Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yo guys !
I guess ya know now i am part of Hong Kah North PAYM !

As part of the family comes with responsibility to bring Singapore community together ~ Yes! I dont care if i get paid or not i am just concern with a better upbringing of myself and to others
Yeah sound patriotic but sometimes we all need to do something out of interest!
so Cheers to NEw Term of Hong Kah Cc Youth Club !
So what do we do ?
We organise events that bring community together to basically evoke harmony, to learn together and have fun !

As Publicist, I'm gonna take u all to a sneak peek on wawt i did and what is happening soon ~
First !! Retro Dnd ~ some of you might have hear about it in Facebook so come join us for a fun retro theme dinner ! Ticket available and hong kah north CC !!

The Poster !! :)

The invitation card ~~ :P
flip it and you can attach your boogie photo at the photo booth ~ !! hees

Sign off !!

First ! Celebration ! T is GONE !! wahaha

Yo guys !
Firstly i have no idea what to start postin on ~ just wanna start on a higher note ...
T or perhaps thomas is gone ~ lol ~ thanks for entertaining us ... but i guess we just prove our point that we girls are definitely not stupid... Yeah great that you have masters in Computer Science ... but if force we girls can ultilize every resource to track you down ~! and perhaps some juicy info i stumble upon ~ haha but since u're not here to disturb us any more ~ so i guess i'll keep my end of my bargain by not posting the ugly truth !

Cheers !
all the best
Sign Off Leila

Long time since i blog `

yo guys !
how many billion years since i blog ? Yes ! I change my skin again ! :) hees PEACE to all People ! anyway good news for LAikuan ~ i know you've been asking my for pictures of my sims 3 house u can find at my archive now at:
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
and take alook at the pictures!

Firstly ahem ! I dont pick this skin because of being hippie ( ahem ahem )
this sign is to remember to find my own inner peace :)
YES ! Libra are damn weak when it comes to scales for our feelings and mood if only i can achive inner peace :)

so Cheers to all !
I shall blog about what i miss out !

Sign off!
Leila !