Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lady GAGA born this way Monster Ball 2012

Yo All !

Attended my most expensive concert yet!  LADY GAGA MONSTER BALL !  Been waiting last year ever since Lady gaga had a private concert for Singtels User. It has been rumoured that Lady gaga would return to Singapore for a proper concert at 2012 .. AND YES SHE DID !!
Lady Gaga concert wasn't any tom dick and harry singer wanna be but a singer who created a cult and believes of her own. Can you believe we are of the same age ? WOW ~! Her concert truly inspires me in the naughty, rebellious and good way. So my damage for the concert: 188 + 3 SGD  . At first, Gaga was only going to have 1 concert in SG Date 28th May 2012. Before it was even released out into the public, during the American express card members sale it was already SOLD OUT ! it was a bummer at first then GAGA decided to come up with the second concert! !  :D Thanks to VL who help me grab the tickets on Monday !  haha  I had an oxy moron feeling. I was excited to watch GAGA perform yet I felt the pinch as I took out 200SGD to return to my friend. Never in my life had I watched such an expensive concert. I manage to convince myself that it was all worth it. GAGA was worth it there are only two concert and there will be tons of peeps who would pay the amount to be in my shoes… UNEXPECTECTLY the third concert went up on sale ~ -_-“’ Yes on a second thought I would have gotten the SGD 188 tickets that are seated instead of standing. What if everyone is taller than I ? Anyway I was convinced that standing, I could dance and rock out while GAGA performs and indeed I did.

Here’s the account of what has happened:
  • Morning- Facial
  • Afternoon- Driving Practical ( I failed my first attempt )
  • Evening- PARTY ON BABY ! 

After my driving test there were a lot of errands to run !  firstly I need a light Stick ! how can I not have one to party on GAGA style !! I had on my ducky gaga t shirt and polka dot pants I am already convince it’s dramatic enough for me.. to my embarrassment there were so many peeps that were dressed like GAGA !  how awesome is that ?! Back to the timeline, initially I wanted to head down to bugis party store to get some light stick unfortunately, my resources (time) is limited (ps: my mind kept dwelling that concert starts at 7pm ) I just grab whatever light stick available at the party store at city hall and just gorge down my dinner. Soup with rice – I separated my soup into 3 bowls for them to cool faster. It was quite unsightly but I didn’t want to miss any of the concert.
I reached around 7pm and I saw the queue at line B my mind is already blank out GOSH we have to queue that long ? As I waited for vl I grew impatient, impatiently excited. I enjoyed watching the attire people wear to concerts and the heels are WOW ! SKY HIGH !  how can they withstand the heels for 2.5 hours ?
hais I dunno what's wrong with blogger the picture was originally portrait!

FINALLY VL is here !  haha I gave her two of the donuts I bought out of guilt for rushing her here without her dinner. We went in and we were pretty far from the stage !! I noticed that everyone is so TALL !  so much so that we had to find someplace call, the short people section.
the stage ~ and YES we were that far away bummer
mysterious DJ
We waited a while when a mysterious DJ appeared and start spinning the music to hype the crowd up. The spinning last about 30 minutes the remixed was awesome!  Came to know that he is call DJ Zedd lol !  the funny thing is we  have no clue who he is. -_-“’ pardon us for being such a mountain tortoise.
taken during the boring classical music

After the climatic spin… then played 30 minutes of classical music -_-‘’’ honestly it was very anticlimactic. We started making friends and I started envisioning how lady gaga would appear. Befriend the two guys behind us.. we just laugh and started laming. Then people start hallucinating and envisioning how gaga would use flying fox down.. and start her opening with born this way ~  Although the wait was long, with the fun crowd, we made turn it into an enjoyable time 

FINALLY the curtains were down! the promised grand castle was unveiled ! the crowds jumped and cheer! The crowd welcomed GAGA with sky enthusiasm (including me of course!) haha Manage to take some photos although 50% of the photos were blocked by mysterious hands !  We were jumping and all sorts during the concert! I swear we could have lost around 2kg with all the standing and jumping!  IT WAS A DARN GOOD EXERCISE.

gaga and her usual weird costumes


making her speech before singing hair. talk

the last act

Overall the 188 SGD was well spent although this may be one of my most expensive concert yet but it was worth every penny. I particularly love her analogy about spotlight. As she about to sing hair she shares her story about not conforming to norm, how she was bullied in school because of being who she is. But she never ever doubt herself or let people steal her spot light. Ever since she told the audience that she's here to perform not to make you feel good about her but about yourself, I felt this sensation that the night is gonna be extraordinary :) and boy it was ! 

