Thursday, January 27, 2011

When sobbing becomes NOT CUTE

Yo !
I know I might sound bias and perhaps childish and ego-is-tic ... BUT sobbing randomly in MSN is not cute for so many times lol ! first it happens like this ...

He: HeyHey !
Me: Yesh ?
He: Say hello cannot meh ? Sobsob ....

Seriously ? cute ? gay ? just an expression ?
I know I am taking things too seriously ... but i barely know you and u keep sobbing so should i make an impression that you are gay ? or just someone emo ? So whats wrong with a simple sob sob ? ? nope nothing wrong... dont sob randomly and irritate me ... I cant take the sobbings all the time in our conversation... so i just told him that it sounds weird ...sounds gay ... and a big turn off... Then he goes on rambling on me being big ego ... and mountain tortoise , then tell me to do more community service and be little me ... makes me really fuming mad ! how can u be-little me when we never meet at all .. !! I can take it from people i know well ... because at least i think they know me .... but to shoot people blindly ? please ! is like shooting blankly without taking aim .. so why waste your bullets ? lol !
then he tells me he's in Grass Roots ... before that he even shoot me saying I'm those Hi bye Community service person... since we are fellow grass roots why would you SHOOT me when you know very well what we do .... ARGH ! you should know very well how tough it is ...
So now I am TOTALLY TURNED OFF by this guy... !
I can't even swallow my anger and try to talk to him ... I told him about shooting me personally when we dont even know each other and sorry doesn't even cut it now ... lol !
I need my nasi briyani :P hees
AHEM ! nah it's just an excuse to have my cravings satisfied hees !
I won't let random guy pull me down low and tell me what i am not... even if it's long time friends telling me what im not ... You just have to let it go .. and tell yourself that know yourself best !
Sign off !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bike X Jan 2011

Yo !
As some people know that YEC and NTU is collaborated to organize Bike X ~ The total route comprises of 30+ km lol ! perfect to train for ocbc cycle marathon... The ride was great.. as usual, there were several screw ups... lol there were accidents ..because the guys were trying to be funny ... -_-"' seriously, if there are any injury it's because you never pay attention to the safety regulation and try to be funny ...
Firstly, to ride a bike, do not wear slippers in case your toes got caught in the chain or something .. and it isnt great to brake with your slipper ... it might give way ,... lol ! Xiu Ming's Slipper gave way .. luckily i had a string tied around my wrist ... So it can be easily bandage lol !
Secondly Dont try to be funny and speed when there are so many inexperience cyclist around ...

So if you were to follow this two simple rules it's guarantee an enjoyable ride!

Interestingly .... I didnt have any aches lol ! but my sister has a neck ache which i have no idea why lol !

After the ride i was SUPER exhausted lol that I slept through the afternoon .... and missed the IAVE conference... !

anyway here are some pictures!

i have to write this particular post really quick cos i wont be at my desk later ... lol ~
Tata !
Sign off !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Burlesque vs Moulin Rouge

Yo !
this is probably more of a movie review than blogging... lol ! ahem ! anyway they are still my opinion ~ lol went for a non stop movie marathon with qx, qy , raymond and david ... lol although it's only two movies .. it is pretty tiring for me at least... While watching Burlesque my eye brow raise quite abit ... I know people might portray me as some horny or dirty minded girl BUT i'm rather conservative ... especially when Burlesque have quite some scenes that are umm what can i say ? indirectly sexual ? lol ! especially the one with banana -_-"' overall the movie is average ... story line is similar to Moulin Rouge shown in 2001. But if i were to compare Moulin Rouge or Burlesque i rather watch Moulin Rouge.
No doubt Burlesque songs are more original and the vocals are much stronger since Christina Aguilera is professional singer with the power voice ... Moulin Rouge is still more of my cup of tea...
let me put in point forms with picture shall we ? hees

  • girls in Burlesque are sluttier than Moulin Rouge.... (both are selling Sex/sex appeal but to me of different class ...

perhaps it's the make up?? perhaps it's the attire I dont know but the dances and overall makes my eye brow raise .... SO.... ~ guys like these huh ? lol

  • Songs are more creative ...
I love Moulin rouge re-assembly of some classics like the hills are alive ... lol ~

  • Clearer story line ...
Moulin Rouge has a story of forbidden love but Burlesque is just mainly showing a dedication of a young woman inspiring to be a star and the owner's effort to save the night club ...
  • Call me sadist ... but ... a death of a love ones always wins over happy ending ~ lol ! plus the duet is touching ... I can play the music again and again ... lol
So I'm sorry if it spoils your decision to watch the movie ... DO watch it if you want some nice vocals with sexual dances .. Perhaps if im a guy i might get turned on ... but some how i'm not... Christina has good start off in the acting career ... BUT still needs to brush up her acting skill HEY ! at least better than majority of the singaporean actress ... so KUDOS to her effort ...

