Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Year 2010 in a Nut shell

Yo !
It's New Year Eve... and tomorrow will be a brand NEW YEar !! How fast is that ? wow .. time really flies !! 2010 was full of drama and implusiveness... Basically I can say 2010 was FRUITFUL ...
If I remember correctly ... Last Year, We set our resolution on the balloon and flew it up in the Air :D So here is my Resolution for 2010
  1. More Distinction
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Forget about the Past and Live to the fullest
  4. Global Adventure
Overall i think i attain them :D Distinction i set 10 .. but in the end i got 8 because ... there are two more modules exempted for me ... which mean stakes are higher to get my Weighrd average mark above 60

Lose weight YES !! I lost 3 kg instead of my goal of 5 kg but it's okay at least there are progress !! I am gg to keep up with regime ! wee !!

Forgeting Past doesnt mean throwing them away ... but to actually smile at the mistake i make instead of feeling regretful about it ... I manage to do that and I talk to myself every night to make sure I know my mistake and not to make them again ( This is strongly Practice on my birthday month haha strict i know )

Global adventure !! totally satisfied with my travel :) within this year , I manage to experience travelling with friends to taiwan , Bintan, Cruise and family time in Shanghai I Love travelling everytime i travel i broaden my view of the world and be less of a mountain tortoise

Throughout 2010 I have learn alot about friendship ... how vunerable it might be and how sometimes spending more time doesnt mean that you will be more intimate ... so now i believe in opening my mind to more personalities and be accepting to strong personality that can be conflicting to mine.
I have also learn to dedicate some time to myself and not to force myself too much in something i dont wanna do .
As For family , Mutual understanding is essential ... sometimes their opinion may hurt you more than others but they are still human, people still judge the book by its cover So it is important to portray the right image to everyone

Wow am I bragging ? hees just let me baske in my glory for a while :D
for the upcoming Resolution 2011 it's still gonna be jam pack because time is never enough .. hees I know there are alot of people wondering hey where did i get my money ... so many things i wanna attain .. this girl is pretty impulsive ... Yeah I agree but when i aim i work hard REALLY hard to get where i am ..

My 2011 Resolution
  1. Have more Cycling marathon
  2. Own a Road Bicycle
  3. Participate in a Marathon
  4. Attain my driving License
  5. Learn a New Language
  6. Sign up for dance lesson
  7. Live to the fullest !!
  8. Get a Job related to Marketing
  9. If Possible... TRAVELS
  10. In general for all I still hope that my laughter and time with whoever i spend with brightens their day :D
  11. Be true to myself
11 Resolution for 2011 :D I cant wait for the New begining what can the future year brings me obstacles , surprises ... etc

hee i knw i still have so many things to update ... but i have to work harder to get my road bicycle :D hopefully everything goes well

HaPpy New YEAr everyone !

Sign off !

Thursday, December 16, 2010

X mas is coming !

Yo guys!
am writing a post from the office ... shss!! lol very soon christmas will be here isnt it fast? the last time .. when i wrote my new year resolution on a balloon .... was just a blink away. to recall i think i more or less fulfilled my resolution for once... thou i dont think i lost 5 kg ... but 3 kg is sufficient for me.. :D tw and hk trip was a blast. and i am finally done with my degree... 8 distinction is short of 2 comparing to my aim of 10 but... cant be blame.. cos the last two modules are exempted ! :D i save my money hoho .. Next two year i am hoping to get a green light from my dad to study my masters... alot of people ask me about the money and if my daddy is paying for my masters ... erm no.. he's not... as for the money i think i'll save up when im working for two years ... the rest will figure out by itself .. i am not worried financially .. I sound like a rich brat but .. i believe that as long as you have the determination to do something .. nothing can stop you ... money can always be found some where in this world ... so ... I am excited whats coming in the future :D
Isnt this post about xmas ??? lol okay back to xmas ... I am making xmas gift to as many of my friends as possible ... how ever ... the first try is destroyed... you wan a sneak peek?? lol I bought this very special imported M and Ms for xmas! but .... i cant show it off! the M & Ms clearly cant go well with the taste of the chocolate cookie ... even when i ate it i am disgusted lol ! After that ... the cookie became soggy due to the ... royal icing ... so in the end i have to throw my whole day's effort away lol !! So Here is your xmas gift ... can see but cannot eat... lol
Am i frustrated ? nope! i guess it's just one of the set back that i have to face... haha Am i sad? nope ! at least i learn this time that icing cant go together with cookie ....
So now i need to find another solution ... may god bless me ... hahaha
ok gtg !
it wouldnt be nice if i get caught ... when i find a perfect solution ... i'll tell ya :P
Merry xmas !
sign off /!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's been such a long time since I blog again isn't it ?? Been either busy or lazy to blog lol .. Anyway this is an IOU post ... So many things to share ... Yet I have not pen them down for the moment ... Let's see ...
My shanghai trip with the family
Knight cycling with vl n ch
Cruise .. That happen just recently

