Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birthdays !

This is A SUPER late post from my daddy's birthday to .. May babies birthday :D lol !
For my dad's birthday I decided to make kimchi soup and bim bim bap ...along with a birthday cake of course ... In order to practice my decorating skills for the first time I volunteered to do a cake for my dad because I know he has been nagging at me for making cakes for only my friends !
shall we illustrate the occasion with pictures ?
my sis say that this time I'm really trying to out do myself with ALL the things I wanted to do ... all at once.. with my sis's help we made a perfect dinner !
btw .. Check out my red velvet ! :D it is my first time baking a red velvet and making gum paste to decorate !

and yes ! this is a super UNGLAM picture of me .. preparing the food... Obviously I bath and I dont comb my hair .. I nv comb my hair btw :P so if you were wondering how can my hair be so straight and tame, Well ! BETS me :P
Dinner layout for the night .. :D Ban Hock( my sis's Fiance came as well )
Closed up on the bim bim bap ! YES it's a GIANT bowl of bim bim bab so we can all mix together like one big family :D
Let's see what's the verdict shall we?
WELL my dad look engross enough :P haha ! So I guess it's good food !
and because my brother is in hong kong, we took the lap top in and blew the candle together.. isnt it sweet... I guess my family really miss my brother ! especially my mum ! I know I may sound bad but i hope they wouldnt be this way when I leave :D

Then it's the may babies Trio birthday ! lol To challenge myself I made a so call three in one cake! Red velvet, Rasberry Cheese cake and oreo base in one ! dont ask me why am I so free to do all this Am I crazy ? Some times I think I am crazy ! lol ! and I did say I was practicing the gum paste decorating.. this time I made .. roses !

Up close on the roses ! What do you think ? I use the method taught by some one who has clay art for their hobby during my primary school~
Guess how many hours I spend to make this cake ?? GUESS ! I baked from 11pm to 2pm the next day ! that makes 15 hours ! I was SO SO tired ! Yes ! I know professional bakers only need few hours .. but this is according to recipe man ! Verdict, the cake was too heavy to be treated as a dessert but I shall give a pat on my own back for putting so much effort for the 3 birthday girls !

happy birthday to MAy babies and my daddy ! hope you all enjoyed my cooking .. Sorry I cant show you the pictures of pretty birthday girls .. because melissa took pictures with her DSLR and as usual you probably have to wait til NEXT YEAR til the pictures are out . My last year picture are'nt out yet... LOL !
Sign Off !