Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to me 2011

Yo !
Finally it's my own birthday ... As usual ...whenever birthdays are coming it's time to reflect on my own life... Life hasn't been exactly to plan .. I can either choose to be frustrated or to be grateful for what I have, and negatives are stop before proceeding forward.
Perhaps having high expectation of one self puts you down. Even there's a need for reality check, since people are already putting you down the more you should pick yourself up to neutralize it isnt it?
While working temp an auntie gave me an advice,

Waiting is to anticipate your future without a time line,
thus time pass faster.
Wishing is to anticipate your future within a time frame,
Disappointment comes and time pass slower.

I dont know how true this is but i am willing to try. :D

Anyway on a brighter note, Here is my quarter century birthday celebration pics !
Rented a Yacht at
we spent more than 4 hours in the Yacht and I wish it never end I love the sea.. water generally.. It gives me a sense of peace...
It took me two days to marinade the food ... AND I was about 30mins late. thank goodness we made it in time for sunset. :D
1 degree 15 :D

we just have to go up to highest level to take the sunset ... !


THE SUNSET ! beautiful isnt it :D the orange yolk that reflects on the sea all these reminds me of oil painting and my hand itches to grab my painting knife and start painting the spectacular view !
Lovely background perfect for pictures ! further more poloroid ?! LOVES thanks to samantha for lending me her camera for the GREAT pictures !
My artistic photo for looking far ahead lol !
Mel, Fiance and fellow birthday girl, Qy !

Salute !

my fiance and I ... the wind was SO SO strong several pictures ago my hair was whipping her face ... SORRY fiance MUACK MUACK !
Look at my fiance's new hair style :P hees
What do you think this picture is :D
Dinner time ! poor ch ! STARVING :P

OPPS ! mel and Xq got caught ! doing ahem !
There is a place to soak your feet TOO BAD it's at night... CANT jump in and swim
you must be wondering why do i have the towel wrap around my waist... well THATs because I accidentally pour coke on my trousers and mel was snapping away ... -_-"'
GREAT FRIENDS I HAVE but the incident was funny ! every just AHhhh~!!! haha

Hello ! Deal ! I tried to sleep up at the roof, the yacht rock me like a mother rock her child in the cradle .. :D I love that feeling
Passion fruit cake bake by me and decorate by my friends because I am too too BUSY ! good job thou haha !
Birthday girls :D

making our wishes... looking at the candles bcause I specially bought the candles since there is pink fire ! BUT NO!! take a look
do you see any pink light ? BLUFF me ... :X
Love the colorful icing
the night is pack with fireworks ! :D


and some personal time :D

The Yacht ! :D haha

more to come on my REAL birthday celebration :D hees

Sign off !