The music was rocking, the speech was uplifting. I went home with a whole new faith... in myself and in GAGA !  It made me want to grab her CD !  Appearance are just appearance but the concert allow me to appreaciate her true beauty.


Anyway dont say I didnt share the experience !  here's the video of the concert !

because i have grown to love gaga so much I wouldn't wanna spoil her market for her concert !  so here's the only song I'm gonna post ! 

next concert to go: Corrine May ! I wish someone could just drop money from the sky for me to go katy perry concert !  lol ! !

That's all for now !

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Unnecessary Help

Came across this so many times!  Ever since my secondary school (High School) guys who are interested but too shy to express will always have irritating friends or buddies to help. I know you peeps wanna help your great guy friend to woo a great girl. But hello !  so if that so call great girl rejects your great guy friend what does it make the great girl ?? a slut? A bitch ? For goodness sake stop going to the girl telling how great the guy is. It is a major turn off!  Maybe there was some spark between us but since you said it … BAM !  there isn’t any more spark because his friends turn you off !  Sorry for being regal I just don’t like people trying to pull people together just by putting good words for the guy. So what if I rejected him ? Am I a bad person who doesn’t know how to appreciate the good? I rather have this whole experience all by myself to find out the good things about him then to have you pressure me.

It happen during secondary school and it was no secret because ALMOST the whole class were speaking up for him -_-“’ the peer pressure so big that I use to run away from these “gossips” Stop pushing me to give this love a try, Stop pushing me to be with this AWESOME guy. If he is that awesome and I like it I will react accordingly. If you were trying to do this in order to speed up the whole sickening process of wooing, GREAT you are doing a great job because I am rejecting him ! Yes in the end I rejected the guy in secondary school and we became best buddy best sisters . Now that we are adults now why am I facing the exact same thing ! -_-"'
I wish guys would just come and woo your own girl. I know that you didn’t ask people to help but all the nosiness is irritating. AND YES it irritates the HELL OUTTA ME that I am going to declare that I am going to find myself a boyfriend hees !  So much so my friend even start introducing already -_-“’ gosh !  anything said out of anger and now I think I’m getting shy ~  haha !
Sign off!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Falling in love with Film

Yo all !

Since my lap top screen has crash, it was analyse that my mother board too is faulty. So guess it explains my lack of post!  There are no personal computer for me to blog with !  Anyway Just to update, I bought an SLR!  No it’s not a DSLR it’s a FILM SLR !  haha I know there will be a lot of people feel that it is a waste of money to buy a FILM camera in this digital era. But I can’t help to marvel at it’s nostalgic beauty !

BEHOLD ! my Nikon FM2

Yes it is second hand.. and to think that I have learnt in the previous case with Lomography LCA at Snapshop Asia. Haha This time I was more careful. I had a few of my well versed friends in DSLR to make the decision. (Thank you!! ) But in this case I trusted the seller from Clupsnap asia because of a certain mutual friend in Lomography Singapore. At last !  the lens still have microscopic spider -_-“’ I guess when you are buying an oldie you can’t really expect perfection. AT LEAST this camera is in a perfect working condition unlike my LCA case ! HUMPH ! condemned ! 

Well my argument is that in film photography everything is manual. To me learning from basic is very essential. True film is very unforgiving. You cannot make a mistake erase and try again like DSLR. However if I compare this theory to life, life is also unforgiving you cannot erase your past and learn from scratch, you make the mistake and learn.  yes this is a bit too far fetch.
In addition, developing my films each time is like unravelling surprises. Some good some bad.. either way you have to reflect on yourself what may be the problem.

Another is a personal reason of mine is Film photography brings nostalgia. It brings me memories when I was a child and every photo taken means something. You make every exposure counts. One thing about digital is we may take pictures for granted. We take hundreds of pictures without special meaning. Not that I may sound stuck up or something. I do love digital photography and I do Cam Whore at times … but there are no special meanings to the pictures I take. One of it is solely because I’m bored or just to show how vain I am. I BLAME SOCIAL NETWORK :P

 Okay enough of talking !  more pictures !  Lets take a journey through mr photographic journey shall we ??

My first Slide film,

I went to butterflypark in attempt to take some butterfly but this is the best I've got -_-"'

This was an accidental shot in a way... the stranger was not suppose to be there~  but somehow the composition is so much better with him lol !

Titanic Imax wih my friend.. who say ISO 100 cannot take indoor ?

my sister's candid

roses ! with ectar chrome

my main model for black and white
I love a child's innocence :)

Okay that's all for now!  I have to rush for bus. I can't wait to twin pictures !  :P double exposure. !

Sign off!