Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Leaving AA

Hello All !

While I was looking out at the company bus window today, it was quite surreal to me that tomorrow is my last day at AA . How time flies and I have worked for the company for 3 years ... I recalled the joys and happiness, tears, fears and anger. I must say that AA has evoke all my senses and emotions.

Amidst all the complications I still feel very connected with my fellow colleagues. For the first time when I tendered I felt heart broken. However one must move on with our career and find better grounds. People are so well connected nowadays social media tracks you down on your latest activity. Thou I will dearly miss my colleagues. I hope they will have fond memories of me as much as I remember them fondly ...

I will miss them. and hopefully I will not cry tomorrow.

Sign off
Mrs Leila Li

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