Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bye Bye 2015 HELLO 2016 !

Hello everyone or to myself !

This blog is more or less a yearly affair only.
Beginning of every we always complain ... MAN why cant the year pass faster..
Near the end of the year comes and WOW blink of an eye !
What an Oxy Moron ! 
There are alot of things to be grateful for the year 2015. Although I must say I have NO IDEA WHY i became a cry baby nearing to the end of the year ... Is it my Hormones acting up ? HMM if I cry at little issues NO WORRIES K ! because I have no idea and I feel stupid too !

Grateful for .....

Very grateful that we have pass another year of marriage more loving less bickers. Although sometimes I must say out of anger I missed out all the loving times... Clever husband creates this video and tell me that if I forget PLEASE LOOK AT THE VIDEO , I am the Doting Husband ! haha Silly BB. As we look forward to another phase in our marriage, House and such. I am entirely grateful everyday waking up beside you my love.

  • Healthy Loving Family 
Family and extended are healthy LOTs of Baby boys at our side. Chaotic hyper and cute boys. May you continue to grow with more wisdom and wits to contribute to the society. Family extremely healthy though we encounter some bumps and disagreements (perhaps increasing in age = decreasing in tolerance) Still love every moment spent. As I mentioned I'm more emotional now. Sometimes I could not help waking up the middle child syndrome in me. Deep Down we all knew that Love is Fair . No matter what I'm still your kid just dont kick me out ! lol

  • Health ! 
Finally GREEN LIGHT to my health ! WOO HOO best gift ever. No more worries about my health. WHICH IS GREAT ! More worries about my expanding waist line .. Some times it works better blaming the husband on doing a FABULOUS job keeping the promise of 养的白白胖胖 . NOW really 白白胖胖. But what ever just embrace my newfound figure, exercise and enjoy food !

  • New Job 
In the midst of looming economy. I had a DARN good luck switching job... not only once but twice! Although leaving AA makes me panic (like leaving my comfort zone and family) Had my downs in the 1st job switch. (but gained a good lunch buddy) and Still exploring my niche in this company. I am glad I made the switch. Hopefully widen my skill sets and knowledge.

I think there are plenty to be grateful for. Friends :) that comfort me when I'm down. Dinners we had together gossiping and gatherings we organized. SURE we sometimes complain about the hassle we have to go through just to gather up. but looking back I think the hassle was worth it. Will you go through the same hassle for me? ;)

SURE there were some surprises along the way. Questions Hatred ETC.
What I do look forward is for people to focus on the good less Hatred (doesnt do us good anyway WHY HATE ) We were born difference therefore our believes.

What my husband and I look forward to in the upcoming 2016

Receive a DARN good news of receiving keys in the 2nd quarter instead of 3rd quarter. Sure it does means $$$$$$ flows out like waterfall. But is an investment of our life together as husband and wife and I cannot wait. With particular of complaining who cleans what in the house etc. Lets build our nest together my love. I WILL TRY not to shoot your ... ideal home decorations down.

  • Weddings Weddings Weddings 
FOR SURE not our wedding. Long pass. 2nd Anniversary coming up WOW but beloved friends upcoming weddings. Karin and Qx & David Wow! I will you guys to the married women club (MWC) with OPEN ARMS New challenges awaits but theres always an outlet to complain for sure!!

  • More Health More Wealth and More Love 
I should be content with what I have dont I ? BUT what's wrong with MORE of these >??? MORE PLEASE !!!

As we usher the New Year.. we look forward to new challenges ahead !  SURE might panic but panicking does not resolve problems. SO does hatred. Note to myself to remain neutral.

Bye 2015 with Love