Monday, February 28, 2011

Natas Fair 2011

Yo !
Went to Natas Fair last weekend ... Nope not going overseas this year.. but just going over to soak in the ambiance lol ~ Looking at the planning process is really fun ! lol !!
Met Qx up with kek family at hawker nearby lol ~ I wore a straw hat and sunglasses since the weather is so sunny it feels like summer every day :D
(coincidentally I think it's a Bruno Mars Get up ... lol )

As usual we were late... on our way there, there were 4 accidents.. so we label it accident day!!
(on our way to expo)

(one of the accidents )
We park illegally at first but on our way we spot a parking space... being Kiasu Singaporeans we book the parking lot using our lives.. lol ..
(Booking the parking lot! )
(Drive faster!! or else we will be horned by the other cars )

Poor Edwin gotta wait for us ... but we did try our best to reach as soon as possible lol
What I notice this year is that it wasnt as crowded in the past.. could have the crowd died down due to financial status and future rise of oil prices and Gst ? If they were to rise shouldn't everyone be grabbing the opportunity before the oil prices rocket further and Gst rocket as well ? Anyway it's just my personal opinion lol !

(Natas! hees)

Walked around take as much brochures as possible... I got loads of Australia's brochure and UK brochures ... Hees ~ Hopefully a trip will be coming soon ... If only i have a job confirmation .. then i will not hesitate to travel at all ...

Korea's booth was really cute ... they provide photo opportunity and mail them to you.. I havent receive them but here is one from my cam .. :D
(Come Fly to Korea.... and Nope I dont wanna go back there..)

Japan tourism Board have several lucky draw... Edwin is the only lucky one who won a towel ! At that time I didnt know came over me .. either it's boredom or tiredness I started singing Bruno Mars song :D hees I think i must have stun Edwin. :p

(Edwin the lucky Winner!)
(queuing up for the lucky draw)

After gathering so many brochures our hands are super duper tired... and I am not exaggerating the next day i had muscle ache at my arm... lol We dumped all the brochures into the car boot... (and yes at that very moment i feel so lucky we have a car that day ! llol )

Qx, Qy, and Edwin have to discuss about the trip before heading down to make the final decision .. and we all just did it Banglah style ( Yeah i know I'm racist ) but it's true ~ We did it right on the grass and just discuss lol ! it really feels like a picnic.. So while they were busy I just took a few photos and head down over to the borders sale!
(Laid out the picnic mat ... and sat right at the back of the car... )

(Banglah Style lol ! )

(Plan .... plan.. plan... ! )

There were alot of cheap books BUT ... there werent many titles that are well known to me... So I just bought a recipe book and a Karma Sutra book (more on it's history than content) I'll tell ya all about it when im done reading.
(Borders Book Clearance sale... HEes )

After buying books and tickets we were all starving .. headed down to Changi for Popeye still love their mash potato .. .:D Qx and I still agree that Popeye is better than Arnold's.. After that it was second round discussion at changi ... Isnt it exciting to plan together?? this time, im just the tag along .. :P
(There you go ... second round !! )


(Hello ! Changi ! :P )

Then it was off to buy bag pack at Queensway shopping centre ... Both Qy and Qx bought Deuter bag pack .. honestly I am SO SO SO tempted to buy the yellow one ... lol never mind shall buy it only when I am going to travel again :P I cant wait for my new adventures ..
Overall the trip was fun and fruitful ... ;) I cant wait for the next time I am going to Natas for a mission of my own :D

Sign Off!

Career Fair @ NTU

Yo !
Last Week went Career Fair with qiao xuan at her school NTU ... lol ~ It was SO much better than Jobscentral career !
So many people ... looks like a VERY good mix of

On the first day we wore formal working wear for your professional shot... 15 dollars... good deal... After the career fair bumped into Darius ... I hear that he's pretty lucky .. he got a job even before graduation .. pro...
Hello ! Darius !! hoho
I told you I look like my Daddy haha
Miss kek in working clothes lol

Look what we bought over there ....
What does this look like??

