Monday, March 28, 2011

EArth hour 2011

Yo guys !
I havent been posting lately isnt it ? LOL well I have aLOT of past event to update however until now .... I can't think of anything else to write other than EArth Hour... ! and of course my mum's pageant, Mrs Singapore Classic !
On to Earth Hour first ... It was 26th March Woke up super early in the morning .. For SNSC (swim meet ) Shagged ... Went over to qiao xuan house after that to have lunch and slack ..Look at her Bear sushi ... Cute right ? :D

Went over to Hong Kah North CC to help out for EArth Hour After that ... My sis and I have to knock doors together with students from west spring Secondary ....

AHEM very experiential ..
There was a door that has paint splashed on it.. I dont dare to knock ... I sold about only 4 tickets... WELL it was not bad ... considering I was the only one talking ...

We head back to have our Dinner ... LEe Wee Brothers Nasi Lemak,... cheap and tasty !

Then Sis Called me to gangster up !! I am getting a paint job... DRAGON !
DOnt play with me !! HOHO I might get my brothers down to beat ya up ...

As Gangster we are selling popcorns... let me intro you to my bros ...

Sengkiat... Popcorn scooper .. with SUPER CHEST ! lol ..

Jimmy , hot and steamy popcorn maker...

HEe Long ... Ice cream man !
Xiu ming gave the verdict of the pop corn !! HOHO !!

Together, we gave out popcorn and ice cream ... ! The queue was so long... we only knock off at 11 .. and because supply cant meet demand there were several complains about us being slow... hey! Jimmy needs time to make his popcorn HOT ~ Steamy hot Yeah ?

in the end ... we took a picture with ROSS :D before I was desperately finding some one to help us take a picture ... ask a little boy to take... guess what he took....

Lol ! I think it was accidental ? He's a boy afterall ...

Ok this is a better shot taken by an adult female ~

Overall it was pretty tiring ... before taking bath I JUST HAVE to take more photos of me and my dragon :D
Overall it was really FUN ! and .... tiring ... I over slept the NEXT DAY ! EEK !
Sign Off !
Leila !

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sometimes it's easier to just Hate

Sometimes it's not that I'm petty ... I get angry easily ... but my anger easily turns to sorrow because it stays there .... because I would rather cry and cry than to turn into anger again ... because if it turns to anger ... it turns to hate ... and I know it will be even more taxing on me to hate you than to cry and try to let reality sink to me that not everything will go the way I want it ... the only solution is .... to accept that this has happened and you cant change a person's character... lol it doesnt only happen with family it happen all around me ... my friends and etc ... lol ~ If I cried because of a certain thing that you do means... that you are important enough for me to get hurt and stay hurt for you ... So that you and I can still be friends .. and I wont judge you ..
How can human be SO selfish at times that they dont see how can little actions hurt another ?
like how it hurts ... when someone act during my birthday
Like how it hurts when it doesnt matter what I wanna say to you ... because you dont seem to care
Like how it hurts when trust is betrayed
Like how it hurts when you dont keep your promise
Like how it hurts when you have to leave me
Like how it hurts when you say about my character
and the list just goes on...

I am a class clown by nature ... but that doesnt mean clowns dont cry ... and PS: I am not refering to only just family for the list ... but it goes on and on to just friends buddies and even boyfriends

I guess I'll just be in my emotional state now... because that's how mun yeng is ... she is REALLY sensitive by nature ... unlike Leila ... She is stronger .. because the night covers the flaws and cracks that will show her weakness ...
having a moment of weakness doesnt mean that you can take advantage ... it'll be harder to .. because after this I'll only grow stronger because I have learn my lesson
Gambatte !

Sign off
Mun Yeng

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I wish

I wish I can have my mother back ...
When she will kiss me good bye at the fore head
I wish she wasnt as critical as she is now ...
Who am I to her ?
How can abide to her expectations ?
Cant I just be a little girl ?
Honestly I am tired and I am sadden whenever she
Tells ppl how what a ugly person I am ...
I am your daughter ... Arent I suppose to be beautiful in your eyes >?
It's as if you dont know I am hurting when tell me what a bad characteristic I got
No one will want me ...
Dont you know I will cry too ?
It's not only you who is hurting... ur stubborn daughter hurt too...

