Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in a nut shell + 2013 resolution

Yo !

 I know I haven’t been updating lately, but I have been busy. But maybe a2012 nutshell will update everything you have missed J
1)      Fun times with CNP outing at MBS, Vl’s Birthday Chalet etc !  Honestly I can’t remember all !
2)      Crazy Lady Gaga Monster Ball concert with Taima ! ( expensive )  
3)      Bought Film SLR which I love dearly
4)      Photo trips with YH, End up losing my Polarizer lens because it was loose and it dropped in the swan lake at botanical garden.
5)      Best read of the year: The Secret
6)      Met a great guy who is humorous, listen to my troubles and cares for me.
7)      Became official with him at 18.08.12 after he jumped over the bush ( gosh long story but I never regret my decision )
8)      Best Birthday celebration, got engaged in the flyer with an unexpected proposal.
9)      Hong Kong Trip during December with my dearie ( got lost several times but in the end we understand each other better)
10)    Booked our Wedding Venue and Date at 1st March 2014 aka 1314
11)   My sister’s Wedding date is finally firmed
12)   My brother is finally 21 !  Now Serving NS
13)    Dearie and I got our HDB Ballot Number ! 
Actually it isn’t much to sum up with but there were ups and down tears and joy, life and death but the things I learnt are all precious. I am thankful for what has happened and blessed to have what I have now. I will not take the gift I have received for granted.
Resolution 2013 :
2013 means that my sister is getting married, I am gonna missed her but nevertheless happy for her that she is setting up her own family with her long-time boyfriend. I have my own preparation to prepare as well lol !  So here is my resolution:
1)      Lose 3 kg for photo-shoot and sis wedding ( ideal weight 55 KG )
2)      Learn commitment, compromising  and understanding,
3)      Get a salary raise
4)      Officially confirm our flat
5)      My face to recover to its original state.
6)      Save More Money for our Wedding
7)      Catch up with lost friends
8)      Learning ropes of life
9)      Maintain relationship with friends family and love ones  
10)   More Cycling and Swimming
11)   Enjoy life to the fullest
12)   Maintain my photography trips
13)   Get My License FOR SURE ! 
During 2012 or years of my single-hood, I found myself to be a little self-centred, Nevertheless there is always this sweet and stubborn guy who is always patiently reminding me that now it’s two and not one person. I realise that marriage is most probably the greatest step of anyone’s life because marriage is not about happy ending, but a happy beginning and the effort to make it stay that way til both are old and grey… When my mum told me to grow wiser, I hate to admit now that what she says is true… And how her advice suddenly makes sense. So 2013 will basically consist of growth in maturity. I am looking forward to more adventures in 2013 ahead ! 

Sign Off! 

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