Is that all ?? I remember there were several stuff happening .. Nvm it'll b out when I remember them ;P

See ya !!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ubin .... n Harry Potter

Selamat Hari haji to muslim friends !
lol ! during the day of public holiday , went to ubin :D look !
Isnt it beautiful ? I dont mind going there to paint and think about things ... :D hees... love the view :D
Watch Harry Potter already ... as usual the script is about the three musketeers ... lol
but i must say this hermoine is getting prettier ... and her acting skills are improving ! I am looking forward to more movies from her :D
Sign off !

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meant to be in bikini ??? lol

Yo !
After the Malaysian trip, Sunday was a Shopping day with Yh and Qy (hohoho) I simply love shopping... I was on a mission to shop for my monokini ... as stated in my list.. knowing the place has good service, we went to bella kini... :D i love to shop there the assistant gives the best advice wahaha... I tried on several monokini ...and the assistant verdict : you cant wear monokini ... you can only wear bikini or tankini .... stun -_-"'
anyway I am totally please with my purchase hees all three of us got something from there ...
I love you bella kini :D you made my day
now i shall stay home and save money hoho !
Sims 3 anyone ?
Sign off Leila


Yo !
Recently, I started talking to my sister about Friendship... out of curiosity i search... And this is from wikipedia that i copied and paste... lol ! I Know wikipedia is a open media not a wise media to reference from ... Why i copied this was simply simple , I too believe in this... but reality often say otherwise... so it's quite a pity.... Thus i ask how come my sister never get frustrated ? she simply answer perhaps she already knows this since secondary school and refuse to participate..
Friendship now ... is simply politics... you cant deny this ...either... lol ! recall this and i dare u tell me it NV happen to u before or u nv know about it ... some how it occurs especially in girls .... lol ! recall history of ur life... A girl doesnt like B girl both are ur friends so A girl tells u about something bad about B girl and tells u to "dont friend her" B girl tells you bad stuff about A girl and tell you not to friend her.... lol
Common ?? VERY somehow it occurs regardless of age just in a advance language... lol !
So... If friendship really consist of this... Then i guess i do not as many friends as i guess... lol ! Funny !


  • The tendency to desire what is best for the other
  • Sympathy and empathy
  • Honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to speak the truth, especially in terms of pointing out the perceived faults of one's counterpart
  • Mutual understanding and compassion
  • Trust in one another (able to express feelings - including in relation to the other's actions - without the fear of being judged); able to go to each other for emotional support
  • Positive reciprocity - a relationship is based on equal give and take between the two parties.
Sign off ! Leila

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Malaysia Trip ! 2010 Nov

Yo all ~
just came back from malaysia after so long ! i miss baby kit kit ! but he wasn't as friendly as before .. aww ~ Anyway a trip to malaysia With my stolen rabbit!! hees it's my sis cushion totally comfortable .. since I have .. the whole back seat to myself... i can lie down to sleep i guess this is the benefit of the only child lol ~ :P

For Lunch we ate Big prawn noodles at the shady dump that serve REALLY good noodles LOVE it ! and it's pretty dear for a ulu place ...

