatic curtain to give drama to the dining area...

Level 3
The hall way is an art gallery to exhibit own artwork,.. Together with 2 bed one is balinise inspired and another is princess theme ( princess does not have to be pink . as long as the overall design is classy anothing can be princess)
Level 4
Consist of a family room ... Bathroom and a modern style bed room.. the bedroom consist of 3 main color... red , black and white... ( what style is tat call again ??? Update me anyone)

Garden ... !
ok i need not say anything about this garden cos it speaks for it self i just show u my fantastic garden k?? :)

Nice ?? I know i may be to excited but i really can't wait to show my achievements :)
Hees after seeing all the pictures... i think there's alot of.... hues of chocolate ... shall we just call this chocolate ??? haha
Actually there is alot of other things to say... BUT lazy i shall show u all whenever u come to my house alright ??
See ya !!
Hope u enjoyed my presentation...
Sign off Leila

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sometimes people who are the highest high will go deep down

Yo guys !
have been emo-ing these days ... and yeah i've been happy too ! :) i've got my sims 3! :P love it to bits ! :) however ... been feeling down ..i know people will ask why ?? there are sometimes when u kept your feelings too long ~ it burst .. so yeah... you can say tat i had a outburst of emotions,... and now ... i have to tidy it back... have you feel that way before ??