Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yo !
I'm in the train back home right now .. So I was thinking of penning Down my thoughts I've been for a couple of days ...
I know it may sound insensitive but try to see in our girl's perspective too ..
In the past guys are perhaps less emotional than they are now .. Maybe they might not be able to succumb to their ego to voice their feeling or .. There was no such culture existing in Asia yet. I have been meeting all kind of guys and I do know you guys have emotions and you are just expressing it ... Let me ask u a question: " HOW can you miss me when ... You only met me twice in the store ??"
I'm talking about feasibility here how am I suppose to believe you miss me when right before that you were asking me out in the middle of the night to dance at some club?
Honestly, I hate guys asking me to club ESP when I do not know you well enough for me to trust you . I may sound cocky but I know my assets and I find myself at a vunerable or dangerous situation .
Once my boss told me :" all men are dogs" and he is right . I could catch guys taking a glimpse of my boobs ... I don't ask for it when I dress attractively .. I was doing my own study survey a couple of guys how could tgey take advantage of a vunerable girl when all she wants to have fun ?
Majority replied :" some how they ask to be taken advantage because of their dressing and body language .
Oh PLEASE !! Why dont i rape you when you are dressed attractively ? This is load of bull shit .., some girls do want you to come ... Some girls just want to have some fun . So cant you read the signs and do things at a proper time ??
So the morale of this post is there is always a proper time to express your feelings and when to keep it shut .. I may seem like an open kind of girl but if you want me to believe you, you got to give some time when I built my trust with you . I am not stupid to believe in your sweet nothings when I only met u twice ..
Your sweet nothings will only end with NOTHING !
I am not insensitive to guys I'm just practical so don't blame me for my lack of reaction . Blame reality :P oh hey ! I've reach boon lay interchange ! Haha !
Sign off !

Monday, May 9, 2011

Thriller Live

Whilst I was making a scrap book , my boss Ravi sms me : Leila, do you wanna watch thriller live tonight ??
Me: OMG YES !!
hahaha I was that excited.. I heard so much about the concert. Even thou thursday night is kick boxing night ... BUT I really wanna watch the concert ...
Critic : CONCERT was FANTASTIC !!!
The Dancing, was great Singing Fantastic ...
I was going to expect some Micheal Jackson Wanna be at the concert doing his thing BUT it was more of a tribute than a copy ...
The only thing that i will nit picking is the lighting.. It can be irritating to have spot light shining at your face ...
At the concert I laughed I dance I cry ... and this is the particular song I cried to... The singer was so emotional I felt his pain.. and I tear ... Making me tear is a BIG deal especially for movies .. people tear while watching Titanic... I didnt .. -_-"' I guess to me a movie is just a fantasy HUH ! Went in at 7.30 came out at 10 plus ... TELL ME isnt it worth it !! DEFINITELY !! I wouldnt mind watching again if I have a steady income !!
After the concert i awake the True MJ fan in me .. afterall he has some greatest song I have listen to in my childhood ! and I wish he wouldnt have just died out of drug overdose... It's really a pity when the king of music dies ...
and because of this concert I am gonna HUNT down the greatest hit of MJ !! play it all night long and dance AWAY !!
go watch it ! it's a Must watch ! even if you get the lowest price ticket at 110sgd it's STILL worth EVERY PENNY !! trust me ! When I use caps !

Sign off !