As you can see this post is EXTREMEly opinionated ... not as if i'm a professional critic...
in my list there is always the CHANGI show that was my WORST movie i ever watch !

anyway it's REALLY late i gotta go sleep soon !
hees Night ppl ! or rather morning !

Sign off

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friends from Kazakhstan

Yo !
It's was around December 2010 when i undertake a workshop for students overseas... They are really fun and compassionate . When they talk about their country, they talk about it with pride telling about their history , significant building and culture...
(the whole class )
On the first day i was assigned for the workshop ... a pair of boys ask me this :" Can I.... .... " I was waiting for one of the boys to complete his sentence .... then the other boy chip in "Squeeze you ? "
I was really taken aback ... I exclaimed "WHAT?!" -_-"' thanks to them i was afraid of them for the moment.. and we were in a awkward phase for a while until i say: "if you wanna ask me a question ASK dont pause and be awkward. I am here for you to consult" so the next weird question they ask is : " why do you smile so much ? "
(the coaches and the overseas student : Tsk:" the one that ask me weird question" )

overseas people ask surprising question ... what i really admire them was their passion for their country ... how can they be so proud of where they live?? If you ask me.. I'll just say Singapore is pretty boring and i hope to migrate if i have a chance lol ! I guess alot of Singaporeans are thinking that way at least the migrated one .. I think we should really learn from them to be proud of where we live proud of our country ... Singapore has tons of things to do .. you just have to find it .. If you ask me now ... If there's a chance i still would love to have overseas exposure while im still young... hees ..
Sign off !

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bruno Mars - Grenade [Official Music Video]

Easy come, easy go, that's just how you live
Oh, take, take, take it all but you never give
Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss
Had your eyes wide open, why were they open?

Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked
'Cause what you don't understand is

I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my head on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you, baby
But you won't do the same
No, no, no, no

Black, black, black and blue, beat me 'til I'm numb
Tell the devil I said, hey, when you get back to where you're from
Mad women, bad women, that's just what you are, yeah
You'll smile in my face then rip the brakes out my car

Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash
You tossed it in the trash, yes, you did
To give me all your love is all I ever asked

'Cause what you don't understand is
I'd catch a grenade for ya
Throw my head on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya

I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for ya, baby
But you won't do the same

If my body was on fire
Ooh, you'd watch me burn down in flames
You said you loved me, you're a liar
'Cause you never, ever, ever did, baby
But darling, I'd still catch a grenade for ya
Throw my head on a blade for ya
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
You know I'd do anything for ya
I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain
Yes, I would die for you, baby
But you won't do the same
No, you won't do the same
You wouldn't do the same
Ooh, you never do the same
No, no, no, no

A Catchy popular song .... Love the song with it's catchy beat and a lyric that may be romantic to some but as well as spook some body you love out ... lol !
To me .. If my future boyfriend ever sang this after an arguement to patch back IT WILL DEFINITELY spook me... not only bf ... lol if there was a friend that sang or dedicate this to me ... it will be spooky to me ... lol !
After discussion with a couple of girl friends of mine in the store room ... They say that it's really romantic that a guy will do so much things for you ... to go that far only shows how much he loves you...
But imagine... you had an arguement ... and your partner is in an emotional stage that he tells you ... I catch a grenade for you ... I will go through all the pain get beat up or even die for you .... IF only you come back to me... will you go back to him because you love him ? or is it just because it's sympathy and you just dont want to lose the person you care deeply ? How can you draw the line between love and sympathy ?
I have been through Relationships that i will go great lengths for ... YES there will be moments you will do anything for your partner to sustain relationship but what is enough ? Have you thought and taken care of yourself yet? It will only be a phase whereby actions are made through emotions felt by the heart... After all the emotional wreckage you'll find that you can make better decisions with a clear mind ...
So note to all ... AND ME ... Sacrificing for your partner is GREAT but draw the line between recklessness and nobility of love(Ps: not trying to tell you to be selfish, but i notice that some relationship one of the partner are mostly giving as compared to receiving) so work out your relationship today .. have a good talk with your love one about how you feel. Never hold back Assuming that he/she knows what you are thinking because it's been that long you are in a relationship with him/her ..
Start your day everyday with a blank page.. NEVER ASSUME you know them... only then you may take a step closer to knowing you love ones rather than closing yourself with assumptions of him/her ~

