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Mrs Singapore & Mrs Singapore Classic

time to blog about my family's experience :) After several weeks of preparation, the day is finally here ! Honestly I was thinking that this function brought daughter and mother closer... Went to shop and paired accessories according to trends and gowns ... In time to come I even have to help her change during the competition... LOL
SO... ANYWAY... back to the day of competition, I loan Qx dress to wear but my relative says it's way too short ... ( erm I'll return after washing) lol So as usual ... I dug my mum's wardrobe :P My mother has 2.5 wardrobe ... LOTs of clothes.. remember me saying that im gonna the false eye lash n color contacts one day and see whats the difference ??? TADAA!!
My sister and I ... Both of us has False eye lashes on .. mine with additional of contacts ... What do you think ?

MY fiance and I last year... Trying to find same type of hair and make up so I can do comparison with false and non False ... So what do you think >? False better or non False ?

Do you see any vast difference ?? LOL anyway I got my answer ... Guys like girls with false Eye lashes and color contacts better ... because I just so happen to meet norman my uni mate.. and for the first time he compliment me ~ SO ... I guess it just answer my query that girls with falsies are more attractive ... What do you think ?

Woke up early in the morning to attend SNSC short course ... officiating swimming competition in the early morning can be really tiring .. UNTIL you got splashed by swimmers ..
My Dad picked me up and he was talking about getting a bouquet of flowers for mum when she gets into top 8(Yeah.. both my parents are REALLY confident ) So we pick up my sister head down to jurong point to look at the flowers available unfortunately they only have roses and lilies(either buds or those that will wilt SOON ) For once we only spend 30 mins or less in jurong point .. Left earlier and went to pick up my relatives who came ALL the way from KL to support my mum .. arent they sweet.. Head down to Holland Village in hopes that the Florist in Holland V has more exotic flowers ... Abit of improvement but... They were out of pink lilies.. so The florist designed the bouquet with white roses (MY FAVE) The bouquet is so beautiful and affordable.. cost about 100 dollars .. ( I KNOW it's expensive .. but.. HEY ! it's WAY cheaper than Jurong point..)
PRetty bouquet of whites ... elegant isnt it ?

Then it is getting ready for the night ! Putting contacts ... make up and everything was easy EXCEPT false Eye lashes.. while putting it on my aunty was laughing REALLY loudly behind me ... -_-"' she says I look hilarious how i try so hard to put something hairy on my eye .. then she started asking if wouldnt it be itchy when there's something poking at ur eye? ( all things girls will do for beauty..)

Went to Orchid country club for the competition the location was really grand double volume spaces ... if i were to compare it to a hotel .. It's way better and cost friendly to hold your wedding dinner there ..

We were 2 hours early so we visit our mum at the back stage, took some photos to pass time ...
During the competition ... I was in front taking all the photos .. honestly I'm glad i didnt wear Qx dress or I will be totally exposed and ... I have done so many hours of kneeling and squatting .. I was SO SO tired when the competition is over.. when my mum is on stage i was kneeling and squatting ... when my mum is at back stage I ran off to help her change... (YES I see alot of undies and naked women ... NOT my usual style... i feel weird lol )

Past winners and present contestants
My daddy with an elvis presley's hair ? Anyway that's what he thought of ..
Me and my Marc JAcob bag :) Love it lots !
My sister and her Fiance does she look Korean ? hees

Say Hi to my Gu Gu and Gu Po ~ from KL ! :D

The competition was section to mrs Singapore (younger ones) and MRs Singapore Classic.. (older women) comparing to the beauty or course younger ones win .. TO be fair if my mum compete at their age, I ensure she will be at least at the top eight ! once my dad that no matter how much I may look like my mum , I will never be comparable to her beauty and grace... ( yeah my dad is really sweet isnt he ? there is no other lady that will replace my mum.. )
Lets take a look at photos of the competition shall we? you wouldnt wanna read so much words anyway :P
The begining of competition .. where everyone dance to SEX and the City 2 Movie song, I am Woman
My mum giving introduction on herself
My Mum Singing and Dancing for her talent show, Dancing and singing is Very common .. One even did yoga ~ :P

Parading in their evening gown

The sponsored gown was very elegant and nicely designed it made my mum look slim :P

Here I present to you TOP 8 of Mrs Singapore Classic !
My mum and her singing teacher, Fang Zhong Hua he's VERY proud of my mum :)
My dad and mum
My dad has to walk my mum on stage for the top 8... and I swear this looks like a second wedding lol ! :) Later my mum has to give a speech on the platform she would like to have when she wins ... being a victim or past patient of cancer .. my mum dedicate herself to bone marrow transplant foundation

This lady here has a VERY moving speech about losing her daughter because she suicide ... The body was so disfigured that the medics and police did not let her see the body ... So she decided to come for this competition and live life to the fullest ! Her sincere platform moved me so much that I have to shake her hand and praise her on her speech and ideology of living life to the fullest ... ! It's not everyone who can fulfill this they are easier said than done.. If people know me ... I always stress that I do not have much time left.. Not being pessimistic but this is to remind myself that I am not gonna let time float by and let fate and god decide what I wanna do I wanna grasp EVERY moment in my life and do what ever I want... be it natural death or end of the world I would not want to live in regret knowing that I was half of my life wondering away..

My mum winning 3rd in the talent competition
My dad and my stylist winning the lucky draw .. REALLY lucky of her :D

and yes ~ this is my mum winning the Mrs Singapore Classic ! and my dad is crowning her ... Look how proud he is .. !
and may I present to you Mrs Singapore ! :) she has a really sweet smile !

Congrats to my mum and all the ladies out there to set out examples to us younger ladies !
These are the beauty queens of Singapore 2011 ~
Congrats mum ! you deserve the win

Our Family photo without my lil bro but I'm sure he's proud of his mummy in Hong Kong

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