Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year ~ New Feeling ?

Yo ! 

I know it's been ages since I updated. Showed my blog to dearie... I guess guys will never get the need to blog and the purpose.

My purpose of blogging is perhaps not only bitching but also to pen down my feeling and analogy. So as time pass I read on my development as I age.

SO !  it's 2013 !  time really flies ! 2013 will be a year of constant progress, planning. Yet I have a disturbing feeling yesterday. I felt as if I'm stuck in a rut with no where to go. at 26 years having the feeling isnt a good omen.

When you are stucked, there are no other way other than to get out of it yourself. Thus another resolution will be 5 sent per week. :)

So lets all pull our socks up !  Shred any kind of negativity and start this year a positive one ! 
I do not care what people may say regarding $.. .$ will come in any way any form.

Even if it's just saving 80 cents buying herbal tea, it's still money ! 

I have to eat my med and perhaps nap.

Sign Off !
Leila !