Monday, March 15, 2010

My New Camera !!

Yo !!
I finally bought my camera !! actually i was hesitating to buy or not to cause my darling white camera is still doing fine.... but after looking at my results what the hell... i'm gonna buy the camera to celebrate my results !!! what an expensive buy right? hees !
say welcome to my camera !!! lol what name to give ??? rosy ?? haa :P anyway
say hi to my camera!
That's my ugly doodling hees !! it's wat i love to do when i'm happy or sad or angry i doodle ... ;)
Buying and waiting ... for my new purchase :P
and this is Chris who had been so patient with me ... with my constant disturbing ... everytime when i drop by Sony i will always ask ... where did u buy ur contacts lol... Very nice contacts he have lol !

Panorama mode lol ! testin testing .... can u spot me ??? I was distorted because i was walking while they are taking this ... lol

This is Fiance ... lol she is walking slowly but she missing all the way ~~ Why ?? lol !! Ghostly ...

Think everyone loves the panorama feature to create ghostly pictures ... this is what get...

all time winner , Fiance !! lol !! tell me honestly who can do double expression ... one sad one happy ... i cant do that man !!! lol !!
lol another winner is VL new hair do !! woo hoo !! so stylist !! hhaha vl u should really think of this gothic get up ~ lol !!
This is me and honestly i dont think this has anything to do with the camera feature ... it's just me distorting my own face lol !!

The BIG reason why i bought Sony Tx 7 was the new Panorama features ... i cant convince u by words ... i can show you why :P

I know for some reason sony cam sucks lol ! but i love my white sony cam so far after 2.5 years ... so ... i dont mind having another ! so now i have two cams !! lol !! :P is another coming soon ?? lol i'm like a cam fanatic ... i just love pictures of landscape and architecture ~

Dont u think the photos give justification to ION's crazy use of lights ? lol !! it creates beautiful pictures... look at the structure... only panorama can do this ...

good perspectives too ! see !! :)

These pictures are tea and dim sum with my family before my daddy flies to dubai for work. ... Jia you wor !! he'll be overseas most of the time this i guess ... lol !!

Overall i'm happy with my purchase ... my bro says i'm pretty obsess with it lol !
I can't help it !

Tata !

Finally "Blinged" my phone

yo ~
After a short week holidays ... i finally say " ok i need to do some craft work to get in touch with my artistic side cos i've neglect them long enough" went to buy the blings .. expensive i must say lol !
Hmm ....
Took around 2-3 days ... was actually thinking of using peace as my element... but !!! I cant use my peace pendant bought at jewelry store ... lol !! sad so i was thinking of patterns .... can u see that it's actually heart shape i'm going for ?? hees
This is my work done after 3 hours ... lol !!

after around 8 hours or so ...
The second day of work !!
YES Finally !! hahaha
here's a app from my phone :) i love this app thou it takes very long to load them lol !!

thou i'm not very satisfied with the work done .... at least i got what i have been wanting to do :)

Tata !

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Trip to Sentosa !!

Yo guys !
had my outing with uni friends FINALLY i have been out with them for a semester already !! lol so sorry guys !! :) well i had a fantastic outing with them we had a "tourist" outing... cos this is what we've decided to pretend to be tourist!! anyway Aziemah was with us at first but she had food poisoning so she has to go home ... otherwise it'll be another ton of great fun ! hees !!
poor aziemah :) take care alright ?

Cheers with Yakult to start our outing !!

Touristy enough ?? :)

We went to cinemax and desperado first it was a pretty quick ride ... and quite expensive ...
ok do i look like a psycho killer ??

then it was luge ride !! LOVE it :) i love speed! :P then we went to the beach to visit some classmates of theirs we ate ice cream on our way freaking expensive !! 2.50 sgd for one ..

yeah jumping shots arent we all fans !

The emo picture thou xx is not really looking emo lol !
Givany and i :)

Sentosa everything is expensive.... honestly i'm quite a loner in school if i were to compare no. of friends in uni with theirs lol !! but i'm happy with my uni friends :) and PS: I miss Rayvan !!
RAYVAN when can i see u ??

ok continue... sky ride was relaxing ...

Then it was images of singapore ... ! we had alot of wacky pictures :) hees but i'm unable to post them cause my friend have not upload them on facebook it was like a play ground in there we played with almost everything !

We went to Chillies for dinner but the dinner was unsatisfactory ... imagine ... after waiting for so long givany's chicken was not cook through ! and she ate quite alot already ... in the end the manager waive our whole bill poor givany hmm ....
okay that's it
make sure the next visit is universal studio !!
tata ! leila

Friday, March 5, 2010

I guess i just like bitchy shows So WHAT

Yo guys !
Holidays are almost over after the weekend then it's SCHOOL again ! fast huh ? another four modules for the semester and then Taiwan trip !! bloody excited ! :P anyway catching up on my american drama ... yeah ... outgrown korean drama cos they are always tri-angle love relationship or four person relationship or something that involve marital contract ~ not fresh any more... now... i'm into more bitchy american drama :P ahem ! caught up on ugly betty season 4 ! kinda like it still but its getting a bit boring ... and now 90210 !! ADORE their fashion sense ! especially silver! Jessica Stroup totally Dig her style !! and suddenly it dawn on me that i wanna be a part of a project ... TADA !!!

Dont you think she's got the style ? totally adore her style ! and plus her name ... special !! Silver... silver at least it sounds classier than gold !! although gold is more expensive... lol !!
hmm looking at the necklace i think this can be done by myself isnt it ? it cost over 200 usd for this necklace man i might as well do it by hand ! :P

hees wish me luck and TIME !

Tata !

Monday, March 1, 2010

OOO !! long time no post :P hees

YO guys ! finally updating my blog ! :P
hees first happy belate CNY !
as usual went back to malaysia to celebrate ... But this time there is baby to play with ! everyone, meet baby yong kit ! :)

And his brother Yong Jien !
Both equally cute :P


we all rented or charter a vehicle selling lok lok !! :P
VERY cool its like steam boat u can dip the stuff in the soup or grill or fry ... grilling and frying are all done by professionals
honestly i am too full to cramp in all the food in my tummy !

My Niece and I :) and i love my long dress :)

Look it's a whole truck ! looks like its..... only available in msia

There are trays and trays or goodies!! all different ! great is that ? u dont even have to prepare anything !
However it can be rather hot with all the smoke and all outside oh well good food requires sacrifice isnt it ?

Then ... it's mahjong time ! i played mj with 3 players malaysian style ! pretty easy to win pretty easy to lose BIG !
The next day we paid visit to my mother's side relative... as usual i have no idea who's auntie and who's the husband and who's uncle and his wife.. imagine a house full of think over 10 uncle and aunties !
no photos thou ~ then it's baby playing time ~
this trip is all about baby playing and .... Mahjong ! hees
My pretty
picture see I know how to snap a good pictures of babies ! :P

PS: i didnt study for my exam the whole trip ...
Tata, Leila