Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jap Fest 09

Yo guys !
Last Sat Jap fest was really Dope ! I enjoyed my time dancing not so much of eating the jap fest atmosphere was certainly still present ! :) Love it ...
We reach at 3.20... The long queue was already waiting for us ! As I got down the bus... I brisk walk towards the end of the queue to my someone ran ahead of me ... not singaporeans.. they are indonesians ... ( -_-"' and most people say singaporeans are kiasu ... believe me malaysians are EVEN more ! )Look at the queue ! haha oh my... and we reach more than 30 mins before it officially opens ! haha ahem!

this is my hair style i comb ... for the fest ! :) Geared and ready to be a jap wanna be haha ...
While queue-ing for the food ... Qy and i queue for over 30mins ! :)

Finally sat down to eat ... no... this is not their specialty ! :P Sparkling tomato juice.... honestly i don't drink tomato juice at least this is not as strong !

While eating a handsome guy caught Qx eye.. then ... she asked me if he's a guy or a girl... apparently ! she's a girl ! handsome girl .... we have a few attempt taking picture of her... this is my attempt ... This is Qx take ... crop my face to ask you to pay attention to the shuai ge !

isn't she handsome ?? Finally ! we pluck up our courage to ask them to take picture with us... not as photogenic as the real person ... still she's the one that we go gaga over ... unfortunately she's a girl ::

Mr Curry Miao ! :) cutie right ? hees

these are the yo yo that Qx and i caught ! :) my fav color is transparent with a hue of pink ! :)

My obi, Pikachu and I :)

Our Japanese wear :) Qy and mine are rental ...

Overall ... Jap fest was nice as always thou it has been years since i've been to jap fest i thought it was a standard coupon ... however now it's by cash .... so spend more than 20 bucks for everything

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Long no Post ?

Yo !
I realise that i haven't been posting up anything since bout NDP ... Been chionging my project :)
Now that it's done group projects are coming up ! :) Anyway had a busy but wonderful week firstly i went to women's clinic to check up why am i having irregular period and i finally got an answer why !! Thanks to my lecturer who ask me to go for a check up before anything happens ... Thanks Dr Allan Phang. I did a scan ... and i'm very proud of it ! Should i put it up for ppl to see how many eggs are stuck at my ovary walls ? haha nvm i think u can picture that ! 11 !! sum up for both! so this means i am 1 yr lagging of period ... and MeL u say i very shuang ... hahaha it's a symptom already so ... girls ! if u have any symptom or anything that u can't explain..(Ps: even a regular pain during period is a symptom ! ) it's best to go for a specialist to get an ease of mind ... yeah i know girls so troublesome!

Finally ! After ICing room has been open for so long in Jurong point , my sis and i finally have a chance to decorate a birthday cake for jac hands on ! We rush over as soon as we got release from our exercise regime ... We drew and angel and drew faces on our Strawberry jelly ... so glad Jac adores it so much that she has second tots of cutting it... haha :P Very jaclyn :)
Process of making a great cake ! :) Our master piece !
My ugly picture exercise only no need to do anything :P
Apparently my sis is hungry !

Okay Sign off ! I'll create a more post with diff topic!
LEila !

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy national Day !! :)

Woo hoo !
I know it's late to update for national day ... I am few updates behind !! Argh!! hmm okay national day went to Hong Kah north Cc to help out... did i tell you guys i'm joining YEC ?? haha Youth something comunity ... haha think E stands for executive ?? anyway i'm gonna build a new family there ! i am looking forward to it ! :) anyway..Went over to the CC to help out giving fun packs :) hees i have one too ! I got one Yellow :) big fan of heart shape torch light.. and really appreciate the effort Singapore put into recycling and giving rewards in return ( singaporeans need perks to get them started huh ?? ) Opps !
there we were all dressed up in singapore T Shirt ... getting ready to give out thousands of fun packs !
My sister is within the crowd and the fun pack can you spot her ??

Overall it was pretty fun ... gotta thank John and ... Jeffrey?? for helping out at my station they help me talk to the aunties and uncles that no color choice ... thou aunties are more persistent ...!! I wonder we will grow up to become like them ?? While i key in different ICs and Passion card digits ... pretty stress up when you have to type very fast under pressure ... haha

At 8.22pm we had our pledge taking ... and my sis and i are on the the news !! woo hoo ! can u spot us ?? In case you cant.. here is the bahasa melayu version ok ??

for english, you may go to this link and read all about it !

I am pretty proud to be in singapore thou i still have intentions to migrate ... but singapore is practically the place i grew and nurture my adulthood :)

Happy Birthday Singapore 44 years !! i dont think she will have meno pause ! hahah ( hmm not funny right ?? i get it my jokes aint funny ...!! )

Sign off !