Today I'm just deeply saddened
I dont know what to do anymore ...
Can I just wish my mum can be back ?

your Sincerely
your ugly daughter

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Farewell My little Bro

yo !
I almost wrote dear diary.. lol If dear diary I'll be writing in my black book... literally :D okay after a quick confirmation my brother has been assigned to Hong Kong to do his attachment for 6 months. Attachment are never a profit ... you'll pay more than you earn... anyway with such a great opportunity .. Why turn it down ? My brother tried very hard for a good attachment overseas .. :D
Had a farewell dinner right before my ocbc cycle... :D we had a private room in Angus steak house again and I must say... their Steak is FANTASTIC! Angus steak house has never fail me in any way ... EVEN their home made bread is fabulous ! Lovely ... here's a sneak peek at the food ... feel free to drool ;)

Our appetizer.. Very special taste like takoyaki ! but it's fish and scallop

Cream of mushroom definitely not .... Canned Soup ! hoho !!
Fresh and appetizing salad ..

My tenderloin !! :D

you know how i love my steak :D
It must be ... red in the middle perfect !!
Strawberry short cake !

During the spectacular meal we drank wine to par with the steak .... 1 glass is strong enough to make my whole face red !

On Sunday ... after OCBC cycle was a shopping trip for my bro ... because there are many things to buy like work clothes ... and stuffs .... In the end ... for once the girls in the family did not buy anything the guys has bags of purchases .... LOL we are accompanying guys to shop and we didnt complain so shouldn't guys understand the same principles that Shopping needs to be done with ease not hastily ? After all that shopping ... it was Korean food time at Orchard central ... really worth it i tell you ... so many appetizer and it all taste FAB!

AHEM I have yet to try my cold stone ... YET lol !
Then it was off to the airport at Wednesday early morning ...Its my first time going to the budget airport ... some how... it look like a third world airport... lol LAME .. My dad and mum follow suit to arrange the accommodation ... Bye Bye bro ... I hope you take good care of yourself... your mummy will most probably miss you more than she misses me if I ever go lol !
For now ... I am still driven to do .. what I set out to do :)
GAMBATTE ! bro ur first job in HK !

one more family picture before going off...

Bye bye bro ... take care :D
Sign off

Monday, March 7, 2011

OCBC cycle 2011

yo !
After the preparation and the event day it is TIME ! to blog about the whole experience ! HOHO ! from my purchase of my bike to first time riding ... to ocbc cycle~ From registration on November til now I have worked really hard to buy my bike hees .. pad pad on my back :D at least I dont have to sit down and just wait for someone to fulfill my dreams ... I work for mine :P
Let me introduce my hubby to you :D I hope that my bike and I are like one :D AHEM !
MY beloved hubby ! HEES !

Yeah probably cost a bomb but when it comes to investment I have no regrets lol ! Even though I had my bike two week earlier I didnt get to ride it because of my prolong sickness.. Even though I do not like to be bed ridden given the circumstances it will be like drunk driving.... No such risk is worth it... :) (VL must be nodding in agreement lol! )

My helmet and gloves
MY lovely HUBBY !!! hees ! I love how the walls contrast with my new bike !

All are color coordinated EXCept the hand glove which is only available in blue because there weren't any other of my size left... So too bad ...

Because Qx didnt settle her bike ... she decided to rent at east coast park ... I'm not a fan of East Coast Park because personally I think it is really inconvenient and the beach isnt that fantastic either .. So it is a miracle that we travel all the way down to rent and pay for bike ... like what I told Qx previously that we are like Tai Tai nothing to do traveled all the way to to East Coast Park just to stroll... The moment we reach East Coast Park .... There weren't any breeze it was SO HOT! so Qx ... and I bought something cold to ease the Heat ... ;) After much deliberation qx rented at the first shop... It is the cheapest! at 30 sgd ~ hoho !
Poising at the statue where I think something everyone seeks ... Smile :D

Qx and her Refreshing drink ... hoho

The Red Bike is the one Qx and Qy rented !

