Wednesday, December 21, 2011


After holding on every ounce of hope ... It finally drain down on me today .. the repair man pronounce my LCA dead ... there were major problem that makes my photos SO EERIE ... automatic multi exposure. So I went to message the shop owner/sales assistant.

the first issue was raise during the 3 month warranty
the button was loose when it was sold to my friend the shop assistant reassured my friend that they will fix it for me ...
and in the end the button was indeed LOST and when mel and I went back to the shop, they just say why you lost the button?! so they promise to replace my button . and this is what happen.
Mei is the shop assistant and business partner so I was asking her what are my options because I already start to feel insecure. So now I was asking about buying a NEW LC-A+ ....
So Mei decides to charge me 25 dollars if I buy the new one which i think it's not worth it ... because it was a gift ... I rather bear with just the button.

SO NOW .... I have winder problem , the film backing problem the lens open button ... the camera hospital ask me tell me to reconsider the fixing because it cost me freaking 150sgd ! !

As a friend I tell her nicely that there is a problem ... SO now she only say owner's problem not theirs ! WTH please you are doing business you dont know how to handle ... HOW WOULD I KNOW ..!! YOU DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WOULD I KNOW ? are YOU PUSHING RESPONSIBILITY >?
so much sorry and blaming me ..
do you think i still want to waste my time to go ALL the way down to the shop and allow you to pity me ?
after telling me it's my fault or buy 4D because I'm super "lucky"

pardon me...

ASS !!!

I know I probably do not have any right to be angry or sad because it's a gift from my friend but I can't help feeling con ...

being let down aint AWESOME ...

Sign off !

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