WOW do i sound like a LOVE guru ? or just plain stupid ? lol ! just my thoughts ... all these doesnt only applies in LOVE, it applies to friendship, family and even strangers ...
So I know there are some category for me ... ahem ! let me just put it straight here.. there are no such thing as NEW mun yeng ... Mun yeng is Mun YEng ... I change everyday ... so I dont think anyone knows me deeply yet ... But much appreciated to the effort placed ya? lol ! nope not offended at all ... because it just a CODE for me ma ... secret code ... can i be code 2126 instead ? better than new my lol ! :P

Tata ! gotta head back to work lol !

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yo !
Perhaps it's due to the weather ? Or due to the work load... the morale of Addest Lunch buddy is definitely low lol .... We didnt talk much at all... haha we just had our 30 mins lunch and came up ... imagine that.. lol we didnt even went over and sit at the sofa ... AWW ... Anyway my aunty is coming on thursday and i have yet to pack my room ! let's bad mouth myself here shall we?? If anyone been to my room ... I AM VERY UNTIDY person ... lol ! even i sometimes cannot stand my untidiness... but due to my laziness ... i just ignore .. what a bad girl i am.. lol ! Usually girls are the neater gender ... except for some people i know ... After packing Mel room i keep telling myself that HEY at least my mess is only at one side .. not that bad after all .. but I know these are all just excuse not to pack... I swear I have to pack TONIGHT cos i wanna meet AH yong tomorrow ... I havent seen him since late 2008 ... It's been a long time since we talk buddy :D and im sure you have fantastic stories to share about australia ! Plus I'll be THRILLed to see when is your wedding plans ... i know I'm digressing but hey! This is my blog and I havent had a decent conversation for the day ... my brain is itching to converse lol ! You know in shows people fell in love with each other at first sight ? and a thought comes through your mind.. :" Are you sure ?? It sure seems like a fairy tale ! " Well Ah yong just taught me that fairy tales do come true with hard work ! so eventhough somebody's love story might sound too good to be true ... believe it... because they put in really hard work to sustain this relationship... As a saying goes it's easy to fall in love but HARd to sustain it ... this applies to friendship :D
I think i better key in more Accounting Stuff... lol
Sign off !

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I was such a bitch but i still am now ... lol `

Yo !
Stumbled upon my old blog .... I must say ... WOW while reading it i caught a few grammatical errors at every line and ALOT of bitching going on... wow ... I must say ... was i that childish and narrow minded at that point of time ? I am glad that everything works out the way it is now ... lol ! at least i feel better with my own entries now... What happen in the past shall remain there...
Went to the market today SUPER crowded as usual ... lol Chinese NEw year can't expect less.. and i was stocking up on my Baking stuff... With the amount of baking utensils and every thing, i think I can fill one whole cupboard and call it my baking cupboard ... lol !
My passion for baking did not come just abruptly in fact i wasnt that mad about cake during primary school either ... I think my passion for baking was fueled by my Dad

