Wednesday, December 21, 2011


After holding on every ounce of hope ... It finally drain down on me today .. the repair man pronounce my LCA dead ... there were major problem that makes my photos SO EERIE ... automatic multi exposure. So I went to message the shop owner/sales assistant.

the first issue was raise during the 3 month warranty
the button was loose when it was sold to my friend the shop assistant reassured my friend that they will fix it for me ...
and in the end the button was indeed LOST and when mel and I went back to the shop, they just say why you lost the button?! so they promise to replace my button . and this is what happen.
Mei is the shop assistant and business partner so I was asking her what are my options because I already start to feel insecure. So now I was asking about buying a NEW LC-A+ ....
So Mei decides to charge me 25 dollars if I buy the new one which i think it's not worth it ... because it was a gift ... I rather bear with just the button.

SO NOW .... I have winder problem , the film backing problem the lens open button ... the camera hospital ask me tell me to reconsider the fixing because it cost me freaking 150sgd ! !

As a friend I tell her nicely that there is a problem ... SO now she only say owner's problem not theirs ! WTH please you are doing business you dont know how to handle ... HOW WOULD I KNOW ..!! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WOULD I KNOW ? are YOU PUSHING RESPONSIBILITY >?
so much sorry and blaming me ..
do you think i still want to waste my time to go ALL the way down to the shop and allow you to pity me ?
after telling me it's my fault or buy 4D because I'm super "lucky"

pardon me...

ASS !!!

I know I probably do not have any right to be angry or sad because it's a gift from my friend but I can't help feeling con ...

being let down aint AWESOME ...

Sign off !

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello !

Because I’m so SO so SO bored … I decided to blog ! otherwise it will be too obvious that I’m slacking because I’m doing all the clicking but no typing isn’t it ?

Well Let’s talk about something shall we? Lets name this post rejection.


Rejection is probably one of the most negative noun one can ever face. Even the strongest character can crumble through rejection… And I have to be frank and admit that I’m crumbling. (haha, haha because usually I’ll be the one who push people’s spirit up but I am unable to push mine.. isn’t it funny ?) Amongst all kind of rejection I guess I’m more of a hmm what can I say, Socially rejected ?

And I’ll explain my view. Wikipedia (not the best source) explains this:

Social rejection, in psychology, an interpersonal situation that occurs when a person or group of people exclude an individual from a social relationship

Although it may not seem that I have been ostracize but I feel socially rejected. As if there is something amidst from my character and self doubting happens (battling with myself everyday). I am currently looking for a job after my ordeal which will not be disclosed online. After searching high and low for a job about 4 months I find myself stuck in a death trap, struggling to get out but unable to. Psychologically, social rejection is being ostracized from a group unable to look for a job seems similar. Company represents a group of individuals where you can belong to. Although you may have a love hate relationship as you and your company progress, but it’s a safety net to tell yourself that you are in a safe place of shaping your future .. Right now it feels as if everything is uncertain. Uncertainty brings doubt, doubt brings fear, fear brings anger and lastly anger brings remorse.

Yet I find myself remorseful of what it has become. Some part of me decides to blame myself for the current situation and another part of me tells me to be strong.

Clearly I’m not bringing the right energy. I need to be positive that there is something greater lies in store for me. I just have to keep trying and wait .

It may be a hard entry to swallow, but with this distressed economy, I am sure that some people who feels the same way as I do.

If you are caught in the same situation, don’t give up! Because I’ll be hanging on and you’re not alone.. Hang in there and we will achieve much more later!

Late bloomers are just flowers that will be the last one wilting!

Cheers to life

And Never let anything get you down

Ps: this may seem like a self consoling post to you because it’s partly is

Pps : Yep I just got rejected by a employer

Ppps : I may be short tempered because of my situation but I hope I can get out of it … I just have to be patient.

Praying Praying Praying !

Sign off!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to break a safe.

This post is pretty over due but I thought that I should share anyway because this is a once in a life time experience and I mean it ! lol !

We were staying in Hilton Petaling Jaya on our way out to meet our grand dad (my mum’s side) Usually we lock the passport and valuables in the safe. Since we were upstairs eating our breakfast, my dad lock all our valuables including my sony camera, my Marc Jacob bag, passports and my dad’s video camera in it.

So before we set off, I thought I want to take my camera to take some baby pictures later! BUT the safe would not open with our password!!! Call the technician to come with the master keys. The safe just would not open!

The technician state that the electrical system is spoilt and the only what to open is to force open. Even though it is disrupting our plan to my grand dad’s house, but in my mind : “ oh my gosh this is COOL” who ever see the safe get forcefully open in front of them? It feels like Italian Job (Movie) .

First they took a plier (no idea what’s the long metal rod called ) trying to pry it open. One technician tripled to three. And not there were three men forcefully open our safe! I must say that the safe is really of a good quality. Given that three men’s strength is insufficient to open a reasonably small safe.

the above picture is exactly how the safe look like after at least half an hour of prying it open .. !

So in the end one of the manager suggested bringing down to saw open our safe. I ecstatically volunteered to keep an eye on the safe and valuables with my dad. Acting like a child I skipped down together with the crew.

