Sunday, August 21, 2011

Emo analogy

Just a random post (not random At all if you know what's happen or me lol ) just a thought in my head while bathing . Sometimes you ask yourself why do people emo ? (usually short for emotional) call me prejudice but when men go emo I can't stand .. Girls I'm alright . Lol well to me emo is selfish because it's a time when you indulge in self pity, depressed on what's what's happening in your own life . Emo is practically in your own world . I know alot of people will beg to differ and argue .. What if I am emo-ing because of the misfortune of another person? Well you feel sad for him or her at first (that's call sympathy ) but gradually when you ask what's happening to life you question your own life and own vision of the world.. In the end it will be all about you .. Just like drawing a circle .
If emo is selfish, why do people indulge ? Or at least why do Leila say indulge ? Are you sure it's an indulgence if it's gonna be negative and sad ?? The reason I say indulge is because you are enclosing yourself in your own world, giving attention all to yourself. Why would people be emo ?! We emo because we fail to seek attention of the people we matter ...
I know this is random but I just have to pen down my thoughts :) it maybe a duh to some body but it maybe a nod in agreement to another.
As we live our life people will turn selfish because we find out that there are no other people to rely on other than ourselves ... But we must not forget our surroundings it will hurt people when you are in your own world .., may not seem like it to you until someone is hurt ... Haha so it's up to you if you want to step up and argue it out .. Or stay angry that people do not understand your situation . The longer it drag the more hurt induce ...
Living in a selfish world I must say it's bloody hard .. To be honest , I am lonely I feel lonely all the time (if you question why perhaps you do not know me yet yes ! This act is selfish to when you pretty much count how many me's in my post. Blogging is another self indulgence) haha ! So gather up lonely people ! Tell yourself let's not indulge in selfishness anymore !! And love others ! But beware ! (don't tell me I didn't warn you) you need to learn that not every seed you sow will reap ! Thus you can't expect anything from anyone ( I learn it the hard way and I still can cry over it lol ! Stubborn me ! )
I am way back log on my posting ! But I'll update soon alrights !
Meanwhile , indulge in my selfishness ! :D
Sign off !

Thursday, August 11, 2011

NDP 2011 Theme Song - In A Heart beat

Just to share this music video in case people dont know what the hell is Leila talking about ... to me, this song displays of love and hope .. touches people's heart dearly because if u tell someone I would do anything for you in a heart beat ... means ... you know what :P
Sign off!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NDP 2011

Yo !
I know there is a HUGE lack of updates SO many things happen but i'll update later ! Lets just all start with a happy note , Singapore's Birthday :) this year I got the National Day Parade (NDP) thanks to Kai Ling hees :) We did our usual count down this year... we are doing balloon sculpturing! :) those people who knows me personally I am scared of balloons bursting ! and yet ... haha I am so proud of myself, I've learn how to make flowers, sword and dog :P
and YES National Day all geared up in White and red... and black (AHEM black is not included in the flag but I'm just scared of dirtying my white pants so What are you gonna do ? )
Yong Hao and I met up at Jurong point ... and he was one hour late -_-"' I should have given him a morning call..
This year's NDP fantastic ! fantastic music, Fantastic show of our country's defence FANTASTIC FIRE WORKS ! if you think I'm exaggerating, I am not! The pictures will not do any justice it just defend my view that's all... plus ... the light stick... haha yong hao and I were just Crazy about the photo effect thus we cam whore quite a bit ! (yay! finally a guy who takes picture with u enthusiastically ) After the NDP we were all tired ... :P sleepy... ESP yong hao he was sleepy at the very beginning! and he woke up late! Jey !
I would LOVE to go to the NDP every year... I am SO PROUD to be living in Singapore ! although i'm a pretty oxy moron but Singapore still have my whole childhood .... so I am grateful to the country. :S
Okay pictures to illustrate the moments !

LEt the count down to Singapore's Birthday Begin ! :D
The Master who did Amy Khor's Flowers :D
In the Midst of making my flowers :D lol !
Oh! my hero knows how to fold balloons ! WEE !!
I'm all Geared up to celebrate Singapore's birthday !
Look at all the goodie bags !! remember the fun pack song ? thats the FUN PACK haha
see the guys in blue ? they do balloon sculpturing too! :D and they made lollipop for me!!
Us and my pink lollipop ! SUPER cute !
I have my pin on and ready to celebrate! WOO HOO
I love this picture personally, the sky and the expression on people's face
YES it's starting ! Woo hoo !

The Red Lion is landing !

Marine Defense !
and now for the anthem ... surprisingly all singaporeans sang loud and PROUD !

and I'm part of all of it ! :D

The under water prequel where the helpers ... had to blow all the BIG bubbles to let us have a feel of the under water world ... unfortunately we got slap by the bubbles right at our face .. or else it would be magical ! :D

yong hao and his... 3rd try on getting the light stick effect hee bet he will LOVE this picture!

MY turn with the light stick :D

AND let the fire work start
I am definitely not giving justice to such a spectacular skyline of fire works hey ! I'm using a point and shoot ! shutter speed are slow !~

One of my Fav... picture of the fireworks
and AH! the Finale! I have personally watch the fireworks for the third time and finally the whole arrangement make sense and I LOVE IT! look and the skyline !
Apparently after party we were too busy taking pictures and singing a couple of club hits !
Majulah (means Onward) Singapore !!

(I Love love love my lollipop balloon hees ! )

(How can we not take a picture of the theme of the whole event ? )

on our way home

Time to SQUEEZE our way back home ! too bad we have no cars !
so thats all folks on our national day it might not be as fantastic as those who are in another country but it's adequate to touch the hearts of citizens especially the song ! I almost teared... Please anyone who sang the song I'll be SO SO touched unless you are already black listed by me lol !
Sign off peeps !