Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WHat's Wrong ?!

Yo guys !!
you know i never attack anyone on blogs .... at least i try not to but there is a certain some one i feel like shooting right now ... he's non other than Pay Zhi Qin YES !! i wanna serve warning to as many girls as possible not that i'm a victim but my friends are... apparently he's married cos he got someone pregnant ( poor girl have to face his ugly face the whole of her life ! - divorce him man i rather the baby not know he's the father ) But !! the think about him is that why is he still stalking people ?! he's screw lose is it ? can't he be satisfied with one women already ? for guys for reads my blog HELLO!! one girl to fuck is enough!! ( yes i do say the word fuck ! but i dont scold people unless you make me really angry which is less than a handful i dare say to everyone know unless u can petition to prove me wrong) What's wrong with him asking girls out in the middle of the night ! Please if karma does exist i dont think it'll be reflecting very well on his life ... he needs to see the doctor ... stay away from him girl dont even talk to him ! unless you want him in ur bed okay go talk to him it's ur horny needs so any thing happens that's your problem dont say i didnt warn you .... Yes i met him last year when Ch just told me about her meeting him some where ... i so happen to sit across him but i never even raise my head the whole journey i pretend to sleep and not know him at all i am feeling damn lucky that i was never friendly with him after and during sec sch !
Ps: i do not HATE him .... I just HATE that there are these kind of Fellas existing in the world !! GET A LIFE horny BASTARDS !!!! ( I know what you want!! )
you know what ? he'll be first in my black list along with others !! WOW !!
Sign off ! LEila

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Truth about Pocahontas

Yo guys !!
I am about to spoil someones' fairy tale please do not read if you want your fairy tale still...
Went to search online while watching Pocahontas on channel 5 .. Who has admire pocahontas free spirit?? I guess your fairy tale is gonna end now ... Boy...
Firstly Pocahontas was just a nick name ( Meaning little Wanton ) her real name was Matoaka... Born to the Chief Powhatan
Ps: Which family will... nick name their daughter.. Sexual... mischievious ... WOW !!!
According to many sources, Pocahontas was born in 1595.. so if my calculations were right, When Little wanton ( HAHA ) met John smith and fell in love( Assuming ..) at 1607 Pocahontas was just 12 !! wow john smith must be pretty phidophile there....
John Smith was capture by the indians because the supply of food were dangerously low during Winter ...
hmm and stated in Wiki, Pocahontas indeed saved John smith by shielding him with her body ... hugging and protecting his head...
After that James Town and the Colony remain on peaceful terms ... however what disturbs me is .... the statement as quote from Wiki : "Pocahontas would often come to the settlement and play games with the boys there. " Ever since, Indian supplies food to the English men.
Why ??? the statement there ?? play games with boys?? I thought during that era Boys and girls are not suppose to have close contacts... ( hmm what can little wanton do ?? ) haha Yes i can't deny that i too played with boys with i was young however during their era sexual discrimination was bigger .. plus... the nick name for pocahontas is little wanton

Imagine tittle of Disney cartoon ... Little Wanton ... haha !!
okay to continue ... in 1608 Pocahontas Saved the english men again by warning John smith before the attack about their tribes plan ...
So if i were to interprete .. does that means .... Pocahontas betrayed her Tribe??
Indeed John Smith was send back to Englad after a gun shot however to the tribe, they were in an impression that He was already dead til Pocahontas left and marry John Rolfe...
Before she marry she was raped and used as a tool to keep peace and release english men captivity .... hmmm .. the marriage to John Rolfe was for peace as well
Poor Pocahontas ...

Guess girls are in a disadvantage ...
Pocahontas Died at the age of 21 ... Sad ...
Sign off !

AYG Swimming

Yo guys !
Did i tell you that i'm from SSA ? Taking part in AYG was pretty exciting i love it especially when there's Butterfly and relays !! WOO HOO!!
Here are some pictures...
Due to very little experience my sis and i were time keepers most of the time !

Briefing before AYG ...
WOO!!! take off!!!

WE are responsible for the correct turns swimmers make in accordance to FINA rule

WE Are one BIG TO family !! lots of uncles and aunties too !! But they give great advice !!

Sign off ! Leila

Monday, July 20, 2009

MY Weekend with Cnp and Poly Mates

My weekend with Cnp and poly mates had a blasting good time thou it's tiring the night before cause i was busy baking my cup cake!! haha Show you later...
As usual the meeting up was late haha usual CnP it'll be a miracle if everyone is on time ... so i went to jurong point to exchange money as well as ... grab as many chilli and ketchup as i can i went to Mac , Mos buger and KFC practially any fast food chain in Jp nearly wanted to go burger king as well... GOSH i'm getting Kiasu !!
Meet up and head on to Marina barrage...