I know that there is this local advertisement that says Dad can't do this dad cant do that ... but my dad ? he can do almost everything ! :D he knows how to cook delicious food, he bakes, he fix pipes and lighting , he knows how to build furniture .. he knows how to fish ... ALOT of stuff... in fact, i guess it's his multi talent personality that attracts my mum ... :D once while wooing my mum he brought books for my mum to study in his bicycle and also build a book shelve for her :D til now my mum is very proud of her attractiveness that made guys do ALOT of things to woo her heart... Gladly is not any TOM DICK or HARRY ... its my dad who still adores her, pampers her support her singing and alot of things that a fabulous husband does... My dad still holds my mother's hand while walking even when he watch my mum sleep he smiles... :D such a beautiful OLD couple (hehehe they wont be reading this anyway !! :P )
I am promoting my dad ... at times he is strict and stubborn sometime he does have mood swings ... but through out all that he's a loving husband and father... He taught me about how much he and his sister love baking that they would save up ALOT of money to buy an oven to learn how to bake cakes... So my dad will teach me how to make his specialty orange peel cakes... very rich in flavor and homely really good for tea time :D So i guess that's where it started when my aunty bought me videos to learn how to bake and also my dad teaching me techniques to make a good cake... Every cake is made with love ... careful folding and attention to every detail ... So baking a cake for me now is a relaxation and luxury. a time to bond with my soul :D to offer the plate to people you care when it's good you feel really good... lol for my dad , he always say delicious no matter how horribly it taste because it's made with love and the effort place to everything ...
For all this I love my dad even though i may have hated him for all the caning and scoldings... Without his discipline i wouldnt be where i am today ... Where would I be without my dad when he has made so much effort to support the family and my mother ...
I have not say this to my dad ... but i still feel actions speak louder than words :D
So daddy wont have to know how much i appreciate him by reading this ... because in time I will pamper him and give him a massage chair to relieve all his life worries away... :D

Thank you daddy ...
Ps: this is not a fathers' day post but we still need to show our appreciation everyday :D
this is suppose to be a bitch post ?? but how come it becomes a loving post to daddy?? lol

Sign off !

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wow am i done ?

Yo !
Wow looking at the IOU am i done with all the IOUs ?? Actually there is more than that ... haha there is MEME's wedding, which came as a shock to me... at least... Then there is the Outward Bound camp at East Coast park ...
Okay Let's start with OBS first shall we... How long have i not been in Camp?? Since poly... ? Other camping trips was with my ex to go night fishing... YES ! I love night fishing sometimes the fish are so smart they can trick you to their whereabouts and end up with no fish for the whole night ! When it comes to camp it took me back all the way to my primary school moments when we would stay up at night even we are not suppose to... boys will shine their stupid laser at us to disturb our girl's dorm... Secondary school was the unexpected orientation camp at fantasy Island when i met several friends then... even made a friend in the toilet... lol ! Fantasy Island was great one of my favorite place in Sentosa. Unfortunately, it closed down due to low patrons and perhaps several death incident due to the safety of their rides... let me admit public-ally now that it was me that Lower down the aircon temperature during the night ... BECAUSE venessa and Jac told me to do so haha ! but i didnt realise it was FREEZINg so i was suffering with you guys as well ! :P
Sec 3 camp was more adventurous ... I am lucky to be in the same group as Cheng hui and Michelle the funny thing is each of us have our own nick name ... lol !! Cheng hui was teletubby :P Michelle was Brani aka hong se bra (red bra in mandarin) mine was... hmm what was my nick ah ? Cheng hui help me recall ?? Tag on my board ba ... lol ! We rolled in the mud I had my first hand experience in Kayaking one point in time we kayak some where that is flooded with dead fishes lol ... At the last morning before setting off.... we found a plastic bag of clothes with RED BRA inside ... lol ! remember Cheng hui ?? i think it's yours la !! :P

Camping is really fun ! Even though you will be sleeping on the cold hard floor, it doesnt bother me at all .. you enjoy the cool air, look and think about what happen in the past and talk about anything under the sky .. :D the bonding time you have with your friends are really cool ! However dont expect bonding time when you are fishing cause you need to be REALLY quiet and patient!

So going back to OBS really make me feeling old ... because the other camp mates are from secondary school ... in order to blend in we created our own secondary school ! :D heh ! PA-AH- YA Methodist SEcondary school ! lol !
Remember I talked about me being an IDIOT at the earlier post ?? this is .... the meaning ! :D

We had obstacle course.... group games which we didnt really complete ...since our team spirit is strong we NV give up til the last minute ... heh . I am very proud of us WELL DONE YEC !

The picture above is one of the obstacle course that have to work in pairs ... i was partnered with Raudha ... lol It's quite difficult to climb .. BUT WE made it at the top ! high five girl !

Then we have this maze in the dark ... it's really FUN ! adventurous ! we need to climb , go on all fours !! EVERYTHING !

Overall, I enjoyed my time at the camp~ we are all young in our drive ... so it doesnt matter what age you are as long as u have a drive of a 18 year old you are forever 18 !!!

Sign off !

