Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hong Kong Taiwan Trip Part two !

Yo all
Let's continue on our trip ya ?? :P On to our the third day of the trip... After the day tour our legs are getting a bit suan..we ate our breakfast and head our way to taipei 101 ~ we sat on the bus towards central .. its was really clean i guess because it was a weekday there was ample of seats. the trip was quick! By the time we've reach Taipei 101 the sky was really gloomy and it started drizzling. so the photo was real quick and we started walking to Hello Kitty Sweets ~
It was a really long walk in the rain again ... half way through YH fell and was injured...thus in the midst we went to a store like watson ... bought shiseido line of conditioner for damage hair and a lavender oil blot paper. in the store, Qx realized she forgotten to bring her money... lol ~ ( -_-"')

when we finally reach hello kitty sweets it was already lunch time thus we had lunch there.. Since i love the decoration of their cakes there i opt for cakes instead of main course... what can i say ?? lol ! i'm a cake FREAK :P hees ... i love the decoration the cake was not as bad as it was written on blog and the main course was pretty delicious :D overall the lunch was satisfactory :) and we took alot of pictures ~

during the meal YH cant find her luggage keys or dunno what keys .... she was panicking and ransacking her whole bag ... she was really worried that it might have dropped on our way here .... so qx, yh, by and i headed back to the hotel to find the stuffs... along the way Yh was really beginning to panick ... when we reach her hotel room it was right on top of the tv ~ lol ! she's so lucky that the ppl in the hotel are honest ppl ~ they can always pry the luggage open ... its all a relieve.. qx got her money and yh got her keys but my headache was starting so we rest a while , while the rest dine at ding tai fung .... then we went to ask the hotel about currency exchange .... and the bank was closing in 30 mins time !!! we ran to the nearest bank down the road from our hotel ... once we reach taipei bank , they asked us for our passport and we all didnt have ours !! By and Qx ran back to the hotel again while yh and i stall them for more time ! by the time we are done with exchanging money we were too lazy to find a train station ... so we took cab again lol ! we reach xi men ding's anime house which is Yh's heaven ... so qx and i act as her devil advocate to try to stop her from spending too much ~ in the 30 mins .... i was getting urgent so By and i went to find a toilet while qx and yh shop at anime house ... we were told to go to a macdonald to find a toilet... but we saw this HUGE party wrold building and we ran in the ran across the road to go check it out... i still remember By exclaimed that i am crazy lol ! finally relieved myself. By and i went to enquire on the charges ... but HEY with such a hotel environment ... paying about 19 dollars or so is WORTH IT ! we left with the pricing... Qx and i then discuss our plan to celebrate By early bday by SINGING ! finally 1 hour passed and Yh has 1 basket of stuff for us to filter ... when she was running through her basket of stuff .... almost all were limited ed and she refuse to let go .... -_-"' manage to cut down around 3 of the stuff then FINALLY they went to pay while we wait for the rest to rejoin us ... from what i hear they were lost... by the time they rejoin us we decided to split into 2 for EASY shopping ... hees we partnered with our slping buddy ... karin and i went around clothing shops but apparently it's almost the same as those in shi lin ... alot of repetition... then QX called and ask if we wanna eat smelly tou fu ... keeping to my promise to fiance, we head down to meet Qx at watson... but apparently...there were so many watson there and we went to a wrong one.. Qx directed us where she is but we walked in the wrong direction although all the shops we passed were exactly wat they saw ... it was wrong ... and fiance's feet is sore... FINALLY manage to meet them ... By choose his long awaited wallet... ;) poor By has to go to alot of shops we girls go to and he didnt really buy alot so the purchased of his wallet really cheered him alot ! then we sat and ate our smelly toufu ~ not bad !! i kinda like it as compared to the sireh or bing lang we ate previously this is SO MUCH better !!! After that we went to see the bag that BY and Qx was talking about ... on our way , we saw this UFO machine that has Cute pink panters ! this were all caught easily cause Qx already knew the trick ! :D while BY was trying SO HARD to catch the DOMO .... which almost half of the funds went into that machine ... -_-"' well good try thou bee yong ! hahaha

