Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick update

Hello ! :D

I guess this blog has been neglected too darn long.
and people would have probably ditch the hope of reading anything new lol ! 

BUT HEY I'm still here still with plenty of thoughts and common concern.

Ever since I got engage on my birthday. I guess my life made 360 deg change, Eg: How my bank is with amount that it never reach before.. USUALLY and I'll proudly say... my bank is ZERO ! lol !
now it is not! Now my indulgence is buying bridal magazine, watching say yes to the dress, wathing wedding cakes .. GOD ! I told my dearie, I'm turning BRIDEZILLA !! the wedding is about 11 months away and I'm panicking.

Panicking about photographer
Panicking about my shoes, Accessories
Panicking about my weight !
Panicking about Money and Budget..

BASICALLY Kiasu-ism took over !
I'm pretty lucky my dearie is more laid back in letting me decide.. sometimes he will step in to object.

Yesterday I broke down a little and teared because I was thinking how can all these be resolve.. Whether should I give up the date or certain things like maybe rental of car ... blah blah blah..

I believe everyone's resources are limited. So is ours but there goes the age old arguement that it only happens once in a life time.  SUCH a delimma.

For now I just have to think positive and let it sit in a way that everything will work out.

it's now only 1st quarter of the year and I hope Better change is coming.
A good change. 2014 onwards is most probably the year our life would change.. and I cant wait to share my pride and joy with you guys virtually.

Opps I havent nap..

Gotta Work !
Meeting with my girls later for dinner. Cant wait to gossip and chat with my girls.
They always made my day.. although since I am saving money I dont go out with them anymore.
Not going out does makes me feel neglected and how I miss the feeling. And I'm very lucky that my dearie is a very understanding man who knows I need my daily dose of gossiping and girl talk once in a while.

So lets just wait if I still be able to click with them. Cos sometimes I'm at lost :P
I'M BECOMING OLD... very soon I'll be joining the married woman club talking about houses, husbands and then children..


I know im not psychologically balance :P

Sign Off !

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