Saturday, August 8, 2009

How to Cook Ultra Hot Spicy Macaroni Mee Goreng

Yo guys !!
Gonna share recipe of fusion food ... Spicy Macaroni Goreng !! Not supose to be that spicy but i added too much ... Chilli sauce spicy and definitely SHIOK!!! Woo hoo

First you cook the Pack of MAcaroni amount to your liking ... the soak it in ice water so that ur macaroni retain it's QQ texture .... These are the rest of ingredients !
For the Sauce:
Pasta Sauce
Tomato ketchup
Chilli sauce
2tbs Curry powder

Minced Beef (seasoned)
Tomatoes diced
3 chillies cut into rings
1 big onion
chopped garlic

See EAsy to prepare!! First stir fry the galic,
Then onion and chillies ... first i'll fry the chilli and onion longer cos i like my onions soft ... less pungent
then add minced beef and stir fry ... til half cooked then add the cabbage and sauce ... if u wan it less hot add more ketchup and less chilli curry is just for the extra flavour :) and yes it DOES look SPICY !!
add a little water, cover and let it simmer a while ...

add macaroni and mix it well !! but do not over cook the macaroni ...

In Benefit of true .... Mee goreng style ... i always add a telur mata lembut .... Fried egg with half cook yoke !! haha
ENjoy !!! and it really add as detoxing as well really ?? not because it taste terrible because the level of spiciness makes ur ass burn !! :P
hees bon appetite ...

Sign Off !
LEila ...

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