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cruise Dec 2010

Yo !
This is another IOU post ... but hey ! who reads my post ?? I have no idea ... so i guess this is a diary that tells myself what I have done and thoughts... even thou most of the post are cautiously written lol ! AHEM Blog just have the power of putting yourself on the chopping block and get yourself judge by people you know or dont know.
You may be true in your entry but ! people may deem that you're fake lol ! AHEM i seem to side track alot right ? lol Anyway New Blog skin!! :D for the spring :D Happier color thou the person look EMO hahaha i love the contrast :D

Back to CRUISE !!!
I must say on my part it was pretty impulsive... We made a decision to Cruise ... within a day itself ... but we tried .. cutting down on costs ... lol !
During the Day of cruising ... my mum fetched ... Yh and I ... I thought we were suppose to meet pretty early but in the end ... Yh and I were the earliest. . and we waited quite a while ... Lol it just prove alittle that no matter how long your friendship is ... there are always miscommunication ... so it was pretty frustrating on my part even thou some times i really dont mind the waiting ... So on my part i kept my cool ... after making a statement .. lol
Yh and i Checked in .. and waited for Mel and Vl ... luckily yh and i have each other to spend our time with ..
We ate our welcome aboard buffet ... Yummy and Fattening of course.. through out the whole journey i am trying not to over eat ... in case my gastric is back ... usually u hear people saying their gastric comes when they are hungry ... mine comes when i'm too full and i'll get really uncomfortable thou i can persevere for the whole day until i can't bear with the pain at night. Anyway Here's a sneak peek at the food :D obviously being a cake freak i only took pictures of the cake the rest might be a mixture from Qx cam ... as for mel's cam?? hahaha ... i think it'll only be collected next year :P (kidding)

We went to explore after the meal... but in the midst we lost the rest of the people ... yan hui and i only have ourselves then so we decided to explore the room ! the room is pretty comfy even though four of us girls are sharing in a room smaller than my room in singapore, it's sufficient walking space for four ! Yan hui wanted to see how we can open up the sofa bed ... we moved the table opened it and placed it back to the original space knowing mel would want to take pictures later as if the room is untouched ...
(playing with the safety vest lol )

Changed into my newly (rather) bought bikini .... to swim ... !! I love swimming and i cant wait dipping into the water... some times when i float on the water my mind relaxes and i feel at ease looking up the sky as if ... there's no one judging me and i'm the only one in the pool .... OOO ! Digress ! lol wat an I.D.I.O.T i am ... ( a yec motto)

so qiao yuan , qiao xuan , yan hui and i head out to the pool ... honestly you can't really swim there it's really just suitable for dipping ...because we were in the pool early it wasn't that crowded.. and i think it's really wise of us to hit the jacuzzi or else we'll be soaking with strangers lol .... Too bad mel decides to sleep otherwise it'll be much better.

After the swim, yan hui and i have to go back to get ready because our dinner time was 5.45pm while kek family only starts at 8pm so i guess they explored the casino...??
Yan hui brought her curlers ... lol tried to curl my hair ... but beacuse my hair was short cant really see the curls in the end i tied up my hair lol !

The formal dining was great! my steak is cook to perfection just the way i like it... bloody pink on the inside without bloody oozing out ... fabulous ! As for the dessert , due to our indecisiveness, our waiter gave us all !! isnt it heaven ? I love the desserts ! nice and sinful
Nice pink .... Steak lovely !

Mel and Yan hui ~

After a HARD time convincing her .... Voon ling is FINALLY here with us ! lol

Qiao Xuan says .... I look like a zombie ... and when I put on my glasses .... I become Teacher lol

What did we do after that ??? we went to explore further. .. went to the karaoke room and i sang in front of strangers ... I was really nervous as i was holding the microphone i was shivering ... if you know me well enough without me telling u'll notice my body language although i may portray a VERY open girl... I get anxious when i sing in front of people... everything that i do I am afraid but i rather push myself to the edge than to regret not doing it later... If i fail, it is just a way of mother nature teaching me a lesson... :D

We went to watch the nightly performance with kek family ... the performance was great the juggler was spectacular ! up until now i cant juggle ! plus he can sing ! Cool he can even sing Chinese song coincidentally is the song i used to hate because ex played this song to my god sis confessing his love for her... so that song always reminds me of the betrayal ... but if u ask me now... it's just a song :P

after that we were really tired yan hui and i rather head back to sleep hehe....

