Thursday, February 10, 2011

Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour 2011 My Experience

Yo !
Yesterday was one of the highlights of my year :D Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour !! woo hoo ! How I came about the concert was through the recommendation of my friend, David who is heading to Australia to study soon ! Thanks David for the whole experience, and take care in Aussie, Study Hard play Hard Too ! We were so lucky we got front row seats! Honestly if i wasnt down for that period of time it wouldnt have struck me that I Wanna experience things I havent done going to a major concert! Taylor Swift Speak Now World tour is MAJOR ! totally !

Our Front Row Seats !

As usual I dont pack my bag before hand I nearly forgotten my rainbow light stick, and the TICKET ! Went out with my artificial bedroom hair ready for a experience of a life time !
Not As Messy as I wanted but at least not as flat as usual

David and I met at parco marina to eat the renown Ramen ... unfortunately it isnt open yet or at least it doesnt seem to be... lol! So we end up eating Ashton instead.. Didnt finish my food because i'm afraid that my indigestion will strike again which will definitely ruin everything ..!
So we head out thinking that 6 o clock will be pretty early to buy the merchandises ... WE WERE WRONG ... when we reached Stadium, from afar there were a HUGE crowd in front of the of the tent ... with shrieking echoing " Oh my GAWD oh my GAWD !! AH~!!!! " so I just tell david:"could it be an autograph session by Taylor Swift?" The huge crowd was actually the queue for the merchandises ... and the shrieking ?? -_-"' It's just a couple of girls looking at the pictures in their camera ... Lame ...
Dont get me wrong ... I love taylor and how her music has the ability to relate to each of our lives .. I just don't get the reaction they have just looking at photos ...
By the time we reach the front .. They didnt have the guitar picks i wanted to buy anymore ... and they refuse to give me the display set... -_-
The queue at the Merchandise Store ... Ps this is zoomed...
Lets take a look at the merchandise ... T shirts are really nice BUT SO EX!

So bad luck ! I went ahead to accompany Tian Hui to eat as promise while david went on and meet his relatives...
In the midst of buying Tian Hui's snack, David Sms me and told me that the gate is opened ! my chance to grab the guitar picks ! :P The queue to go in was SUPER long ... all this for a concert lol ! WOW

this is the queue to go in can u believe it ?

Luckily David got in first and he helped me buy the guitar picks lol
Look at my guitar picks ! hees I have plans on how to use it hehe !

So i got Seated first ... waited for david... for quite a while that i double check and make sure that i was at the right seat lol !
The people Behind me got the standing tickets for 178 !
The stage ... Covered ...

When the clock hits 7.30pm Local Artiste Sesari (no idea how to spell his name) lol he got this husky and sexy voice i think he sings good ! The crowd was very spontaneous... although when he ask everyone to sing along .. no one knows ... poor guy ..

Taylor didnt make her appearance til ... 8pm ... The crowd Cheered Everyone stood up ... even those seated at the back came to the railing to stand ... I swore the guy beside us sound like he was at the brink of crying ... and scream and shouted... When David asked me to stand up and shout... lol I dont think i need to and it's better for me not to do it as the phlegm in my throat is enough to choke me so there is no need to agitate them further ...
So within the enthusiastic crowd i think it make me look like i am the bored one or something ... I didnt Stand until some one stood in front of my seat lol ! I hope i didn't Seem like I gave David wet blanket or something lol...
SCREAM !! lol !

So Taylor appear in her Gold Mini Dress Which really compliments her hair ... then changed to a retro electric blue dress, then a long toga dress ... that became a mini toga once the long train fell ! COOL ! Lastly was a white Mini Dress...
Gold Dress That swayed with her as she move! Nice boots thou!

The Electric Blue Dress Cute ...

The Toga gown .. that...

Turns to this Cute Mini Dress When the Long skirt is taken off!
White Dress as she perform the last song !

What I Like about the concert was the graphics ! They really put alot of effort in the graphics ! I like how every song tells a story in the graphic ..
See ... ! Even though it's videoed live ...there are still special effects !
The perfect dress with the perfect background to sing enchanted !
The stage and Everything speaks youth!

Some how she really have all the pretty dresses ! Envy!

You see this is a over exposed picture but at in an artistic view, you can see how popular she is ! like a true idol !!

My overall experience was fantastic! Taylor was right on the note for every song even though I wish the crowd could be quite sometimes ... lol to contradict myself ... I love the Shouting and the sing along as well ! hahaha ! This i really didnt get it when i was watching Chinese Concert like Ah Mei , Wu Bai or Big 4 ,... I am wondering if it is the power of Taylor or is this a English concert culture ? And she sang a few of my favorite songs !
you see the girls standing behind me ?? lol thats why I cant seat anymore :P Look how excited they were ~

Overall I am a Very happy girl ... thou i feel old within all of these young crowd ... and i wonder did i ever shriek and get obsess with any stars at their age... Wait .. I havent! something is wrong with me :P Guess I am not just any ordinary girl ... I appreciate the music and the artist ... Appreciation and dedication needs no shouting or screaming .. just smile and they will know (some how)

Me ... and the stage before gg home ... This time is really bedroom hair lol ! funny

Sign Off !

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Dennis Knoppers said...

That concert was Flawless.
Did see it on March 7th.