When we reach Sheraton imperial, their amenities are great ! they have internet kiosk ! :D hees this time we have a club level suite due to someone's late check out .. how lucky :D the room is very big thou they only have one room ... there is no need for extra bed cos i can slp at the sofa ! While bathing i was thinking about the bath room concept of having two showers, i think it is great for couples, because i dont have to snatch the shower with you neither do i have to wait and waste my time ... with such a hectic life in singapore this actually works ... romantic BUT practical..
Say HI to my sony cam ! that made it all work !

then we have to change for a charity dinner that my Aunt's community is hosting ... I guess the volunteering genes do run in us lol ! My mum performed voluntarily with a good cause of raising money for the needy children's education. She was a hit ! as a photographer , i took photos with my cam :S
Do you wanna see my family ?? heh ! wait until it's Chinese NEw YEar when everyone is Here !
But I'll Show u naughty jien jien ! :D

Breakfast at the club lounge was very intricate and healthy .. for the first time, I ate healthy for breakfast in the hotel if there is a buffet there always tend to be over eating ...due to my cough and sickness etc... I have to eat less chicken ... and cold stuff... lol

Come on let's take a look at .... Sheraton ... Look at the view ! :D

Three words to describe Sheraton ... Elegant, Minimalist, Getting a bit of Cu-bent style ... is it ? Ch ?? I kinda forgotten my theory ! please enlighten me hees !
Anyway my mum was collecting her tailor made singing clothes ! HERE IS SHOW GIRL LEILA lol !
haha cool ! :D i can learn flamingo dance soon ! After Lunch was slacking at Grand Aunty's place ... Was trying to please the toddler Yong Kit but he was so scared of strangers that he cried... once ... he even cried and hid under the table... -_-"' Naughty kit kit ... hees .... Other than that he's A REAL Wrecker ! He Stood on his mummy's I pad and disturb his daddy reading the news by pulling the papers off and stepping on it lol ! Naughty Naughty Naughty both brothers jien jien and kit kit are really stubborn ... if i only weren't sick am dying of kiss them both and sayang them lol ! Such darlings ... naughty darlings I am looking forward to my weekend job of bringing jien jien around Singapore on 11Dec !! hees

Okay ! sign off Gotta head off to eat my MEdication !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Trip to Shanghai

Yo !
I know it's been a really long time since i went to shanghai but hey I still have to share about my experience ! hees my dad has been planning to go Shanghai for quite some time... firstly to celebrate as a family on my parent's 30th wedding anniversary and secondly my dad wanted to go to EXPo to check it out,... although there were many people advising us not to ... yet sometimes there are things u have to just go and check it out urself and perhaps nag later? heh !
So we took part ... in ASA gourmet tour... the food during the tour was ALOT ... and REALLY oily ...once we had eggplant soak in oil ! haha scary ! imagine what an ordinary tour ... has.. hmm !
Once touch down we had a light snack in this China's fast food joint ... it's like eating maggi except the noodle is mee sua... lol but hey ! the graphic is cute... and relate-able ... bruce LEe who wouldnt be attracted to him ? lol !

Then we sat on the maglev... Fun it's high speed i do have a thing for fast vehicle... built for it .. not ... those modified ones. .. are wanna bes... lol

We went to the PEarl of the orient ... tower for an exhibit and buffet ... honestly the buffet is ... horrible.. firstly, the buffet is feeding EXTREMELY hungry ppl ... when i look at my plates and those of the china ppl where it's as high as mountain ... I start to think ... did i take that little... ?lol! The buffet restaurant is a Vision in PINK ! lovely heh

Looking at the view down there is spectacular i feel like FLYING !! hees
and hey i didnt know my mum has fear or heights or fear of falling too ! I am growing like my mum arent i ?? -_-"'

After a Few hours ride in the bus ... SLPING .... we went to this place to watch the rain dance .... since our first and second day is coincide with China's public holiday ... the CROWD is terrible ! we cant squeeze through them and watch ... :(
second day ... we went to to several places to ... experience china's architecture and art ... :D

there was this exhibit that shows ... China's famous wood sculptures ! :D and my perverted daddy loves the vase with naked ladies but it is BEAUTIFUL!

went to the temple at hang zhou after that performance !
everyone is nicely seated with clappers for each spectators... BUT it's extremely sticky so i didnt used mine... The performance are exhilarating the skills and grace of China ppl are spectacular...