I SWEAR this looks like ..... pregnancy test ... lol ! on the other hand why will career guide hand out pregnancy test.... lol ~ Qx say it looks more like thermometer... lol ..
Anyway it's a Highlighter lol ~ doesnt look like it ...

We had free lunch on that day because the taste was terrible ... but I rather Pay 4.80 than to get
stomach ache lol !
Second day, there are more job opportunities for Qiao Xuan and I ... :D cool ~ not that long ago, she and I were studying to get a good grade ... now we both are looking for a job.. lol ~ time really flies... soon our topics will be different... I am looking forward to that day :D hees
Good luck in finding your dream job!! Gambatte!!

Sign off !!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Shocking news ~

Hey guys ...
The news might not affect me as much as my father but still it is something to wonder about. My Father's friend just past away... After suffering from depression, he stab himself more than ten times ... he appeared on malaysia news ... wow ... how fragile life can be .. when my daddy tried so hard to ask his friend out but they last met at December...Some things you may treat it with competence but when competence blinds you ... it will be too late to change everything ... treasure the person beside you ... even if she/he dont want to talk it's okay ... as long as your friend is happy you will be happy. ... Uncle may not be in this world now... but I hope he can see my father love his best friend very much and he will be greatly missed...
Sign off Leila

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the Nature of Humans

I had this argument with my mum the other day and i realize one major fault in human ... lol !
Let me ask you this : " Do you ever Feel really angry, Bad or awkward when someone points at your fault? "
Yes I do .... some times when people are brutally honest with me which i like.... they point out negatative traits of mine that will make me feel awkward and self conscious ... So some times in order to tackle this .... we use the proverb that is VERY well known to all, :" Ignorance is Bliss"
The question is ... does ignorance covers you from everything that is happening around you ? The truth that is push aside will always remain there ... Reality sink and you realize the problem start reoccurring again this frustrates me sometimes ...
So what i learn is that human like to hear what they wanna hear ... it is good because you are protecting yourself so you wont be hurt ... But things will still move... reality will still be there waiting for you to see them again ...
Ignorance and bo chup-ness might be blissful ... but you cannot escape forever because they do haunt you in the end...
You just have to face them head on ~ ! and tackle the problem and resolve it only then you will feel that ... you can move on to the next step in life... resolve your problems and move on ... There's no escaping reality because they may bit you at your butt ;)
I may be brutally blunt at times ... especially to my mum ... but that doesnt mean i am bad, or disrespecting you ... I did this because I love you ... and I dont want you to get hurt by anyone ... I rather you hear it from me than to get humiliated by your friends because I wont laugh at you when you are down ... I will only encourage you to stand up at your feet and try again .. I guess you will never know because you dont read blog lol ! Love comes in various form ... mine is more aggressive because I know you are as stubborn and naive as I am ... I got burnt ... I dont want you to get burnt either ... If only you knew what lies beneath this rebellious girl of yours ... Sometimes I wish you will be proud of me ... of what I have achieve and yet ... I didnt get those lol ~ but it's okay ... because I know I must live for my own ... heh ~ No matter what... I want to be a good daughter to you and in the future .. Sometimes you make me really angry .... but it's not in my place to condemn my mum because I know you love me.. you want me to be what you want me to be ... But I can't because that wouldnt be me... at all...
People who read this may see me now as a child who wants attention of my mother... and to be recognize .. YES I do... but I dont want to force it I want to get it naturally ... and I am very patient even when I die ...and I dont get what I seek it's okay ... because in time truth will come :D

Sometimes I may put in a way my mum is like a monster... dont believe it hahaha because people who put others like monsters tend to be biased and opinionated. Look at the bigger picture and you'll see the truth behind all these action ... sometimes it's kinda funny when you look at it ...I know some of you may agree with me *wink

Well I argue with you I shout at you I disrespected you ... BUT I STILL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH ! I'm not doing this for show... I just want my mummy to know (in future)

Sign off !

