Monday, July 25, 2011

I invented Angelina Jolie Lips

Funny vid about cosmetic surgery and pageants... I guess there will always be a controversy between natural beauty and man made beauty ... but hey ! if guys wouldnt like girls with beauty... we wouldnt be pressurized either ! I may sound sexist at the moment... but... blame the guys... haha they cause our misery .. if you werent so hard to impress we wouldnt go to extreme measure !
Watch this Vid! it's hilarious ! If these tools can make me prettier I can do my own cosmetic surgery using my tool box! :P
Do you think i need it ? thinking ... STILL thinking ....

Sign off !

Romanticism Lives ...

were you waiting for me to post anything up ?? Well ... Let me show you a FANTASTIC Dating place the cake isnt that good but the ambiance... is ROMANTIC with capital :D hees
Many people might disagree with the word romanticism but when i look at the paintings on the wall it's all I can think of ... DEFINITELY not medieval era ... what do you think my designer friends :D okay let's just take a look at all the photos below and we'll judge alright ?

Introducing, The Cheesecake Cafe... those who likes one of a kind cheese cakes ... do feel free to explore :D but i did tell you the cakes arent fantastic for the price
BUT take a look at the ambiance...

Photographers will LOVE taking pictures here ... unfortunately.... there are no photography allowed unless there are people in it ... THUS explains our self obsess pictures with mirrors ! so dont judge :D even thou I do have ALOT of self pictures ... all for blogging baby all for blogging


According to tiramisu expert, Vl , the tiramisu is the best among the cake we ordered ... it melts in ur mouth and the liquored sponge is soft and moist just the way i like it :D

Rum and Raisin Cheesecake Qy says that this is the popular cake in this cafe,.. but honestly i couldn't help cringing my face whenever i take a bite definitely not cringing with fear ... but with disgust ... you might defer from my view but the rum soak raisin just does not go well with the creamy cheese cake they have ...

Fresh mango cheese cake was among the best of the cheese cake ... mango was light and slightly sweet give the right acidity to the creaminess of the cheese cake together with some crunch at the bottom overall it was a well balanced cake (WOW I think i watch too much master chef Australia lol )

Oreo Strawberry cheese cake ... some how i wish the strawberry part was marbled or mixed with raspberry puree or strawberry puree instead ... to me it just taste like strawberry flavouring with some attempts of using strawberry bits to cover up... so it was not horrible but just alright ...
perhaps my expectation was a lil higher ? haha but i'll definitely be back for tea and tiramisu :D

Qy busy taking photos of the food ... and OPPS ! Vl caught me ! ... is she giving me the disapproving look? lol okay fine ... how about a proper photo??
Yum my chamomile tea :D hees
this is a proof of how powerful Black berry flash is ... haha! the lighting is all by the black berry phone ... but i am liking this picture ! arty ...

Sofa seating the man in the mirror .... is just waiting for us to get off the seats because we are hogging theirs for photos ... opps! but he is really spontaneous look at him ... clearly smiling at the camera :D KUDOS !

And we shall now show u all our mirrored pictures :D hey i took quite some time adjusting the lighting for the pictures because i just dont like to use flash ...

Doesnt seem like plenty here but if you were to browse though my camera perhaps .. we have taken ever mirrors possible ... and finally the boss came and say let us help you take a picture ...
guess we were... invading their mirrors? lol BUT WE JUST CANT HELP it ! all the pretty mirrors ...
well overall even though we paid some hefty price for cheese cakes ... the mirrors made it all worth while... Ambiance is something when it comes to cafes... who cares about the food! lol !

ok got to go !
Sign off

Friday, July 15, 2011

HArry Potter's LAST MOVIE!

yo !
Watched Harry potter and the deathly Hallows at Imax yesterday. It was good the effects are great I just wish they wouldnt play cheat on their special effects so much because there were alot of blurred scenes.
I had ten friends all together watching and for the sake of the occasion I made Harry Potter Specs! IT is a lil geeky lol ! because my sizing is all wrong ... but you will give me A for effort wont you ? hees
Overall I enjoyed the experience :D practically grew up with Harry from teenager to an adult ! how time flies ! I dont love it but I dont hate it either ! it was more like PHEW ! I finish the whole series ! 8 YEAR STAMINA ! and it aint easy ! Kudos to all the cast!