Then... we went to the Bag store with this Shop assistant with attitude ... we bought QUITE alot of bag there wor ! but still ... SHE REALLY LOOK PISSED !! lol ! I have no idea ~ I guess she the angriest sales person i've met in Taiwan ... haha On our way back i saw this grey top that caught my eye walked in and soon we all made friends with the sales assistants ... :D they all were all so friendly .. we even took pictures with them ! thou the lady was already 30's ??? or is it late 20s?? she look so young ! the shortest one... i guess petite ppl will always look younger huh ??? hees good for ya Qx!!! :D Next time u can look like my daughter hees :P
After that we proceed over to toilet bowl restaurant ... we were running pretty late but we saw this i LOVE TW shirt and we all were like on ah on ah ~ the rest we leave it to Bee yong to talk to the auntie ... while i was sitting down bcos of my headache or stomachache overall wasnt feeling well either .. lol ! we bought the shirt and head over.... when we reach the restaurant, the service were not good as well ~ apparently they were closing soon but !! we have no idea where the rest was ... and it was really critical that we should order soon ~ We call and call the rest and i can really hear the frustration on the phone... in addition of the phone, BY and Karin were venting their frustration on their hunger... -_-"' stun ~ so everything plus headache it wasnt a really good feeling lol ! after ordering , FINALLY the rest are here.... MEl look weak , Yh look angry ... QY look TIred ~ and VL look sick hahaha no idea ! i cant test my memory ... so if anything is wrong, just Put at my chat box ~ but the high light is..... Mel's cause of diarrhea lol ! it caused by their cheap hair wash... lol !! FUNNY !! got sick for nothing i must say ... so have to take care of all the sickos ! lol .... the food verdict... horrible ... haha ! if there are no special decoration i will never go back there again ... so imagine that .

Then it was Yh and my mission to surprise Bee Yong and get him a cake ~ while ....the rest head on to party world. WE went over to the friendly shop and i asked her where is the nearest cake shop at SUCH a late night !! she pointed near party world there is one ... :D so before we head over yh and i shop cos since it was already the last night ...I bought two white tops ! but guess what ? one of it has a big hole and it's thrown away already ... -_-"' cheap stuff... sometime cant be trusted... then we headed over with Yh's pain feet BY are u touched ?? hees the cake is really cheap cost about 10 sgd with shaped candles
;0 so nice
Then we went over to K .... !! mel ask me to pick a song but i just told them standard qx knows wat song... and it turns out to be phantom of opera -_-"' that is not my standard song !! Anyway being sporting i sang the song ~ :P JEY QX sabo me ! :P
As we Sing on.... everyone is getting tired ... soon i can see quite a few ppl sleeping ... hees funny... then it was time to bring out the cake... went out to the counter to take and light the candle but in the midst of trying HARD to put the candle on the stand, i broke the 2 ... lol !! omg !! i was really freaking out trying to fix the 2 ... tried to melt the candle.. apparently it's not make of wax but solid fuel .. so attempt FAIL !! so in the end we use stapler ~ haha ! So presented the cake to mr NEo ~ hees i think he was happy ~

SAng til about 3 am ! took a cab and SPEED back ! haha SHIOK !
What time did we wake up ?? 8?? anyway everyone look so tired !

Tata !
Sign off Leila !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To my Secondary School Friends

Yo all
It's been a Long time isnt it ? :D anyway came back from my trip not long ago ~ honestly it's fun ... but when it's tiring it's VERY TIRING ~ ... lol ~ First Wanna Emphasize so
mething to all Happy 10 year anniversary to all my Sec sch friends those ... who i knew only later than sec 1 ~ nah it's okay i know u by FACE :P and that counts too :D I am glad to know ya guys thou sometimes our differences may show... but i guess we all have some similarity left ... ( we all are lack of water ... lol !! those who went to TW may get it ) Despite
our differences in our characters and goals ... we persevere and remind ourselves every time we are angry
or short tempered the time we went through in secondary school good times bad times ! After 10 years Some of us are graduating and some of us just Graduated ! Congrats to all ! :D