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet SWEET day ... ;)

Yo guys !
Went to Resort World Sentosa (RWS) on Sunday courtesy of Qiao Xuan's DAddy ~ and perhaps creditability to the whole of Kek family? Got a FANTASTIC deal on the Voyaye De La Vie Tickets were originally 108 sgd, but now it's 11 sgd it's about 90% off ! I am very excited to look at the acoustic of the theater, perhaps to see how grand a theater can be and of course the toilet :P hees...

Late as usual :P (can't Really blame right? a girl has to do what she has to do to style herself the way she wants to look.... Irresistible ;) dont you agree girls?) I dont mind going out without make up with my comfy clothes .... comfy clothes meaning big tees and shorts... but wont the guys complain ? SO... truth is can guys really take who you are ? Are we comfortable to bare all our faults?

SO BACK TO TOPIC... met up with kek family without aunty because she wasnt feeling well.. so we were trying to find people at the very last minute too bad ... Edwin was in bukit panjang... :P
we reach at the very last minute right on time... Lucky .. we wouldnt miss the show for the world! No Photography at theater but i got a blurry picture of the stage ... look!

We were waiting to cross when suddenly Li hwa SCARE us lol !

(Voyage De La Vie ;) you can see the men with red g string lol )

( Waiting to go in)

( In the midst of walking to theater, we lost uncle, Li hwa and qx cousin but we manage to take some pictures at the walkway)
(the Sisters ! WEEE !! qx u are finally taller than Qy lol )

(The blurry picture of the stage .... I took it secretly okay! )

The verdict for the show ? After watching performances in China, there are nothing out of the ordinary and i suspect some performers are from China. Even thou the title depicts something out of French in a artsy sort of way, There were no hint of Oversea talent (except for some performers) the plot was localize including main character. All and all it was a good experience because of the surprise factor they gave... especially those that crawled out of no where behind us.. The funny thing is there were several performers in their underwear especially the juggler wore a G string so the little girl beside sitting on her daddy's lap ask him constantly why is the performer in their underwear ... I find the innocence cute and later I find myself questioning the same thing.. Isn't odd to have performers in their underwear when it's suppose to be a show for all ages ? I know one of the reason for their attire is ensure easy movement during the procedure of the twisting and bending... But... I just dont understand why the juggler needs to flash his muscular butt when he only needs to juggle... What am i going to say to my kids next time? lol ~ Just a wonder ...
(After the show Went to the toilet not any five star standard but cleanliness good... But this picture is to post the reason why i was late haha ! )

( A Picture altogether after the show... luckily the man who walk pass wasnt in the picture~)

After the show, we wanted to Dine at Universal Studio and take some photograph after eating however the entrance of 5 sgd to dine in Universal Studio was suspended til further notice. Is there trouble with containing the people from exploring the whole universal studio instead of the restaurant street because honestly i would gladly pay 5dollars just to take pictures and boast to my friends HEY i've been to universal studio Singapore no one knows if you have been on the ride before anyway.. Thus some how is a unwise move made by Universal Studio Singapore because one the incentive to pay the full price just to visit is gone.. Dont you think so?
(lol! I took this while waiting for uncle...)

It was a real pity that we weren't able to Dine in Universal Studio... Nevertheless something else caught my eye.... This colorful decoration Trees with lots of Lollipops dangling ... The colors and the huge display spark the inner child in me... CANDIES!! woo hoo !

(The colorful lollipops hanging at the trees yummy :D )

Being in the Candylicious Store was heaven everything look queer ... Everything is interesting.. If only I was here shopping for my valentine because I REALLY dont mind spending on presents for friends ... presents are subjective .. Not all gifts are welcomed the person may not like the gift as much as you like ... would you be disappointed with the result ? Or just let it go ? I found my way to get over this dilemma...
Answer: Buy the thing that reminds you of her/him because it's the pleasant memory of her/him that spark the buying process.. if u think of this alone it's already sweet enough to appreciate the effort of the Buyer... because she/he knows you were thinking of him/ her...

