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Why women should Earn more!

Yo Guys !
I am sure many people might oppose to this post as this is mostly bias towards women.. but some how it's true ... It might have been the high social standards that have been set up by media influences ... where guys will fantasize their partner to be on par as their favorite celebrity or perhaps features that reminisce the characteristic of either their mom of celebrity ... Thus adds to the social pressure for women..
Dont you wish your girl friend is as Pretty as Japanese Model Lena Fujii~?

(Or as cute and talented as Rainie Yang? )

Lets start with expenses on the face... Basic Facial care are essential to retain natural beauty without even trying to hard to cover beauty flaws with thick make up. For me. I do not like Neither Extensive Facial care Nor thick make up... My Best thing is not to do anything at all so you wont have to fuss about removing make up before you sleep or I need to worry about the time i need to spend on my face before going out resulting in being late for the meeting.
No I am not being Ironic complaining about my chores yet the pictures posted up are clearly well made up... I am just telling my opinion... So there are no right or wrong ... :P

Basic Facial Regime comprises of Cleanser, Toner, Moisturize and things you want to target on example my dark eye rings ... These alone may cost about 100 plus per month .. and I aint kidding .. I had my recent purchase of Fancl basic facial regime that will last me about a month plus costing about 100+ ... These are consider cheap.. Skin Food alone will cost me about 500 plus for 6 months so rather have my cost spread out rather than spending all at once.. Basic regime needs twice a day before and after make up. So let's just see all these investment are worth while or not..lol ..

Main problem comprises of :
  • Eye: Dark Eye Circle, Eye Bags or wrinkles
  • Chapped lips
  • Neck: Visible lines that really shows your age...

Make up are testing of a girl's creativity and technique is also about knowing yourself...Emphasizing the best features you have and covering your own flaws so you would be PERFECT for the opposite sex... But what is too much ? What is too fake? Didnt you want this in the first place? you were always saying that this taiwan actress is really cute... This American actress is smoking hot or this Japanese girl Kawaii ...Dont blame us for trying too hard when you set the standard ...

All these beauty are not as natural as you think each model are flawlessly made up, and nicely touched up with photo shop ... So imagine What will celebrity look like without make up and all the photo shop touch up ...
Venessa Hudgens without make up looks pale...

Katherine without make up what can I say she looks Stressed

Eva Longoria without make up definitely looks like a house wife lol

Christina??!! you sure that's her ! unbelievable

Avril looks like any plain jane girl along the street not like the rocker chick that she is..
Dont say I'm bias only criticizing the celebrities... Here's my photo without make up lol !
Without make up ... My dark eye rings are hideous okay fine you can't see right ? see this then
Can you see my dark eye rings now ?? lol ! yeah I'm a tired girl lol :P

With make up is bye bye panda mun yeng !! Hees ! WEE !!

Make up are very tedious it comprises of :
  1. Foundation
  2. Compact powder
  3. Blusher
  4. Eye shadows
  5. Eye liner
  6. Lip stick
  7. Eye Lash Curler
  8. Mascara
These are actually the regime I usually go for.. It takes me about ten- fifteen minutes to finish my make up. Consider speedy.. but if you want the emphasize the beauty of your eyes more you may wanna add some fake eye lash... so far I still have some difficulty in putting on fake eye lash ... It's difficult!! All and all expenses may add up accordingly

  1. Foundation 30sgd
  2. Compact powder 60sgd
  3. Blusher 30sgd
  4. Eye shadows 30sgd
  5. Eye liner 30 sgd
  6. Lip stick 40sgd
  7. Eye Lash Curler 20 sgd
  8. Mascara 30sgd
All these may add up to 270sgd or if there is fake eye lash included it may even conjure up to 300 sgd + for about 4 months? lol wow ... so lets just say expenses add up to about 200sgd per month... Face Alone ... So shouldnt we earn more money just to cover up our expenses in terms of face. If you were to calculate on a average wages of 2200 per month your face alone makes up to 10 percent of your pay... It's hard being a girl ... you have no idea how many times I have procrastinate that being a girl is tedious ... not only we have to fuss about our face we have to fuss about what to wear what we wanna portray ... If I were to choose I rather choose brains than beauty ... I dont really care if I am fat or thin ... But when there are parents like my mum ringing the you are fat siren whenever she meets her friend or whenever I gain weight it frustrates me... -_-"' I rather be slimmer than to hear I am fat everyday ...

When we are making an effort to make ourselves look more presentable shouldnt we get a grooming allowance ? I'm sure you wouldnt want a Ugly looking woman sitting at the desk across you doing work right ? you rather have a hot presentable woman sitting at the office .. Not only it portrays positive outlook towards your company ... It also portrays that this company employs good taste and smart woman :D

Same goes to marriage ... you wanna brag to me that inner beauty is way more important than outer beauty ... HONESTLY ... what do you see first ? her looks or character? The inner beauty answer is just a Civic and moral model answer that you tell woman to make them feel at ease ... I used to believe it last time but after a while ... Guys tend to say ... why dont you go lose weight or something... They want you to improve ... on your looks ... If I feel comfortable ... shouldnt you be accepting who I am too ? After a pregnancy and all do you think my body wouldnt change in the future ? lol ! Unless you wanna pay for my slimming treatment la I dont mind .. :P

(Who doesnt wanna be as slim as Christy ?? If I have money I wouldnt even mind paying after giving birth to childrens )
After much deliberation, there will always be a debate on whether making so much effort to make yourself pretty is worth it or not.. Many people may say ... I'm not the one who ask you to do all those tedious stuff... why blame it on someone when it's clearly you who is lack of confidence... lol! I am confident of who I am .. but lets face it ... People love pretty things ... If you look like a ghost people criticize and remember your worst moment rather than your finest ... I wonder how will I look Like with every thing .. fake eye lash and Color contact and all.. will you say I'm fake ? OR maybe you wouldnt recognize me at all~ lol Never judge the book by its cover... maintaining your looks doesnt mean you dont have the brains there are many girls that can have both brains and beauty... So Guys,... Watch out ! Here we come ;)

Sign off !

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