Here our Food !! haha you see the cup cake in the box it's Oreo Cup cake with with cheese in the middle haha :)
Here's the pack of the group !! :)

Our Group picture !! taken by Vl cos she's camera shy ... hmm i wonder... Vl, are you only ok if the pictures taken are group picture and not solo ?? haha yeah ... Mel is lying on me ... Shiok ah her... haha

BUT!! on a second thought it covers my arm !! hmm pretty good !! :P

The four of us with Qx finger... Qx!! spoiler!! haha

Karin's and I Attempt to take wedding picture ... haha you know mel has her professional camera ... so she keeps clicking .... and some funny pitures just comes when we're figuring out pose..
Awww... so loving... haha

Dao look !! haha ... Karin i dun think u dao enough ahaha u really look like you got into trouble :P

YES !! we are VERY loving!!

hmm ...

Hmm ... Sayang KArin haha

In Attempt of doing a hair advertisement haha :P

Hmm i think it's a failure haha !! :) I think i'll do a better job being a Ghost !! haha

Yes... and Qx looks distress... haha :) Good job huh ?? scary enough ?

Then we tried many jumping shots ...
We jump,

And We Jumped ...

And Jumped ...

Jump more...

Jump again ...

WE jump ... Ps: look at Qx nice beard below ... WAHAHA
WE tried our super man pose however we were too fast...

I didn't notice... but vl look like a fish haha

Finally we quit jumping and started with our regular group picture !!!

And yes.. i love dao faces haha nice hair pose Qx :)

As usual Vl is the tallest...
My gift to them from Bali :D

They're like posing for my .... advertisement ah haha :)

Then i went off to meet my poly mates at sakura!! :)

Didn't eat... :) Diet diet :P

after the movie harry potter ... Very few pics for my poly mates i knw but i really hope there is more from the BBQ!!

Harry potter was not bad... enjoyed the movie as usual... i must say i'm quite a fan of theirs and emma watson is becoming prettier !!

Hees sign off!!

MY Mistake on Bali fourth day :P

Hey hey !!
I know bali 4th day seems like a bore but i forgoten to tell ya guys that ... i went river rafting as well !!! :)
The instructor was a bit flirty ... he knows i will fall back often and he ask me to sit in front of him... diao cheap thrill sia !!
but here are the pictures !!
While we were waiting for our turn ...

Our pit stop to have our photos taken

Us and our boat !
Yes i know tha lighting ain't very good

BUT !! we decided to be more drama !! haha

Sign off ! LEila

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bali Day 5

Day 5
Morning woke up in the morning to prepare ... for Jet ski, parasailing and fly fishing !! Excited it's my first :) woo hoo!!
First it was parasailing !! it was really short and exciting lasted about 5 mins As you can see above we have different colour glove on each hand as a code to abide when we have to land .... so tell will instruct you with a speaker which color to pull ... And yes it's bloody hot !! Going up!! looks scary !! i was pretty scared cos i have alittle fear of heights .. especially coming down stairs i need to do it slowly .. haha
landing can be weak in the knee cause your leg have to get ready for impact !! i when weak at the knee!!

Next was jet ski!! nope you can't drive it on your own i guess they scared you will get accident??? especially if u drive FAST towards incoming wave you fly!! haha i love my reckless driving around the sea!! haha specially when you fly.. !!

Then it was fly fish !! at first i tot it's fly fishing but nopE!! it's like a big float.... and the boat will drive around and fly you like a kite... honestly i was very excited about this new ride and forgo my banana boat ... but i think banana boat will win hands down so it was pretty disappointing ! And yes overall i think we had fun !!!

Next was to RUSH back to hotel and wash up !! cause we over run our time by waiting and it was very commercialise over there !!

Then it was lunch at A and W i love their ice cream waffle!!! Please come back to SINGAPORE I LOVE YOU!!!
then it was shopping time at factory outlet!! woo hoo!! i love splurging on their billa bongs there ! bikini was fabulous!!

After shopping we all met at some place with PLENTY of monkeys !! i swear monkey might be next in line to cats now !! everytime you walk you can hear women screaming!! you cannot wear specs or anything that they can snatch from you ... and i witness... a women's hair clip flower just got bitten off by a monkey ... I swear to you it's like watching live horor movie!! Yikes !
Welcome to Monkey horror!!

And Evian Mineral should definitely use Monkeys for their advertisement instead of roller blading babies( which has no link no water...) they really can open the cap and drink your water without a drip left !! look at the monkey drinking at the sunset.. isn't it romantic? any other mineral water company who wants to take my proposition ?? woo hoo!!
The sunset was fantastic!! but my mind was looking around for monkeys other than looking at sunset !!! How i wish we can go jimbaran and watch sunset at the beach!!! WHY!!!
these are the photos we took in a hurry!! through out this process ... the monkey tried to pull down my sarong ... tried to pull my friend's hair ... took my sister's camera casing and never got it back!! and we saw them mating !! Yay ... "nice" experience ! Very scary !! :(

It was off to jimbaran for seafood by the beach and yes!! i'm the first one who gets in the car to shelter from monkeys !! urgh!

The Food was so-so ... but i think you pay for the romantic ambience and that is enough for me. .. and there are people playing guitar as well!! :) nice!!

it was home sweet home after dinner ... .so nice!! This is our car 1 group !! I really enjoyed my time with them!!

Thank you Sila and my sister for planning such a wonderful trip for us all !! :) everyone this is sila !! be sure to book his car when you go bali!! he's really wonderful and considerate!! not out to earn your money type!!

Sign off!! Leila