Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love is in the air

Yo guys !
This chinese New year Love is definitely in the air(ps: I LOVE this rose picture taken by muah! lol !! roses are so pretty ~ i'm a white rose person honestly i dun mind pink with white edges cos it adds a dash of romance to purity ... so may i name this pure romance ?? :) sry ... fantasizing ~ lol ! i wonder if my mum will receive a BIG bouquet this time ?? :) envy envy ~ )

OK back to my pineapple tarts

After a day of hard work with my sister,
We finally finalise the design of our pineapple tarts :)
our Very own heart shape pineapple tarts
Believe me we tried almost every type b4 we started mass producing ~
we tried exposed , half covered my dad's 3D cone heart shape double hearts and all and finally we finalize with this
How ? what do you think ?
Totally covered pineapple tarts are always the tastiest as it seals in the pineapple juices (filling)
and the short crust crumbles as you eat so i always do covered pineapple tarts thou it is alot more work ~ and more capital ( crust = capital )

But if it does not taste good i will not sell ~ :)
it's been many years since i start selling pineapple tarts again
Since my secondary school ?
lol ! my whole family participate but i think since everyone is pretty much busy now think the work load will be shared with my sis or alone~

This is my blog... so even thou there is promotion for my pineapple tarts i cant help to make it more personal by adding my thoughts ! otherwise why read them ? :) Each batch of pineapple tarts will be bake on weekends so it will be wise to order them by fridays
Here are the prices :

Small box-the one with pink ribbon (20pcs) 10 SGD

Big box- the one with red ribbon (35pcs) 16 SGD

Buy 5 boxes and get 10% off

These prices are the best price

all are price friendly

All the packaging are standard ... unless u want an addition of a bouquet roses please contact me... i can cooperate with the florist to give you the BEST price i can find :)
nothing with spelling romance with a twist !

Order now ! Last orders are at 5th FEb 2010 by 12 am !
To order please contact me via facebook, sms , email or perhaps Tag here !
Since i have no POSB acc to transfer to, i would prefer cash only

Ps: pictures are not edited what you see is what you get :)

Lastly i wanna wish all my friends here happy Chinese new year ! and happy Valentines' day !!

tata !
Leila ~

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stressed up~

Yo guys !
Kinda busy lately :( haven't got a proper slp, packed with work and exams... Honestly having four modules ain't easy.. Nearly cried right in front of my group mates and teacher ... But I held back my tears cos it's one of my new year resolution to cry less wow pretty hard to keep .. Stressed out.. Tired til gastric pain not tat I haven't been eatin in fact I have~ guess it might b caused by my nerves ... Sometimes I ask if god can help ease my burden.. But it's my own burden to carry in order to be strong I guess it's was nv a choice in the first place lol!!! Gees...we'll see where is our limit alright? Btw I'm gonna sell my pineapple tarts soon :) excited :) hope sales will be good hees huat ah~!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first blog entry via iPhone

Yo guys my 1st post via iPhone finally fig out how lol hmm .. Busy. + chaotic lately lol... Firstly I did a stupid thing by spoiling my screen protector 4 my iPhone now~ work not done freaking tired. pray I can reach sch in time to chiong two proj ... Urgh ..,wat a week huh? worst of all my schedule are tightly pack .. When I mean tight I meant full~ guess I bit more than I can chew huh?? On a brighter note if I can handle these means my time management will improve ~ which is good~ woo... I just pray everything will fall in place b4 I break down n cry again.. I am tryin to be strong or rather, I want to be strong then only ppl close to me can depend on me~. And in turn ... Mun yeng can rely on Leila once in a while cos mun yeng is pretty weak at times( gosh I sound like I hv split personality) hmm grandpa is in n out of hospital :( now I realise e vunerability of life.. I wanna seize every moment and pray at least they can see one more foo to graduate with a degree or master .. If only god will give me a chance to~ I wanna make my relative really proud of me :)
To all : jia you!! guys pls do nt b demoralize by my post only spilling my guts out to u guys while I can really do my work in mrt for Now~ wordy post I know. Wait til after my test and all will post with lots of pictures alright?? Then u see how chubby I become lol

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

so many things no picture

Yo guys !
Happy New YEar !! there are so many things i wanna post my new year post .. my gala post no picture thou cost i dozen of pics but there are no card reader ... usually i use my sony laptop to import my pictures fast ... YES i know there is cable but ..... i lost it... YEah so need to spend more $$ now ... cross my finger i have more money coming in to get those things tick off !!
WEll it's gonna busy busy busy month project submission ... test ... class ooo !!
Til i get a card reader there wont be any post at the moment hees

Leila !