Thursday, September 29, 2011

Autumn Fest ! 2011

Yo ~
I know it's SUPER DUPER belated but ... ~ Happy autumn Festival :D For a bunch of girls nearing mid 20s .... playing sparklers and lantern might seems childish to some but it is nice to be a child once in while :D Four of us light up a THE Whole slide check it out ! heh !

I know it's FREAKING awesome ! :D and romantic ... once i watch A fav comedy of mine , the Nanny I remember her saying when a woman is coming of age, candle light compliments her when she's over 40 moon light does the magic! I know we are not that old either but ! AHEM it does compliment ! pretty! :D
How do u know when you are getting old ? I tell you ... When u light up the whole slide and you stay back to clean the wax off ! lol !
when you're young u just head off after play ... Now we had to scrap off the wax ! haha ! Oxy moron .. I must say one way i must say we are considerate... another way ...we are inconsiderate .. -_-"' we scratch the whole slide ... while scraping the ... wax off ! OMG !
spot something in the fire ? I won't say much haha ! :P

OKay this is going to be a short post... SO HAPPY HALLOWEEN !
at least this time I aint late :P

Sign Off !