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How Fake can A China I Phone get ??

Yo guys
was on my way to school in the cab today cos i was bloody late ... to my surprise i found a phone on the seat !! haha due to my pass experience with my motorola phone in the cab .... I kept it and rather contact the owner myself ... was thinking ... My motorola also wont return liao what more an I phone ?? Yep but i notice something ... i doesnt have a bitten APPLE !! why ??

See how fake an I phone can get ??
At the front it really looks like an I phoe and my thought was ... WOW !! today is my lucky day ... haha :P hey i'm only human :P greed still runs in me and i admit it ...

To my surprise there isn't bitten apple at the back really really ... curious however it's written there, Design by apple california assembled in china ... which similar codes found on the real one .. yes I compared it to my classmates' real I phone ...
Then i Explored .... there's even I phone Like slide lock function ... how could it be fake ...

Finally the anthena gave the china phone away !!
hahaha Funny ... i had fun exploring thou ... Hey !! I wasn't intruding the poor guy's privacy i was finding a phone no. i can call to .. no bro no sis just a home no.. Gonna Return the phone tml at JE platform
life is sure interesting !! :D
PS: Loving my own nails haha ( bimbo act tsk tsk )

Sign off!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Cook Ultra Hot Spicy Macaroni Mee Goreng

Yo guys !!
Gonna share recipe of fusion food ... Spicy Macaroni Goreng !! Not supose to be that spicy but i added too much ... Chilli sauce spicy and definitely SHIOK!!! Woo hoo

First you cook the Pack of MAcaroni amount to your liking ... the soak it in ice water so that ur macaroni retain it's QQ texture .... These are the rest of ingredients !
For the Sauce:
Pasta Sauce
Tomato ketchup
Chilli sauce
2tbs Curry powder

Minced Beef (seasoned)
Tomatoes diced
3 chillies cut into rings
1 big onion
chopped garlic

See EAsy to prepare!! First stir fry the galic,
Then onion and chillies ... first i'll fry the chilli and onion longer cos i like my onions soft ... less pungent
then add minced beef and stir fry ... til half cooked then add the cabbage and sauce ... if u wan it less hot add more ketchup and less chilli curry is just for the extra flavour :) and yes it DOES look SPICY !!
add a little water, cover and let it simmer a while ...

add macaroni and mix it well !! but do not over cook the macaroni ...

In Benefit of true .... Mee goreng style ... i always add a telur mata lembut .... Fried egg with half cook yoke !! haha
ENjoy !!! and it really add as detoxing as well really ?? not because it taste terrible because the level of spiciness makes ur ass burn !! :P
hees bon appetite ...

Sign Off !
LEila ...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the ASS guy

Yo guys !
Warning before u read further ... might contain obscene picture... of an ASS !! hmm
but i'll place the picture smaller ya??
Yes !! I think i'm an ass person i like muscular butts but !!! the thing is that this guy added me and i add him because the new term is starting and i'm exchanging emails with my group members for project...
so this guy approach me ... with his ass picture ,,,

Yes Yes good shiny ass... but do i know you ?? nope ...
So the ASS is really a turn off ...
so here is where all the story starts

ureaslave says:



hi u are?

ureaslave says:


LEiLa ~ says:

u are ??

ureaslave says:

26 m sg

LEiLa ~ says:


ureaslave says:


LEiLa ~ says:

i duno u rite ?

ureaslave says:

no...can know u?

LEiLa ~ says:


already offended by ur Dp haha

ureaslave says:


LEiLa ~ says:

anyway where did u get my email from ?

ureaslave says:

can i be ur slave pls ?

LEiLa ~ says:

eh sorry not hiring any slave

u hear too much britney spears

ureaslave says:


Yes in case anyone is wondering what slave is he refering ... to my curiosity i asked...

ureaslave says:


can b ur online slave pls

LEiLa ~ says:

eh define slave ??

ureaslave says:

er ... i will be ur pic slave online

meaning u can order me take pic of mysellf in any way u like den i take liao uppload 4 u 2 see

can Ur Highness?

LEiLa ~ says:

eh diao ... so sexual nope i dun need such service thank you

ureaslave says:

pls ...

i beg u Ur Highness

online only

LEiLa ~ says:

eh ...

no thanks

i already know what guys got ..

ureaslave says:


LEiLa ~ says:

if u wanna show ur body so much why dont be a porn star ??


ureaslave says:

but online only mah ...

can i ask ur intro Ur HIghness

LEiLa ~ says:

eh i'm not highness thank u

ureaslave says:


YEah so apparently he likes to upload naked pictures of himself to let people see... Yes artistically thinking okay what... but logically think WHAT KIND OF A PERVERT IS THIS ???

