Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Year 2010 in a Nut shell

Yo !
It's New Year Eve... and tomorrow will be a brand NEW YEar !! How fast is that ? wow .. time really flies !! 2010 was full of drama and implusiveness... Basically I can say 2010 was FRUITFUL ...
If I remember correctly ... Last Year, We set our resolution on the balloon and flew it up in the Air :D So here is my Resolution for 2010
  1. More Distinction
  2. Lose Weight
  3. Forget about the Past and Live to the fullest
  4. Global Adventure
Overall i think i attain them :D Distinction i set 10 .. but in the end i got 8 because ... there are two more modules exempted for me ... which mean stakes are higher to get my Weighrd average mark above 60

Lose weight YES !! I lost 3 kg instead of my goal of 5 kg but it's okay at least there are progress !! I am gg to keep up with regime ! wee !!

Forgeting Past doesnt mean throwing them away ... but to actually smile at the mistake i make instead of feeling regretful about it ... I manage to do that and I talk to myself every night to make sure I know my mistake and not to make them again ( This is strongly Practice on my birthday month haha strict i know )

Global adventure !! totally satisfied with my travel :) within this year , I manage to experience travelling with friends to taiwan , Bintan, Cruise and family time in Shanghai I Love travelling everytime i travel i broaden my view of the world and be less of a mountain tortoise

Throughout 2010 I have learn alot about friendship ... how vunerable it might be and how sometimes spending more time doesnt mean that you will be more intimate ... so now i believe in opening my mind to more personalities and be accepting to strong personality that can be conflicting to mine.
I have also learn to dedicate some time to myself and not to force myself too much in something i dont wanna do .
As For family , Mutual understanding is essential ... sometimes their opinion may hurt you more than others but they are still human, people still judge the book by its cover So it is important to portray the right image to everyone

Wow am I bragging ? hees just let me baske in my glory for a while :D
for the upcoming Resolution 2011 it's still gonna be jam pack because time is never enough .. hees I know there are alot of people wondering hey where did i get my money ... so many things i wanna attain .. this girl is pretty impulsive ... Yeah I agree but when i aim i work hard REALLY hard to get where i am ..

My 2011 Resolution
  1. Have more Cycling marathon
  2. Own a Road Bicycle
  3. Participate in a Marathon
  4. Attain my driving License
  5. Learn a New Language
  6. Sign up for dance lesson
  7. Live to the fullest !!
  8. Get a Job related to Marketing
  9. If Possible... TRAVELS
  10. In general for all I still hope that my laughter and time with whoever i spend with brightens their day :D
  11. Be true to myself
11 Resolution for 2011 :D I cant wait for the New begining what can the future year brings me obstacles , surprises ... etc

hee i knw i still have so many things to update ... but i have to work harder to get my road bicycle :D hopefully everything goes well

HaPpy New YEAr everyone !

Sign off !

Thursday, December 16, 2010

X mas is coming !

Yo guys!
am writing a post from the office ... shss!! lol very soon christmas will be here isnt it fast? the last time .. when i wrote my new year resolution on a balloon .... was just a blink away. to recall i think i more or less fulfilled my resolution for once... thou i dont think i lost 5 kg ... but 3 kg is sufficient for me.. :D tw and hk trip was a blast. and i am finally done with my degree... 8 distinction is short of 2 comparing to my aim of 10 but... cant be blame.. cos the last two modules are exempted ! :D i save my money hoho .. Next two year i am hoping to get a green light from my dad to study my masters... alot of people ask me about the money and if my daddy is paying for my masters ... erm no.. he's not... as for the money i think i'll save up when im working for two years ... the rest will figure out by itself .. i am not worried financially .. I sound like a rich brat but .. i believe that as long as you have the determination to do something .. nothing can stop you ... money can always be found some where in this world ... so ... I am excited whats coming in the future :D
Isnt this post about xmas ??? lol okay back to xmas ... I am making xmas gift to as many of my friends as possible ... how ever ... the first try is destroyed... you wan a sneak peek?? lol I bought this very special imported M and Ms for xmas! but .... i cant show it off! the M & Ms clearly cant go well with the taste of the chocolate cookie ... even when i ate it i am disgusted lol ! After that ... the cookie became soggy due to the ... royal icing ... so in the end i have to throw my whole day's effort away lol !! So Here is your xmas gift ... can see but cannot eat... lol
Am i frustrated ? nope! i guess it's just one of the set back that i have to face... haha Am i sad? nope ! at least i learn this time that icing cant go together with cookie ....
So now i need to find another solution ... may god bless me ... hahaha
ok gtg !
it wouldnt be nice if i get caught ... when i find a perfect solution ... i'll tell ya :P
Merry xmas !
sign off /!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's been such a long time since I blog again isn't it ?? Been either busy or lazy to blog lol .. Anyway this is an IOU post ... So many things to share ... Yet I have not pen them down for the moment ... Let's see ...
My shanghai trip with the family
Knight cycling with vl n ch
Cruise .. That happen just recently

Is that all ?? I remember there were several stuff happening .. Nvm it'll b out when I remember them ;P

See ya !!