Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chingay 2012

Yo !
I know chinese new year is almost over... Infact the good news is just when chinese new year ended I've got a job ! :D I made a promise to myself that I'll not screw this up and I'm definitely trying my best not to eat my own words! So that explains the lack of posting :P
Anyway back to topic shall we? hees

It was my virgin time to chingay.. irony is; even though i had helpout for chingay multiple times I have not actually sit and watch a full Chingay. Many would have told me that I'm lucky to have earn myself a category 1 ticket but ! the ticket was "hard" earned. It was given out of apology from my supervisor for the payment issue... So despite of all the pain I went through it was pretty worth it after all.

I was given a pair of tickets, orginally I wanted to present it to my aunts who were here from malaysia. At the very last minute they pulled out. Mainly because to them it wouldnt be fun for just the both of them... Franktically I tried to sell... "Fail" then I tried to find a partner to go with me ... FAIL ! Then I start to wonder if this tickets were more of a liability rather than an asset -_-"'
Just the night before a guy message requesting to buy a single ticket. Yay ! Not only I get to watch chingay this time I also get to earn some cash ;) (of course there was some white lie told in order to sell the ticket at a good price- AHEM Im a business man after all AND a marketer )
On show day, I was REALLY busy. I spent the whole morning and early afternoon packing my room. Then I had to rush down to meet my fellow lomographers to learn some stuffs and to fly my kite of course :D Since I was in a mad rush to head down to marina barrage to meet my friends I didnt have a proper lunch. Thus I only went ahead and made do with london chocolate roll ( process food or at the very least this process cake taste disgusting I had strawberry and cream in the end it just taste like chemically soaked sponge lol and 'm not exagerating )
So after all the kite flying I met up with my buyer and pass him the ticket. I hate to just dump him even though he did state that he didnt know his way. but I was famished ! I had to eat some proper food. The selfish me decided to dump him and went ahead to grab some food. :P By the time I finish my dinner it was already 7.15 or so and I have to be seated at 7.30pm

On my way to F1 pit Building I love the feathery effect on my head piece :D

Amongst the crowd of people rushing over

I rushed down together with the crowd and sat myself just in time...
Never did I know that what's in store for the next 30 minutes was a patriotic cheer -_-"'
Not that I hate the country I stayed most of my life in but.... To repeat the sentence "we are one " for 30 minutes is kinda irritating after 10 minutes. At least give a variation. In addition when I look around me there were a number of foreigners... (Then I began to view the cheer as a little bit too localize and improper futuremore it's chingay not NDP) No offense thou I just thought that Chingay should be a more globalise show.
Half time I was so bored that I played with the recycled pin wheel that was found in the goody bag. I kept having retakes photo after photo.. ( I could have swore the uncle and the lady beside was mentally shaking their head commenting about how vain can youngster be ... But HEY ! i beats repeating we are one for half an hour... lol

What I wanted to achive was movement that was something like this ... The magazine paper was so flimsy that it was really hard to blow .... and make it spin !

Most of my attempts looks something like this ! lol !

The opening was a HUGE flying dragon... cute in a way but at the other side of the F1 pit building is a pheonix. The dragon and pheonix met in the middle and gave a spectacular display. UNFORTUNATELY we were not in the middle of the pit... we kinda miss out some shows. So if the tickets in the middle are of the same price, It beats sitting as near as the president as possible because you get EXTRA shows.

To summarise, (I cant possibly tell you show by show otherwise it'll be a book long! ) there were so many displays of glow in the dark dragon, creative displays of "floats" and wonderful and impactful dances ( I decided to conclude that dancing in water are great no matter what kind of dance is ) I have never regret coming down to chingay to watch such a spectacular show. I am proud of Singapore to host such a international standard parade(except for the cheer) and I would not have hessitate if some one ask if I want to participate in another Chingay whether performers or spectators. Watching it live is definitely WAY BETTER than watching on TV. Best of all it wasnt even hot and sweaty !
So the rest I shall illustrate with pictures shall we ?

The big floating dragon! unfortunately my shuttle speed for point and shoot sucks !

The girls dancing on water it was such a beautiful sight !

The mysterious ... glowing boat !

These are the couple that the guy bought the ticket from me just to support ! Talk about good friends !

the SPLA-tecular performance ! I'm so glad I got these :S

To side track a little, look at the westerner staring behind me ! scary !

The human made glowing water and fire dragon

Human stacked dragons ! can you believe it ? lol !

I forgoten what name is this but we call it the deity float ! haha

The Deity !

This is sponsored by Singapore flyer...

Another dragon ! this one breathes fire but im unable to get it in pictures !

Butterfly float!
The March of the elephant
Swan !

Indian cultural dance

The float from Japanese Ambassy with life performance!
Indonesian masquerade !

My Fav STAR WARS ! hees

The Happiest float of the night !

Glow in the dark dragon !

Sports theme dances

Getting ready for the finale

Finale boat !
and Finally the fireworks !
Woo hoo !!

Sign off Leila

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