The manager was rather surprise with my enthusiasm, after all they were hindering our plans to go out. Well the anger and frustration was already subsided, and there were no use getting angry over spilled milk. Even my dad is fascinated with the situation so much so he video in his iphone… (what can I say? Like father like daughter )

The man chain sawed our safe. As sparks flew, I was starting to worry about my articles in the safe. What if they saw my bag , camera or passports ? I told them to be careful of my bag as it fits rather nicely in the safe. Sawing my bag into two was not what I had in mind. After sawing the edges it took three men to open the safe.

No writings can describe how funny the situation is.. but overall I must say that it takes A LOT of effort to break a safe! No wonder all movies prefer bombing the safe because it’s just fast and easy! Lol Since bombing is probably the most stupid thing to do, (it’s like signaling to the police to come catch you ) I suggest to invest in a chain saw! Just carry it to your home and saw them… just like what experience :P

HAHA sign off !


Monday, December 12, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 10 Dec 2011

Yo !
I know I still owe you a review post about a book a recently read... Guess with a pile of books I haven't read I can start reviewing books so I can prove that I DO read the books I buy ! and of course to archive the books and summaries my reads ! haha !
Where was I ?
Ah ! I decided to post on the lunar eclipse instead... There were two this year one was the solar eclipse in China the and FINALLY there is a clear sky for lunar eclipse in Singapore ! What's better ? CLEAR SKY !
It was suppose to be a shopping trip that day. But the last minute planning was good enough for me.

Coincidentally bump onto David and Qiao Xuan During The shopping trip with Karin

Christmas photos Taken while waiting for the ERP to stop at 8pm

Lunar eclipse was really exciting especially when you see the moon gets devoured by shadows!
We were in David's car on our way to Marina Barrage where Yan Hui was waiting. I was pretty ecstatic to see the corner of the moon chip off ! To be honest, I'm new to eclipse (of course I'll get super excited)

Before heading out, I had my Lomo film camera and studied on night photography. In the end ... is wasnt of any used because i forgotten to bring tri pod ... Geez!

My friend Yan Hui had her dslr and I must say that the pictures are fantastic ! (god damn it why cant point and shoot do the same!) To show you how fantastic the eclipse is, I'll show the ones took by Yan hui's Dslr :) yes she was also damn excited because it's her first astronomy photo shoot with her DSLR. So please be nice !

We didnt know when was the full red moon coming so we sat there and wait.... in the midst of waiting I felt a certain warmth inside me, I felt at peace with myself and i thought to myself.. This is pretty romantic (A girl sometimes can dream can't I ? ) Every night when I head home I look at the sky.. so I felt pretty much at ease looking at the sky and doing nothing... I wish I have some kid to lied to ... haha ! I would have told the little kid OH MY GOD! the mood just got stab! he's bleeding ! I would very much enjoy it :P ( I love to talk to kids and look at their innocence because they have what i have lost ) All around me I hear kids telling their parents look! the moon is disappearing! or Look at the red moon! Mummy why is it red?! their curiosity and innocence is so endearing. but of course multiple similar questions becomes irritating. HAH! what an oxy moron

Overall our experience was pretty magical.. My discomfort I had for several days gradually disappears ... as if Moon light ease all my pain. I felt renew. (although it seems dramatic yes I really feel this way) Now I walk pass the moon and I have a NEW appreciation for it's beauty.

Sign Off !

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Solitude and I

Solitude and I have a love hate relationship .. I know people may tend to think I'm silly with so many good friends around me giving support . But at this moment.. I find myself vunerable ... I need solitude to rest my body .. Yet at the same time I wish some one would just take my burden and take care of me ... Yes a total contradict ... I'm practically trying to hide myself from the masses in the garden bench ... Bracing myself for the afternoon's work ahead.. But it's of no use.. I don't feel safe enough to rest my head in the midst of the greenery .. To describe my situation: I'm sick neither too sick to be contained in bed nor I'm fine to work efficiently .. The cross roads of giving into my sickness or simply not to bother .. Pretty taxing to decide lol !

Perhaps I'm just complicating my situation.. But I'm tempted to explore my weaker self and just to give in.. Even if I did .. No one can truely except the weaker me because I'm always so chirpy .. What an oxy moron .. Lol gosh !! I wish time would just pass faster today ! Or perhaps give me a glimpse of hope n positivity that I may find a job I love ! A perm job pls !! Haha !!

Ever since quiting, my head has been spinning what had I done wrong.. First the blaming then now comes remorse .. I have no idea if I should be thankful to be in this situation.. There are lesson learnt But I just can't help finding a blame on myself or my ex boss .. Whether it's just a plain misunderstanding or am I just naive .. Perhaps it's both .. Perhaps the answer to all my question post in the blog can be neutral ..
I just have to not over think the situation and let it flow ...

Ps : not emo ... Just trying to express

Pps: my brain is half dead .. So don't mind my blabberings if it doesn't make sense to u as much as it make sense to me

Ppps : alright ! I'll make it up to u guys by reviewing a tot of a book I've just read .. It's pretty interesting I swear !

Sign off !