Okay now to the Trip !! no occasion to the trip lets just say a celebration of knowing each other? lol ! The first day ... i guess we all were so excited some of us didn't sleep .... but not Yan Hui and I HOHOHO !! I thought my excitement will be unbearable... unexpectedly, I have no reaction... I have no idea why... Slept like a pig ! hees for my snoring description according to Yan Hui it was high pitch ! Stun... Was suppose to meet at Karin house at 6 ?? or so... Cos i left my jacket at Yan Hui's house so gotta turn back ! Sorry for the wait guys ! We ate Mac B
reakfast after check in ...
Thanks to Uncle Kek's Treat :D

Qy was pretty ken chiong .. speed walk to terminal ... and after running at the last day i FINALLY understand why we need to rush ! lol

Had window seat ... sat with qy and qx ! played cards while watching percy jackson ! :D not a very good show thou ! hees

Transition of HK to TW was quite rush.... and lost ! The queue was SUPER long to scan our bags ...

All excited ... and abit disappointed due to the rain at the very first day ! the hotel room was spacious and comfortable worth our every penny !

Went to Rao He Night Market to get some snack ... we walked from our hotel to the night market as we were told that is walkable distance and since we have sat such long hours in the plane it wouldn't hurt to walk more ;) hees ...

on our way Mr Neo paid for the Big Fried Chicken Steak in my opinion not bad ... but a little salty ... 8 of shared one chicken ... imagine that.. basically we shared everything from snacks to rice to drinks ! (welcome to the brotherhood people! ) we share saliva ! (VL will have difficulty then hees )

Finally reached Rao He Night market...
We ate:
Big sausage wrap small sausage taste very STRONG garlic taste.
Cute little cakes in various shapes
Little potatoes (Nice~ )
Fried Golden mushroom
Candied Strawberries (which dirtied my white top Actually it's my mom's! OPPS!)
Nice Coffee!!
What else ???

If there are only these no wonder we are hungry at the end of the day !!

then we speed to Wu fen Pu before they close ...On our way there it rained heavier and Fiance's Sole came off! Have to tear it so that she's able to walk properly !~ When reach Wu Fen Pu our feets were wet.... and some of us there, we unleash our SHOP-AHOLIC ways !! okay to me that is ... Bought many apparels ... bought a few for my mum (I make sure it's BLINGED cause my mum love BLINGS ) and a bag pack! at 450 tw dollar... have to thank Bee Yong for Cutting price ! He's REALLY an EXPERT with Aunties and ladies ;) by the time we finished shopping, it was almost 10 or 11pm ? I forgotten but it was getting really late, legs and feet were sore...

Walked back to Rao He Night Market to buy shoe as Yan hui's feet are breaking and to take away some food so we can eat in the hotel... :D Now that i think of it , no wonder we were hungry cos there isnt proper meal. For me ... it was sufficient cause i eat very little at night. On our way back we took some photos of this magnificent temple and Raohe opening.

This is the woman who paints the shoes we all bought :D

Wasn't suppose to spend any more money but as i found Yan Hui waiting for her shoe to be painted, I tried the shoe and it was so comfortable !! So i bought 1 with roses painted on it .. ;) the cost is about 600 tw dollar? Gradually, almost everyone bought the hand painted shoe.. so i guess they were aesthetic to receive so many sales ??? lol ! By the time we are done shopping for shoes and food back at Rao He night market we REALLY TIRED ! we cab back home... honestly the cab back home was VERY cheap i LOVE TW cheap cab fare cheap mid night charge ! Why Singapore have to increase their price so much?? Such a night friendly place tw is ..
Back in our hotel room we gathered to discuss about pooling money. Before the trip we were debating if the pooling of money is fair and convenient for all i know we were suppose to settle on partial pooling, looking at the way the night went ... full pooling was still more feasible to us.
THUS the full pooling ! Fiancé and I were crazy about beef maggi mee soup was very flavorful and their giant vitagen , not bad at all !

Day 2
we woke up really early ... but there were still insufficient time to finish our breakfast... poor tour guide has to wait for us ... and so the rest of the tourist who join us on the same tour. The tour guide has a VERY special name ... in Han yu pin Ying is Yang Tao Sheng ... Nick name is Yang Tao ! lol ! Special right ?... named after a fruit ...

