Sunday, May 30, 2010

No news

Project is almost due ... But ... No news from my group mates I wonder why ... Oh my ... I'm pretty worried bout the progress addition , I'm darn excited bout our trip !!! Really I can't wait !! Even though we might argue on where to go and what time to wake I guess it'll be diminish since it's our first time travelling together ... Although I might curse n swear on curbing my shopping money and I'm trying my best to save as much as possible ... I think it'll be all worth it in the end ....
Well well ... As ppl say u can't taste the sweetness of victory withou gg through hardship ... And hardship is approaching exams are fast approaching soon !! Everyone , gambatte !!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lol sian

Ya ... I know it's been such a long time since my last post ... Just finish my marketing law test ... Honestly I think I might b able to pass it ... Hopefully ... look behind me so many ppl flipping their notes ... And I'm wondering y I nv try to lol !! Anyway ... Heck lo ... I am honest n the grade will b based on wat I remember Wahaha !!!but I kinda feel weird now staying outside the class like I'm being punished lol !!! Guess wat !? Project super peak period ... I should b working hard but I'm not ... Hmm ... Should some one punish me ..?? Haa ... And I just got fired again !! Hmm Just wanna wish the kids luck !! 2 little kids left lol eee my handsome guy is ard the corner :$ hees it's rare I'm looking at guys for once so it just prove I'm not a lesbiant Huh ?

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