Heading home after i found my home

Okay ... Qx bike is finally settled... BUT !! I havent ride on my own bike yet!! Due to late shipment and pro long sickness .. I didnt get to ride my bike until.... Wednesday!! :D my first ride with my hubby ... :D Met raf for a brief snack and talk since he was just around the corner teaching music... LOL ! Luckily it's raf not any other guy ... OR i would have embarrass myself... When I first mounted my bike I was SO SO scared... and wobbly ... so he was talking about balancing with one leg ... haha ~ After some teaching ... We went to get busy with our own stuff... I was busy with connecting with my new ride :D

My Virgin ride hoho !

The seat is quite painful lol

OPPS ! my first ride and already killed something LOL
On Friday we met up to collect our cycle pack before that I met my uni friends AFTER such a long time we have so many things to chat about not only that ... Non stop eating ! lol !! on that day I was like a bottomless pit ... haha ~ Shortly after that Met up with qx, qy, yh and Li wa (YES I spell correctly now hoho! ) Buy 1 get 1 burger ... Why not ? If we were to buy on any other day it will cost pretty high ... Overall the day was super tiring .... Woke up the next day with alot of muscle ache


The Burger

The sisters are pretty well Coordinate arent they? ;) I wonder what qy is covering tsk tsk SMS me !

Four BURGERS for the day !! HOHO

Event Night

The only pic I took with the cycle pack



After much waiting ... and planning ... The day is finally here !! serious mis communication in the morning ... Hectic ...

Met up at Millenia tower

Obviously this is a pretty sianed face right ? lol kidding la

Mel and her ride

Sisters preparing ...
But HECK the main reason is the ride ... to start off the race we went around ...pretty messy... Where the hell is the starting point?
lol ! This is the photo of the packed ... queue ...
Long queue
what is mel doing ,.... LEts zoom in ...

LOL !! it's mel and her two bananas ... :P funny ...
She was stuffing herself with bananas before starting ... abit -_-"' but I would soon realize it's necessary ~ lol !

We were the last heat because we reported at a later time ....After flagging off... I rode off ... confident that it'll be a pretty fast ride but ! I was wrong lol ... At the bridge we were all stuck ... because the lane were so tiny.. many people wanted to cheat by avoiding the queue and ride at the park beside the rode... I joined them thinking I would get lucky ... but we were all chased back ~ While riding ...I passed several places to eat !! The smell alone is intoxicating ! So hungry and thirsty ... even though I can drink while riding ... IT's not enough to satisfy me...

My 100 PLUS hoho

Bikers all at rest !

Luckily there is a stop point ... ~ the 100 plus is WOO HOO !! at one shot I drank two bottles ! lol ! while drinking ... I witness a high number of accident, broken hand... knee injury one even scar all the way to the face ~ WOAH ! obviously I can only describe I cant be a Bitch and take photo of people's pain to show you.. I think I'll get punch in the face lol .. Met up with my friend from Singapore Swimming association Samuel ... He's so sweet... He was willing to take care of my bike while i go to the loo ... :P chatted with him even got to know a volunteer from NTU.. After a pretty satisfying break i continue my ride with replenished energy thanks to 100 plus ! HOHOHO !

Near the traffic police game place I remember coming here during pri sch

On the phone with qx !

Had a few short stops... one to have a sip of 100 plus in my bottle another is to call Qx ... can u imagine ? I was the slowest ! ah ... embarrassing the rest waited for an hour for me .. EEEE ~ But guys ... thanks for all the waiting even though Mel is clearly VERY hungry ~ lol

we ate popeye ! !! HOHO AGAIN ! we can never get enough of Mash POTATO !! :D LOVE IT TO BITS

Hungry Mel ... lol

YES medal of achievement !

Qx and her medal of achievement !

Good work darling lol ..

Overall the timing are as follows ....
6388 Leila Foo Mun Yeng 2:40:07
6387 Melissa Wong 1:47:57.
6389 Chyau Shiuan Kek 1:34:57
6390 Chyau Yuan Kek 1:36:29.

So embarrassing !! my timing is the slowest ! sorry guys .. I will train !! further! hoho !
Go go girl POWER !!

your future riders lol !

After the meal we just went out seperate ways lol !
But it was a really NICe , Long ... Ride ... :)

Sign off!