Check in to our hotel... 3 siblings shares a room so it's pretty inconvenient when... the bath room is made of GLASS !! with this alone i get so paranoid !! AH!!! lol i got so paranoid that i didnt allow my brother to walk around while i bath ! and it frustrates him lol !

The room is beautiful but... i'm not here with my husband or anything to feel romantic lol so a nice atmosphere becomes an inconvenience...

3rd day we went to explore hang zhou famous garden ! beautiful flowers fresh air ! just what singaporeans needs

we ate dong po rou and tasted long jin cha ... :) dong po rou nothing i ever taste in singapore !! very delicious ! too bad each tourist only have one ~

After that we head for suzhou ! by the time we reached ... it was already night time and it wasn't as camera friendly .. we sat in small little boat.. inside a su zhou resident home..

We ate our dinner at Singapore Business park in Suzhou ... then took a look at the night scene ..

Lights off!! fortunately no glass bathroom ... lol

Needless to say their craft and antiques are spectacular ... Singaporeans should perhaps learn more skills to be like them too ! that is one thing gov should encourage besides theoretical education.
Then we headed to Nanjing ... upon arriving we have to go to the nanjing massacre museum to pay respect to the victims and learn the history how WW2 has place an impact on China citizens. At first i was abit nervous about seeing skeletons.. I have been looking at shows Gross shows but looking at the real thing... hmm ... So i just told myself it's just part of life I don't have to fear it ... although it is sad that so many people are victimize we must move on from our past..
Along the trail... they have eerie background music i have no idea if they wanna spook us ? or rather they want us to take things seriously.. the atmosphere inside were colder than the outside. But i'm glad i stuck through the trail without breaking down what so ever.

A moment of silence for the 3o,000 victims...

okay silence done !
Moving on Nanjing Long bridge where the famous artist who paints inner artwork resides ... and where China's First high tech bridge purely built by china citizens !

We went to a place with alot of temples ... I have no idea what do you call that ! Big Buddha !

the place is REALLY beautiful more breath taking than HK ... :D hees there is this place where ... those who are involve meet to have meeting in regards to scriptures !
Royal ...

What else ?? where else did we go ? I think we went to see ceramic tea pot...

Next we went to ... Wu xi village.. High class village ! we have this tien xia di yi guo !! YUMMY !! hees and it looks beautiful !

Then SHANGHAI !! woo hoo ! shopping ! honestly i didnt shop much lol ! I have plenty of money left at hand ... that's the benefit of going overseas with families.. you dont spend much...
At Nan Xiang Xiao long bao ... the skin abit too think for my preferance but the broth is heavenly :D

Performance again ! lol ! :P we have too many performance overtime i felt that all china citizens have the same skills... Sorry to say,.. that

EXPO day ! woo hoo! basically expo is more of architectural expo rather than the content inside letting you experience the country in each ... cause inside to me ... it's like a marketing scam.. promoting their products made in their country... -_-"' I enjoyed looking at the building more than the inside .. in addition the queue was so long we didnt really go to the good ones... nvm next country.. KOREA expo !

Last day we went to shop ... til night... my brother has the biggest loot while the girls have none... amazing :D hees didnt get to go to the lomo shop ... because it's not within the premise and my dad didnt want me to cab there alone :( so it's a pity ..

Overall I enjoyed the trip even though my mum constant nagging about china and their culture does ticks me off... I mean if you come to other country... we need to keep an open mind and absorb their culture instead of criticizing ... Expo was also a little let down... due to the experience inside ... and the food ... OILY lol now i feel Singapore is healthy lol ! I love Shanghai's building old and authentic .. plus china has really good city scape lighting without making ppl feeling hot ! spectacular ! ION can learn from them where they can utilize electricity properly .. lol ..
I Will still go to other parts of China despite of being a developing country ... I wanna experience the country side of china ... even though toilet might be a problem .. lol ! There i bought a shoe, a skinny jeans, 5 seasons of How i met your mother , and juicy couture slippers... did i buy anything else ... LOTS of SOUVENIRS ! lol
okay ! sign off !