Day 2 ~
We had our breakfast... tried climbing the rock wall but because my climbing was wrong I cant touch the top ! So i decided to give up lol we went for the medium difficulty one ... lol !
we were suppose to head to penang after lunch i guess ... but ! because Yan hui wasnt feeling comfortable we headed back to the room and wait for the call to deport... we waited and waited ... how long have we waste ?? an hour ?? lol ! so our time in penang was cut short we didnt really shop much either i bought socks thou lol ! and some Nexcare acne patch :D

then we head back to dine at romeo and juliet again ... as usual the meal never fails to disappoint lol.. before dinner we had a little chat with the waiters and we share and exchange a little of our culture ... as usual the i dont look chinese look lol ! We were complaining that our lily placed on the table is wilting .. and this kind waiter changed the flower for us and pretended he's giving it to me... I was surprise and a little coy ...Lol ... it's not often guys give flowers to me ... some gifts are impractical I agree... poors guys... but it simply cheer girls up ! (tips for Vday tsk tsk ) Yan hui went up to the room before dinner because she wasnt feeling very well ... then during dinner she told us about the surprise ... placed in our room. We can't help giggling about the image mel have... She ask if it's flower petals sprinkled on the bed making a Heart... lol it is LOVELY only when you are travelling with your partner... but with four girls would be erm.... Weird ?? lol ! I would be feeling weirder if i was voon ling ... cos i'll be sleeping at the petal sprinkled bed with mel AHEM ! wrong image coming up lol !

after the dinner we went around taking photos and just goofing around... we wanted to see the night sky line of penang ...During the picture taking we were talking about the night views we love... i remember specifically that I argued with mel about the factories view at night was not romantic at all ... and she commented ... "you're hard to please" lol WHICH i will defend myself here that nope i am not lol ! What I love is basically a secret lol ! I dont tell people .... specifically or show them ... but you will see me staring and perhaps carrying a little smile at the corner of my lips ... Before watching the night performance, We went over to our room to find out what our surprise is ... is a towel folded rabbit ! :D cute .... The picture below is actually a towel folded dog in uncle's room . our rabbit pictures are with mel lol ! I swear we took so many pictures that it's head fell off! we tried to savage it but... it wasnt as nice anymore...

we watch the night performance it's a dance and sing performance done by the swingers ! cool !!! I love dances and sing ...

Day 3
We headed to Mid valley by taxi even though it cost over 100 rm to mid valley but i think it's worth it because it's to and fro and it's from a ulu place lol ! Mid valley was great! for lunch i took the gang to this penang restaurant to eat because mel didnt have her craving ... so i thought it might put her mind at ease... lol ! Mel didnt really enjoy her meal ... because it's written in her face and she commented to Voon ling that she will take her to some place else in singapore that has better prawn noodles ... honestly in my mind i was a bit furious: I was thinking i deserving the attitude from you when i thought i can make your trip more pleasant when i did my best to satisfy your mountain of craving ? lol ! but another side of me says that true you wanna make her happy but you have to handle rejections not everyone will show appreciation.. just put up with it and let it go because you tried your best to ...
With more shopping later on with Yan hui it was quickly forgotten :D So .... Mel, if you read this post ... don't feel sad or offended just pen my thoughts down ... if anyone is offended by any post of mine can always sms me to tell me and i'll make it private :D I bought more stuff at mid valley i have goggles to support my exercise regime and i bought a peace necklace !! :D LOVE IT !

had our last dinner at romeo and juliet ... the molten lava cake was simply delicious ... ! so delicious that even thou it was already 8pm, we cant bear to leave without another slice ... so ... imagine how ecstatic we were when we were allowed to bring the cake into our room ! hahaha so we had another cake and a scoop of vanilla ice cream ... afraid that the ice cream will melt we ran up the stairs to our room we laugh and ran up even thou it might be childish i enjoyed the moment... on our way we met Qiao yuan ... and i swear i saw a look that has a lot of question mark on her mind ... hahah !!! sorry my darling qiao yuan ... we didnt mean to confuse you :)
Browsing through the photos i think i must comment on this stawberry or rasberry panna cotta ... lol as the waiter placed it down it wobbles in the most delightful and kinky way lol I just cant help to wobble it a few times and laugh about it lol!