Yes i know you got an ass a dick i no need to see them so since u wanna show case so much please go be a model at art school or something where some one can appreciates u artistically ...

I don't know what are guys up to now.. 26 years old and behaving like that... are guys getting incontrollably pervert?? if you cannot control your hormones don't watch porn.. and don't give excuses that you need to EDUCATE women what to do on bed ... for your info ... you may never know women can EDUCATE u instead ! so please... if u have needs ... go get a prostitute... they are professionals if u wanna be slaves ... then i rather u spend more time doing stuff that benefits people than to show case ur body :)

To perverted guys !! GET A LIFE!!!

Life is more than SEX ... Go find out why !

Sign off! Leila

Ps: ASS guy beware ! wow one more black list

spider solitaire

Yo guys
was playing spider solitaire the whole morning played 22 times but only won twice... Zzzz
spider solitaire and solitaire is my fav game btw .. my bro used to say i'm quite a loner cos i can play the whole day .. BUT !! i think it take real wits to win a game ok ?? hmmm
I had this weird dream last night about having a boyfriend ?? Diao ... really desperate sia .. i think fate will come knocking without me knowing :) hee

sign off ! Leila

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

House Dana

Yo guys !
Last sat i went to house dana in hopeful of seeking advices and doing more good deeds... YES i have been doing much of the buddhist stuff lately.. even thou i'm a free thinker i give a fair share of my attention to every religion.. not that i'm kiasu i want all the gods to protect me.. just that i believe that of all day when we die we're just worshipping the same god just that we have different concept of worship that's all...
Well for buddism is not a god is a teacher. who teach the way of life to people...we respect them we seek advice but never wish for anything ...i think buddha will rather you get it with your own strenght and wits ...
enough of preaching here goes !!
Bware i may look SUPER tired because i slpt at 4 and i only have 3 hours of sleep practically zombified... haha :P
The "buffet Spread"prepared by the owner and those who came for Dana ... should have make some desserts man ... While everyone was busy preparing fruits... Jac and i were cutting the nectarines !! I had a hard time cos i didn't know how until the very last min ... and jac was worried for me ..

The monks are here !! no time left to cut the nectarines ... it's time to offer rice ... yes this is a candid and obviously i'm in shocked

We kneel to ask the monks to accept our food and neccessities sincerely and also to chant the five precepts ..Now you know what the 5 precepts are :) have u abide them yet... honestly nope i haven't but i will try to refrain :)

then it was ..time to offer the rest of the food to the monks ... and girls are not allowed to have ANY contact with the monks ...

passing the food so that it'll be faster ! :)

then it was back to chanting ... before the monk leave ...

After that i talked to the monk who kindly stayed back to give me advices ... and i'm quite inspired i felt as if i have the strenght again to tackle any thing i have at hand ...
Please some one watch over me to guide me to the right path

Sign off

Questioning Life ....

Yo guys !
came across this while i'm in class... Apparently i looked puzzled ..
so the lecturer ask me: "Yes you look puzzled"
Me: "I always look puzzled"
Lecturer: "Why?"
Me : "Because Life is a Question"
Lecturer: "Then you need see a Psychologist.. "

AHEM !!! Since when questioning life needs to go to a psycologist.... We live to question... like our every path to the next stage of adulthood we question the path taken if it's right or wrong or am i in the right track... Who knows what to do when they are born ? Almost none ? haha attendtion i say almost not all cause i don't wanna generalise because there are some people who really sticks to their goal ... Kudos to them! :)

For me my question is : What am i here for ?? What is my pupose of life ??

So now do i sound mental ?

what's your life question ?

Sign off Leila

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are you a Stalker ?

Yo guys !
Due to busy schedules it's getting harder to find another half.. Many people are turning to the net as the means to know more girls and widen their social circle. However, how do you know if it's too much ??

As stated by Statutes of Singapore, Chapter 184
1) Any person who in a public of private/ public place with intent to cause alarm or distress to another person.

In the New paper acticle,
article states about this guy stalks the girl for 8 years. He is a Sex coach and several website featuring under age girls ( What sicko is this ?? ) He meets the girl at the platform. knows her handphone, knows where she leaves, her email and everything regarding her... Isn't it Weird where do they get their particulars?? for all i know you can google your email to find stuffs like blog... but house address ?? haha it's the SAME !!! nothing spectacular about it. OH GREAT blame the hormones as if girl didn't have any.. Isn't there a thing call SELF DISCIPLINE ??? Yes i know some guys who will talk to me sexually online ... Which i just realise that i've just been harrass.... Diao .... and it lasted for months... Good thing now he's still have some girls to have flings with... Whatever he wanna do with his life doesnt any thing to do with me ...
Guys need to get a life ... there are many other subtle way to get girls .... If u want there are tips !!
Sign off