Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Leaving AA

Hello All !

While I was looking out at the company bus window today, it was quite surreal to me that tomorrow is my last day at AA . How time flies and I have worked for the company for 3 years ... I recalled the joys and happiness, tears, fears and anger. I must say that AA has evoke all my senses and emotions.

Amidst all the complications I still feel very connected with my fellow colleagues. For the first time when I tendered I felt heart broken. However one must move on with our career and find better grounds. People are so well connected nowadays social media tracks you down on your latest activity. Thou I will dearly miss my colleagues. I hope they will have fond memories of me as much as I remember them fondly ...

I will miss them. and hopefully I will not cry tomorrow.

Sign off
Mrs Leila Li

Our Wedding at 1.3.14 ( 5 tips for a perfect wedding )

Lets start with something that is on a happy note. Sky & Leila Wedding 1.3.14

Planning the wedding was one of the things that I will prefer not to do again with addition of the ceremonial stuff ETC.

The thing about Chinese wedding is that there are SO MANY protocols to abide and Priority is Face.

I feel that sometimes elaborate wedding can lose it’s meaning. Therefore we kept it at a relatively small wedding at 12 table of 12 at Sheraton towers. Budget?  We definitely went over, top reason for over cost is : “ it only happens once in our lives “ so yeah everything starts building up …and Voila  ! you rather not look at the figures anymore!

Okay thou this sounds more like complaining than bliss. I had a few happy moments. So here are TOP 5 advices on holding a Singaporean Chinese wedding.

1.       Weddings are not only a woman’s dream , they are your husband’s dream too
Wedding are women’s fairy tale.. Watching those reality TV … eg. Say yes to the dress, Masters of Reception, etc. majority women makes the decision, including color theme, the dress, what to include what decorations. Men are often just a person who pays and never make decision. I did not realize that until I argued with my fiancé about the theme and colors. I love fairy tales but I never dreamt of a fairy tale wedding because it’s cliché. My fiancé wanted a fairy tale wedding. In the end we compromise with a Victorian theme. So point is it’s not solely your wedding it’s ours.

2.       Sometimes it’s best not to fight/oppose the in laws.. just go with it only if it’s reasonable.

I had several issues with in laws ( sorry I am not bad mouthing them ) in reality, marrying your soulmates means marrying family cultures which may not see eye to eye at times. I must admit that we only give in to reasonable in law’s demands.

3.       Know majority of demographic of guest

Taste can be subjective, thus it is best to accommodate the majority. If your demographic are friend with kids then menu should be more kids friendly. And of course Muslim friends are best grouped in a table to avoid extra cost.  Table and guest arrangement are one of the most troublesome chore you’ll ever face in your wedding because placement tells a lot of your relationship with friends and family. For family feuds let the parents handle the arrangement.

4.       Budget are best kept to your earning ability.

Budget are always busted during weddings mainly because it only happens once in your life.. Ang pow rating are based on the location and relationship with bride and groom. So augmented service like photo booth candy bar, signs decoration etc are  not deciding factor of how much are they giving during the wedding. Heck anyone knows there is a photo booth and event at the wedding. They will most likely give the token of blessing before enjoying all the facilities you cater for them. Pre wedding photos are just momento for you and your partner. Question yourself where will it be after the wedding. Under the bed ? in the cupboard? In one way even thou having pre wedding photos locally, cost can add up to 8-10k so question yourself the importance… is it the location? Or just the symbolism of you and your fiancé’s love ? There are a lot of things you can cut ! just ask yourself how much are you willing to spend ? do not rely on the ang pows too much because you can never profit. There were some who gave 50 SGD as well (I kid you not) budget are best kept between the two of you. Do not go on credit for too many things. Free installment can be taken for granted which result in more spending.

5.       Weddings are never perfect.

Weddings are couples who spent years saving and months planning for the perfect day… BUT why emphasize so much on perfection? After all the main objectives of wedding is to witness your happy union. So why the sour puss over small imperfection happening over your wedding day ? Cheer up and enjoy the moment !

Sign Off !

Mrs Leila Li