(this is the anti pasti ... entree that made the biggest impression cause most of the time we have no idea what is what except the mushroom )

The last night we partied .... it was great ... except during the bursting of the balloon .... I WAS AFRAID!

haha then at night yan hui and i sat at the deck to watch the stars I was already in my shorts pretty cold ! I bear with it til i could not stand any longer...
In the morning ... we have already reach Singapore's dock... still yan hui and i woke up early to watch the sunrise ... It was really pretty and i do feel a moment of romance ... and I was thinking boy! it's really great to cruise with your other half... then there was a moment of loneliness and envy that swept through me ... but hey ! If i could wait longer for the right guy ... the right guy will come and I will know ... I am a very patient girl :D and before anything I want to focus on my goals

Overall I think that cruising is a place where u find your own time and peace... A place where you can bond with urself , friends family and partner... If i want to go to Caribean cruise... I would bring my partner along and watch the stars without caring what names they are just get lost in the sky ... and being thankful for the light they gives us during the darkest sky ... AHEM dreaming away ... that's my take on cruising .... :D Try it with ur partners ! If benny wants to propose on the CRUISE he totally should do it ... VERY ROMANTIC! :D
For the moment ... the romance is within our friendship hoho ! do not take it the wRONG way !
Sign off

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Knight Cycling

Yo !
I know this is suppose to be a 2010 post but hey i have been busy earning money to get my Bicycle lol !! But i just receive a call yesterday that i cannot receive my bike before Another night cycling trip.... It'll only be here around Feb... Well it's okay at least there are more time for me to save :D hehe ... Wanna sneak peek ? hees here it is !
Beauty! every beautiful things cost a bomb ... :D Guess i have to increase my dedication in my investment ... Hey Hey all ! This is my Husband ... my bike ..! Hopefully next time i can go on a marathon or even Bintan to cycle ... :D
back to knight cycling !
This is organized by Frontier Cc YEC ! Was planning to go with Samantha to study more about the risk of night cycling in big groups BUT she told me the last min she's not coming ... AWWW ..
So now there are 3 people left ... Cheng hui , Voon Ling and I ...
The Route is from Frontier CC to East coast park. It started raining before taking off ... BUT i was well equipped! I brought my red rain coat ... heh ... when we set off, it was only drizzling ... Rain coat is not exactly breathable honestly , I was HEATING up inside... damn hot! When we stop at Dover ... Sam called and paid us a visit didnt really get to see her but she saw me ... lol Ps: I nearly got into an accident when i was riding and speaking on the phone (i deserve it i know)
We Pedal abit and stop pedal a bit and stop ... a bit irritating ... after getting broken off from the pack pedaling and stopping most of the time we reach around 4 am ... SHIOK we only took about 4 hours to reach the east... Exciting!
Upon reaching we did a little splashing within the three of us .... some one i forgotten who... aimed for the gold .... she wet my chest... -_-"' who ever she is own up at my chat box ! lol
Overall we were tired but i must agree i enjoyed the work out ! :D
Up coming on the 22nd Jan is our night cycling ... collaborating with NTU hall ten. Due to certain restriction by the school, we are only cycling along the east ~ :D it's also about 30 km ... Packed with fun and games ~
Come join us ! Here's more info ... Registration already Started ... It ends at 15 Jan . So hurry ! Reg at Gek poh Ville CC or Hong Kah North CC ... :D
Saturday, January 22 at 9:00pm - January 23 at 6:00am

LocationECP to Pasir Ris Via Bedok reservoir

Created By

More InfoA joint collaboration with NTU Hall 10...

A exciting nightful events of cycling, games and interaction...

Do check out the pricing of this event:
1. $18 with bike rental.
2. $15 without bike rental.

Inclusive of goodie items and sumptuous breakfast...

We will be cycling from East Coast Park up Siglap area to Kembangan to Bedok Reservior to Tampines to Pasir Ris before u-turning back to ECP.

Bus transportation will be provided at 3 location:
1. Hong Kah North Community Club
2. Gek Pok Ville Community Club
3. NTU Hall Residence 10

1. Dr Amy Khor
2. Senior Hall Fellow of NTU Hall Residence 10
So that wraps up my bike post ! HEes !
Bye bye Peeps or who ever is reading ... !
gg for the 2nd interview if i dont bath now am gg to be late !
Sign off !