We went to several places:
  1. Taiwan Democracy memorial hall
  2. Pi Xiu Art & Craft centre
  3. Mao Princess Aboroginal product
  4. Chiu Fen Martyr' Shrine
  5. YehLiu
  6. Shamao Hot spring and Spa
  7. Shilin Night Market
The Peach (tour guide) planned out the whole routine so as to avoid the rain.. Thus we headed to Chiu Fen Martyr Shrine first ... to catch the morning ceremony the national security does to change their shift. Went down but we were TOO BUSY taking photo ... by the time we were done taking photo, Qy and I ran up the flight of stairs to catch the whole ceremony I was panting of course!

When the ceremony was done ... we all waited for peach poor tour guide seem pretty lost finding everyone while we waited in the scorching sun... i guess that was one their professional glitches. lol ! Peach then led us to an exhibition area but i was too lazy to explore so a couple of us just sat and drink packet drinks instead.

We then head on to the pastry shop which was just across the road. While waiting to cross the road, we saw a open top vehicle driving politicians to gather votes. i guess we wont be seeing much of those in singapore cause they rather do it straight at your door step.. lol !

When we reach the pastry shop the sales man aged 40 plus was promoting several of the products... while hungry mel walked around looking at the products with a bit disinterest... lol ~ in my opinion the sales man was so enthusiastic that he praises every product ... and i think it's a bit more puffery ... than promoting... hmm ~ so i express my disinterest with some sarcasm. FINALLY it's time to shop ! The same sales man kept on putting products into my basket and it's alot!! it was getting into my nerve but i dont wanna be rude in their home country so every time he places things in our basket, i place it back into the shelves... abit unethical ... -_-"' the products i bought are basically those that contain less sugar cause my relatives are getting on their age so i have to think about their consumption and health ~

Next we headed to Yehliu ! It was SUPER sunny ! and the scenery was fantastic! even though we applied sun block we used our umbrella to protect our skin ... we were so lucky that we were minutes away from the china tourist crowds otherwise the things will be sticky ... ahem ! I think the Queen's head stone is very elegant... :D hees went to the souvenir shop to pick some souvenirs to my disappointment it wasnt as nice... end up buying a rain coat instead in case it rained like yesterday.

We head back to the bus we were already few minutes late OOPS ! on our way to the next stop, the tour guide suggest we would try Bing Lang ( Sireh ) sold by sexy ladies who offer extra service and thrill to guys lol... the way peach describe the girls i thought they would be fantastic and i would be inferior... As she came onboard our bus i was thinking Nah ~! I am fine with the way i look ;) hees but the lady really know how to tease guys ;) hees .. bee yong took a picture with her but he seemed awkward lol ! Qx at least u know he don't go for this kind of girls tsk tsk u can rest in peace. Bing Lang taste horrible i have no idea how else can i describe the taste but .... it nearly choke me. I'll definitely avoid trying it again.

Next we went to Jiu fen Old Street to have our lunch by that time everyone was famished but peach wanted to take us to a CHEAPER stall to buy the food stuff... all i bought was mochi and the pork cracker. we started our lunch with beef noodle while yan hui went to shop for souvenirs for her sis... by that time i think Qx is already unwell... then we were like rushing those who finish eating went on to another and another... like a relay ... ( FUN ) the last stop we were lost we wanted to find ru rou fan but we didn't see any ... In the end it was at the shop where we bought the fish balls... -_-"' by that time Qx stomach was already unbearable... qx was already hunching her back as she walk. hmm in the end she sat at the corner near the toilet with bee yong guarding her. before we went to the meeting place at 7eleven, we bought cute herbal/ flower tea in cute bottles that looks like a baby bottle for 50 twd ! very cheap i must say the quality of the bottle is pretty good ~ then we waited for peach to come meet us so that we can tell him that the other two tourist, qx and by is nearby waiting as well. the tour guide seem very concern for qx, he kept asking her if she can persevere til the next toilet at the petrol station or so.. even though qx was wearing her sunglasses i can tell she was in a VERY pain situation. board the bus everyone fumbled espeacially bee yong , Qy and Yh to make Qx more comfortable. The tour guide volunteers to give qiao xuan a therapeutic massage for qx to let all the air out ... immediately after the massage we finally see a smile on Qx face and she fell aslp after that .

