Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Bday Jac ! ( Aug)

Yo all !
It's been a LONG time since i updated my blog huh ? Anyway... How have you all been? Been busy lately with projects ... even my birthday month will be busy ... however i really look forward to my presentation ... we're gonna talk about StarBucks! somehow i find myself a fan of starbucks :) i bought the book starbucks experience with my last dollar ... however it's not with me. .. :( due to my slow pace reading i lend it to my friend first ( I wonder how will she take care of my book )
Hmm and i wonder ... how is the slides ... HAis ... I want to be perfect for the presentation ... Stressed up man ... okay back to JAc's bday ! her birthday was in Aug 21st so ,... guess how late am i?? a month late! haha lazy to post ..

went to meet Qiao lin and Wendy at Isetan... Trying to figure out what to buy for jac ~ we practically crack our brain for it and we nearly buy mr chin mobile charm for jac haha ( knowing that the crazy her wanted the whole collection ) IN the end ... we didnt ~so we went to look around and finally ... we got her a necklace !

Then rush to meet Jac... :) While Ql and wendy rush over to Hard Rock ... Its pretty nice feeling to see the surprised expression when jac saw both of them... overall it was a pretty nice experience ... except for an accident ... but i SWEAR it'll be even great if Jac got sabo :P hee ( sry gal ) really wanted to see jac on stage hees ...

Here's the pictures !
The Legendary 10 oz burger !! Big huh
That's What our Hungry Jac is Eating !! :)

Jac the Hungry Bday gal !

Finally !! A decent picture of Wendy !! She's having and grilled herb chicken breast!

Grilled Salmon for Ql !! :)
And Hikory Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich For me... :) recomendated to those girls who wants to eat bbq pork without any fuss ! :)

Have u seen the Cake decorated by sis and i ? :)

Presents !


Sign off !

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ice Cream Buffet

Had ice cream buffet with Qx'and Jap friends :) yummy !! :) Here's a Quick peek !Here's the menu... for the buffet ... the topping may seem alot of variety ... but there's a few missing... hmm ....

here is my creation! :) with waffles beneath... yum! My ice creams flavours are :
  1. Wild berry
  2. Strawberry
  3. Sticky chewy choc
  4. cookies and cream
  5. Vanilla ?? I forgotten
Anyway i wasn't that adventurous to try other wild flavours like lemonade, Sour sop (which is super sweet according to Qx ... )
Qx's while escapade !
  1. Sarsi
  2. soursop
  3. WHat else ?? i have no idea what weird flavour she added ... ( Ask Qx... )

As you notice each person can have 5 scoops of ice cream per serving you can add any toppings u like from your childhood cereal to a nutty concoction
there are variety of cakes and fondue as well.. however cannot expect too much ... the cheese cake are very cheesy it's alright for me cos i've tasted rich cheese cakes from hilton... (Fabulous !) however it's not to everyone's liking especially when you've eaten 5 scoops of ice cream you'll be screaming for help~CHop shop is my favourite ! cos i can create my very own flavour !! however .... the things i choose is as if i'm eating breakfast! lol not adventurous enough is suppose. :)
What i added inside:
  1. honey stars
  2. coco pops
  3. Almonds
  4. dried cran berries
  5. rainbow choc sprinklers
  6. with old fashion vanilla !
haha isnt it as if i'm eating breakfast ?? i enjoyed every moment of it.. !

Let's take a look around Swenson shall we?? :)
sofas for a comfortable enjoyment of ur ice cream ... YUm!
the counter for chop shop ...

Fondue fountain ... with the poor lady's hand ...
Rows of cakes... !

Honestly if there isnt one for one ... it is not really worth it ... cos what i show you it's what i've eaten and i'm already full!! So how can you eat your worth ??

Tip 1 : Bring a jacket to keep yourself warm
I forgoten to bring mine that day and was wearing sleeveless ... oh my... so it is best to keep urself warm while eating ice cream.... or else take a break ! eat Cakes after scoops of ice cream then continue !

Tip 2: Starve yourself!
not asking you to starve yourself for days ... lol ... but just to... keep your stomach empty to store more ice cream~ Sinful yes i know !

Tip 3: Stay there for as long as you can
IF u're too full .... take a break from eating rest and talk with ur friends !! to slowly digest before you go for another round

Tip 4: Drink as little water as possible !
Water fills your stomach really FAST !! so avoid drinking unless u're really dehydrated !

So overall, I've eaten my 1 for 1 worth normal price for the buffet is 18.90 ~~ !! imagine how many scoops must i eat before i get to that amount .... BOy it's really .. THAT sinful!

Sign Off!