Wednesday, November 2, 2011


yo !
BEST Halloween EVER ! Universal Studio Singapore, Avalon, BGM ! AWESOME FUN PACK Halloween = Flu ... -_-"' Bummer !
Lets start with BGM ! for the longest time EVER since I have been dealing with the publicity the DAY is here ! I am very excited to see our product !
Check it out ! the cover page was done within an hour but ! the concept was well thought along with the content :D Thanks to publicity team especially Jeffrey ... for lending a hand in SUCH a tedious project! Lets take a look at our Hkn cc Yec BGM shall we? No Idea when did blogger change the format of pictures in Post -_-"' probably it might be html problem ... anyway ! Alvin came to support ! thanks sis ! so did my parents and my sis 's Fiance :D Majority of our YEC peeps are spontaneous! they have spooky make up and costumes ! :D hees ! OH ya Sorry Qx ! didnt get to ask you it was a last min to change to a jap vampire instead of a bride .. ( it doesnt make sense to be a "single bride" ) you for permission to wear your yukata. It was a last
Of all the loot of photos above .. my fav is probably me eating fish and chips lol ! Now you seen vampire in a different light :P

Once some one told me that halloween is a festive that girls can get away dressing like a whore../slut and getting away with it ... ( I swear i didnt say this why would i scold my own gender? ) first reaction from every girl is anger I would too but hey if i can be slutty i will but this season I love the comment "you LOOK hideous!" Fantastic ! I dont need to have a neat hair .. I dont need to have fabulous make up ! just be messy and you shall succeed ! WEE ! my girl friends are fantastic ! we have a sexy cop.. and pussy cat (MEOW) and a rag doll ! I do appreciate guys taking the effort :D haha after MUCH persuasion !
Avalon is a pretty high end club .. Good remixes but the crowd dancing on the floor does not hype the whole place ... there were several performances too ! I guess we paid high price for entertainment.

Now USS !!

Gate opened at 8 ! ... Since Yh, Karin and I havent had our dinner .. we've decided to have our dinner at mel's drive in ! Unfortunately not opened by the mel we knew.. haha ! the burger was so so ! but for the same price, I'll rather eat at Carls Junior :P OMG i am sounded exactly like Mel O.O hees ! by the time we've finish eating the peranakan haunted house was already packed with a TWO hours QUEUE ! we wouldnt wanna risk that would we ? Thus we head on to the next best alternative ... The haunted house with rotting corpse? lol ! even thou we knew we would have to queue more than an hour, we would rather queue and have one and I say ONE haunting experience at USS than none...
The experience hmm is a bit funny ? NO .. we are not sadist haha it's just... hmm attempts to scare us is funny :P there were several awkward moments with people who are suppose to scare us ... the man at the back of us even ask " If you're scared why muffled your ear? shouldn't you cover your eyes instead" hmm that's my thing I'm more affected by sounds than visuals .. That's why I dont like watching horror film ... because by the end of it my ears will be SORE !
Overall I LOVE the USS experience ! LOVE IT ! next time I will buy the Express pass ! :D

I would LOVE to go back any time compared to 13 cell, Avalon or night safari Halloween Night!

Sign off !
MUahahaha ! happy BELATED Halloween ..!
Pissed off before... I Bite you !