By the time we reach Taiwan Democracy memorial hall, Qx was already looking for toilet to detox ( a nicer way to say poo poo :P ) i think she feels much better after that ... ( dont u ? ) the ceremony involves neatly uniformed soldiers performing their march to change the shift to guard the gates. At the Matyr Shrine i didnt notice how tall they are until now ... they were very tall Taiwanese ... at least half a head taller than bee yong so imagine that. Mel told me that she finds the ceremony funny in a way ... yeah i agree to a certain extent but i guess it's their way changing shift that we will not understand ... the same way ang mohs will not understand why we love to eat durians so much..

next stop was the Pi Xiu Art & Craft centre... at the back of my heads i was thinking: " oh great ! those time of tourist scam again like those in korea" but to our surprise ... almost all of us bought the jade pi xiu ! with exception of qx cause her luck was fairly good and yh cause she bought hers the other time. During the talk i felt vl's palm slap my shoulder cos of a mosquito... lol ! i was just kidding on avoiding u ... at that time i was actually on automatic mode as well cause i was tired and skeptical of the whole talk. during the one on one consultation, they display great accuracy so much that we were all convince... we nodded our head so many times in agreement to our friend's reading... you know what's my reading ??? Stubborn stubborn stubborn.... (3 stubbornness) in stubbornly i was denying in my head yeah im stubborn but not that stubborn but after the master read mine itself i conform to the fact i am damn stubborn lol !

Next was SPA ! there was an option to choose the nude spa or a private spa where can only contain two people but are allowed to wear their swim suits,... i was a bit uncomfortable ... but at that point of time why spoil the mood just go with the crowd anyway i got what they got and they are all the same... i have no issues with nudity but i have an issue of seeing some one i know nude it's like ... weird ?? hahah just my theory .. what are yours ? we all decided on the nude spa ! :P When taking off the clothes i wasnt that eager to ... but i act normal ... in the end i was one of the last two to head out. lol ! i was covering my breast i think but the locals told us no towels allowed in the pool under peer pressure in a strange land we had to conform to their custom and hang the towels.. those who bought the bigger towel practically wasted their money cause we were told by peach that towels are allowed in the pool ... guess we were trick huh ? lol ! as usual we were the LOUDEST ! u can hear voon ling laughing ... haha and shall i say more ? we enjoyed ourselves alot thou there were some difficulty going in to the icy cold pool ! but not the hot pool .. i love it !

After the spa made us real hungry and we girls were dressed in T shirts with flying pigs printed on it ... felt like a secondary school outing since hitting adulthood we should pamper ourselves with child like actions like this and seriously i dont mean this in a BAD way at all ! i love pampering myself like a child at times :) Karin was already having alittle gastric and we were desperate to find some food to eat before another person is down with a bad gastric.... karin , qx , by and i went to eat steak at this hawker like stall at shi lin ... VERY DELICIOUS ! it was tender and flavorful thou it may be more pricey at that location i think it was worth every penny ... ! the others went to packet some food over to share .. we practically hog their table with one steak order... if we were in Singapore we will surely be chased ! so i guess Taiwan's service really deserve a thumb's up ! after eating the mains we were out to scout for the shaved iced ... another delicious dessert ! it has a milking texture to their fine ice and immediately melts when your tongue hits against the roof of your mouth while u savor it ... the texture is like ice cream ! milky and sweet and full of fruits ! Then we were geared up for some shopping ! there i bought my straw hat which i adore and clothes !! more clothings ! heaven !

We hit every stall until it closes and we took at cab back which was MAD cheap in comparable to Singapore ! Karin and I ate some supper before we hit the beds again :)

Okay that's it for part 1 of the trip .. believe it or not it took days for me to compose this post i hope u enjoy the lite post ~ :D take it as a personal view and no one will be offended :D

See ya
Tata ! :P