Same analogy goes to arranging a surprise or a party for the friend... Sweetness can be instilled without sugar.... YET that evening our sweetness was instilled by REAL SINFUL SUGARY SWEETS, CANDIES, CHOCOLATE, MASHMALLOW and LOLLIPOPS ! Personally I am not a fan of sweets ... I do not eat sweet often trust me... I will keep the sweet or candy until it's near to expiry .. then only i will reluctantly consume it... Thats me... once my sister bought me this cute chocolate lollipop to cheer me up .. to destress me ... if u were in my architectural class you probably saw it once or twice lol... Whenever I am frustrated and stress... I will take out my chocolate lollipop put it beside my laptop and look at it whenever I am stress or frustrated or tired... The chocolate was priced about 3sgd at retail ... it wasnt any fancy chocolate .. but the thought of my sis sweetness that alone perks my day :D I love expensive stuff and my taste may lean to expensive taste, money isnt necessary everything ... some people may lean towards thinking A car may be easier to get a gf or friend but.. honestly it's only a bonus for me and not the deciding factor... Cause if i cant stand you , I rather cab back than to get a free ride... lol ! Yeah I am that type of person you don't wanna mess with and not good to be mess with ... BEWARE ! hohoho !
(Chocolates ~!! Yum... ~ hees )

(JElly Belly with Qx ~ May you have a belly like the jelly bean soon! gambatte!)

(Yum ... I love Candylicious So colorful so happy)

(Rabbit at RWS cutie,,,, hees)

After the Crazy shopping spree at Candylicious it's time to be practical ... and fill our tummy with good food... Dined at The Seafood republic. Light meal with Crab ... Mms Cheng Hui to tempt her ... lol ! Her reaction was as cute and funny as usual... But girl... someone has already DATE u remember ?? tsk tsk ! dont disappoint her ah ! ( I might not be going ) :P but just to tempt u further ... heres a BIGGER picture lol !

(salted Egg Crab)

(Jumbo's signature Jade Tofu yums.. PS: I tend to have cravings for tofu... . why? )

(Baby Kai lan that was a bit undercook )

(Wasabi prawns )

After dinner, we went to watch the free Crane show provided by RWS. The show overall was cute, and innovative. The story line is basically courtship of two cranes... is practically watching a pair of crane's behavior but in IT robot style ... I find the show way better than the Sentosa's Musical fountain show. Furthermore, we were told that fridays and saturdays have firework! :D cool ~ I'll check it out some day :D

(Testing my night shots while waiting for the show to begin)

(And Yes so far my sony cam has never disappoint me in any way :D )

(Show Starting! )

(The wings is actually executed by water creative indeed)
(I was beside Li Hwa when I took this but i dont wanna disturb her looking at the show just for my selfish need of getting a perfect picture... Who's judging here anyway)

(The Male Crane Expresses its interest to the female)

(Look They are in love... everyone says AWW)
(The Crane in 3D on screen)
(See!~ Fireworks)

(Wait a minute doesnt this look like two sea bass when the machines are kept?)

After the show... We ain't sweet enough ... hees in the end we went to buy popcorn and look at Hersley World... Nice isnt it ? I think if i were to buy at every store i will get diabetic soon ... haha

(After show... hohoho! )
(on our way to our next pit stop to buy our popcorn)
(Father and daughter portrait)

(WEE!! Choc syrup)

(you know she just adores choc just by looking at this picture)

Overall the haul is pretty cool ... I love our overall trip thanks to uncle kek hees for the lift and dinner I will treat to a really nice dinner promise ;)

(Even Uncle bought a lollipop :P )

(What we girls bought but there is M and M too! )

(Rabbit mashmallow... hees ~ Because Sweets never last long)

(and Yes I'm a peace freak hees ! )
Leila ~