Wednesday, March 7, 2012


1)Not everyone can accept crazy
2) Not everyone will understand the true you
3) don't trust people blindly
4) you are who you are , people can't define you
5) love yourself before loving others
6) laugh your problems away and face them head on , not run away
7) learn at your pace but match the standard norm
8) stay true to who you are and remind yourself to take off the mask you are wearing
9) gradually let go of the mistakes and Anger and you will become a happier person
10) never ever give up what you set out for even thou it means sacrificing some believes

I know this is going to be tough but hang in there ... Because no one is going to love you more than you love yourself .. I believe in you ... Gambatte mun yeng ! It's time to rumble !

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Remember when - Carl and Ellie (UP)

I can watch this animated movie a thousand and one time yet it moved me...

first thought: the beautiful love story that touched me. the kind of love that many would want to have. Loving one another faults and laughing through good and bad times.

Second thought: OH GOSH what will happen when either of my parents face this ? I was scared for them. I rather have my own heart broken rather that one of them. Like missing a piece of puzzle that always completes you. either way I will try my best as a daughter to ease the pain... (yeah I know I'm thinking too much but I worry for my loving parents)

This movie can make me tear again and again because it is a beautiful love story of believe and faith. Believing your partner, having faith in your believes (whether it is yours or not. ) I believe to love someone what's yours is mine.. and what's mine is yours. my dreams and yours combine as one. It might be mushy to some people who reads this. Sustainable marriage is very hard to maintain because we are living in a world where people are self absorb...

So having said so ! give without expecting returns take with gratitude and perhaps life would be more fulfilling

Sign off !

he say she say

Perhaps it's one of the most infamous song title about gossip and rumors. Inevitably, rumors are inescapable. It appears in all sorts of places, whether it's family rumors, among friends or office.

Perhaps it's just how we human "communicate" our perception of a certain someone.
I wouldn't say I am a righteous person that I have never spread some myself. We live in the world where the power of words and speech are strong. Sometimes maybe it's pure laziness to source for hard evidence, we take people's words for it.

sometimes I cannot be bothered with rumors but I do not believe that ignorance is bliss neither do I believe in reacting angrily help either. I'm just fascinated in the kinds of things that people think about me. Recently I was assume to be a "lady". To me it's a compliment ! haha all these years my mum would love to teach me how to be primp and proper but I refuse so now since I perceived as lady at least my mother's wish is fulfilled.

In the past, I the things that people say weighs heavily. Although I might not seem to care as much, I USED to go home and ask myself why aren't I accepted to the social norm. I may be crazy or hyper active but at least we have one thing in common. We are all humans with limits. I too have limits. I just do not like to show to people. Showing vunerability might/might not get help. From years of experience, it may be a double edge sword. I have learnt that no matter what people might say all it matters it's you LOVE yourself you are confident of who you are. Of course being corky is another thing, but loving yourself is opening up to suggestion and facing your own faults when people are pointing at your direction. Remember ! faults are only necessary to improve and get where you are today. we are not perfect so embrace it!

PS: I know I have SO MANY post behind time. The post nowadays are heavy topics as well ! lol I will try my best to update the events I have participated.

Til then... this friday I'm going to Vietnam for a business trip. Can't help feeling nervous. :P Hopefully there will be enough time for pictures to illustrate my journey to you :D

Sign off !