PErhaps next time Harry becomes hairless potter.
LAME anyway here are the GEEKY pictures !
People say that I look like Chicken little .....
Do i ? lol SERIOUSLY well anyway he's cute :P so I'm Cute too ! hees


The Poly Archi 1 Trio ! (ps I forgoten what's my class name haha )

and here we are ! ALL GEARED UP for MR HARRY POTTER !! THE BOY THAT IS DESTINE TO DIE BUT DIDNT! woops! what a spoiler as if you didnt read the book already ! lol
okay ! sign off guys !
have a great weekend!
I have a old rail way walk tomorrow and I cant wait ! :D
Tata !

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Step Foward two steps back

Hello !
not like I'm emo or anything but I just wanna share this video with you . YES it's an oldies .. and this song CLEARLY doesnt tell you how he or she enjoy hitting on girls at the club or having SEx with strangers ! This song applies to all people.
one step up and two steps back... one step forward and two steps back
how many people actually get frustrated that whenever you look at your life you feel as if you got no where ? because we are moving one step forward but two steps back ! thats why :)
I always review my life on my birthday and It always burden me ... saddens me about my achievement but! let's just cross my fingers this year! lol !

Why am I so random?! lol well to share with you I just had this thought
Yes it's true that it frustrates me to see myself far back but ... sometimes I'll be a happier person taking a step back ... and I think I will now :D decided to take a step back and invent a "OFF" button in regards of concerning or poking at people's matter . not KPO ( busybody ) for Christ Sake ! it's looking out for who you care for.. but since people choose to do so .. who am I to judge and stop them ? It's gonna be hard but... I WILL TRY MY VERY BEST

If god does look out for me, invent me a "off" button please because it's getting tiring now
but I still love to know the reality (although it might be ugly at least it protects myself)
haha just a random thought !

Tata !
Leila !

Enjoy the song and share ! SHARE your experience in life with this song :D

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hitler reacts to "The Fun Pack" song dislikes.

This is EVEN more hilarious i swear omg ! haha Hitler and fun pack song hahaha !!
Watch it !

Fun Pack Song

Fun Pack have been a commotion lately ! Funny I laughed ! alot of people dislike and feels disgraceful but I really feel that it's a good marketing ploy ... SEE NOW EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT the FUN PACK SONG ! lol !

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Just a quick entry

hello !
Not like anyone misses my bimbo-tic blogging lol anyway who takes blogging super serious anyway ? lol !
Been busy working ... I must say it's pretty tough.. When the company aint doing good ... you feel the pressure but you know that once you have any achievement it will feel great ! At times I do cry in front of my boss (yes I know It's not professional) I treat my boss as my friend so I do not intend to hide anything from him or play any politics ... as usual crying scares people but I can't help it...
But I am thinking positive and I will maintain my positivity and NO MATTER what I think we all will pull through business aint easy .. so it will be a GREAT place to learn ...
Working OT at the moment ... Sick , having Flu SO what life's goes on Ultimately I seek comfort with my bolster... because I know thats the only thing I have that doesnt play politics (who can the bolster talk to lying on the bed the whole day ? )
Funny thing is that I dreamt CH went and cut my bolster apart and I cried in reality ... haha SILLY dream ... Kinda realize I have place too much reliance on a bolster . And it scares me a little ... Reliance is weakness. Everyone knows that .
Thats why Never rely too much on anyone because disappointment only grows with it ...
Prays that I will grow out of my reliance soon ... Even thou I am not as bad as ... Ahem and Ahem ( Shall not put names )
When I start work I always nag at my bolster :" Wah ! shiok ah ! can just relax and lie on the bed the whole day while I go out and earn money for you ... " haha it's as if bolster is my house wife... but .. It takes off the stress !
I SWEAR ! NOT a big weirdo there must be PLENTY of people doing this as well ( They Deny only)
Soft toys are rubbish to me ... because I only hug my bolster lol !
Sign off !

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anger stays

I'm not enjoying holding grudges yet I am holding it because it made such an impact that I'll nv ever forget ... The world is so ugly ... Men cannot be trusted, friends and sometimes family... For now I trust my family the most but I doubt their judgement at times ... Friends I trust them to tell the truth and be frank yet the closeness and possessiveness can kill... Men they only want nothing but sex ... Can they view me as a equal human being ? Someone who he can count on and someone I can count on when I need him ...
The world is turning for the worst admist all these chaos who can I trust and let go my anger and live happily ??
Even when i talk about the past my anger. Boils because u hv hurt me so must I rather be angry than to feel sad Anymore... If i were to be sad I'll ultimately hurt mySelf ... Which I am still doing ...
I realize that until I can open my heart to trust again these anger will never simmer ... And I pray that my patience persist and we shall meet :)
The time will come destiny will prevail . I ain't rushing I'm just leting someone of a higher being to do their work ... While I work on myself ...